Hello crypto lunatic, I hope you are great, I am El Lunax today we are going to see how we can earn the COMBO token that belongs to the Furucombo platform while we make exchanges on Uniswap or 1Inch before we start I invite you to subscribe to the channel and if the content helps you remember to leave me a like to find out you can also visit my works NFTs in Rarible, link in the description good crypto lunatic, in the last video I showed you that Furucombo had taken out his token and was going to reward the people who had interacted With the platform it turns out that now, they are also rewarding all the people who interact with their platform, so if within these days you intend to make a change in Uniswap or also in 1Inch you could use Furucombo and while you make this change, you would also get the COMBO token To all this, the value of a COMBO is currently almost 2 dollars and also its highest price was 3 therefore it is a gift that has value and that can be appreciated more in time in this first part, we are going to see what are the conditions to be able to start earning this COMBO token and in the second part I am going to teach you how to make an exchange in Uniswap and also in 1Inch so that You can take advantage of these gifts that the Furucombo platform is doing, good crypto lunatics, now we are on the Furucombo twitter where the official announcement is so that we can see what it consists of, first of all it says , the transaction mining program begins Furucombo uses Furucombo and you get COMBO the Combo token rewards are distributed weekly and it also tells us that we can staking the COMBO token or we can also provide it as liquidity in Uniswap these two things I will show you in the next video so that we can obtain even more profitability in what we We are going to focus now on how we can earn the COMBO token, so we are going to go into detail that is here the first thing the ad tells us is that the program will have a duration of 2 months from January 15, 2021 , therefore we still have 1 month and 3 weeks to take advantage of all this before continuing I must emphasize that there is a promotion that if you do any exchange between January 25 and January 28 using what is 1Inch in Furucombo there will be an extra reward of 40,000 COMBO so this is a bonus for you to take into consideration if you want to earn more COMBO if we go down a little more all the details begin to appear and here it says that the transaction mining program will distribute the COMBO tokens as a weekly reward we calculate the rewards based on two factors its volume of operations of eligible cubes refers to the fact that there are only a few functions that participate in I'm going to show you this mining immediately and the second option is the amount and duration of your tokens bet, this means that the more you trade, the more COMBO you will get the more and more bets, the more weight you will get to obtain multiple rewards then a little further down, he tells us what the eligible transactions are going to be or what cubes we can use to obtain these gift COMBO first of all we find that we must use Maker DAO and we must generate DAI or we can deposit or we can request a loan we can also find any deposit that is made in AAVE, we can also contribute in Compound here comes the important thing, make exchanges in Uniswap or in 1Inch and we can also use Curve and we can also make deposits annual so if we perform any of these functions, we will be able to obtain COMBO , what are the ones that I wanted to show you? make exchanges in Uniswap or 1Inch because if within these 2 months you are going to use some of these exchanges when using it with Furucombo you could get these gift tokens I must emphasize that this is NOT an investment advice I am only showing you that there is an opportunity in which we can obtain a gift token below the document also tells us that we can use them by staking here in Furucombo, putting it in the COMBO pool or we can also provide liquidity in Uniswap in the pair that would be COMBO / ETH so there is a strategy more advanced, so we are going to leave it for the other video and also if you are interested in reading this entire document, I will leave it in the description so now let's see how we can make these exchanges from Furucombo to be able to use Furucombo we must enter FURUCOMBO .APP and here in the main menu we must put start here it will lead us to the creation of a combo and the first thing we must do is connect nu estra wallet which is done with the icon up here and here will display all options to connect, in this case I will choose Metamask once you connect your wallet and accept permission to interact with Furucombo they were going to reflect that it is connected up here once we have that process ready now we only have to select the square that is here and the different protocols with which we can interact and go creating strategies will be opened for the token exchange we can choose Uniswap or 1Inch in this case I am going to show you with Uniswap, so we put token exchange here the combo that we have to perform will be opened and we must indicate the tokens that we want to make exchange in this case I am going to change 0.07 Ethereum for 1.63 GRO once I have the change I want to make ready, I put set and here the combo will be configured so that we can execute it whenever we want now I will make it At the same operation in Uniswap I am going to put 0.07 Ethereum and it gives me exactly the same in GRO 1.63 now I am going to select that I want to do this operation we are going to put that I want to confirm and it is indicating that the total of this transaction is going to be 101 dollars And the commission that we are going to pay is going to be 13 dollars, this I am showing you because now we are going to go to Furucombo and we are going to execute the combo, so we start and now our wallet is going to open and it is going to show us the total to pay and here in Furucombo tells us that the total is 125 dollars therefore it is 24 dollars more than having done it in Uniswap and this is because we are paying too much in gas as Furucombo is going to have to interact with different contracts here raise the payment a little and that is why we cancel a little more this I show you so that you can see the difference between doing it directly through Uniswap and using Furucombo now we must see that these tokens that we are going to receive compensate a little for the fee that We are paying here so we are still going to carry out this transaction, we confirm and now we only have to wait for the transaction to be carried out on the Ethereum network after a few minutes, the transaction was made super fast and what we paid in transactions were almost 19 dollars a little less than what it indicated, to take it into consideration but still it was more expensive than in Uniswap good crypto lunatic, we have already finished using the Uniswap exchange through Furucombo if you want to do it with 1Inch, it is exactly The same process I must emphasize again that this is NOT an investment advice I am only showing you a platform that for using it will reward us with its token in the next video I will also show you if they awarded us with COMBO, what amount did they give us ? And if this in the end is profitable with the difference in price that we are paying for these transactions, remember that I will leave you all the information in the description so that you can go through the document and read it completely on my part, I am grateful that you have seen the video, success is very good if you want to continue learning more about cryptocurrencies, remember to subscribe to the channel I also invite you to go to the playlists here are all the courses that I have created for you in order to make it easier for you to learn the world of cryptocurrencies remember also, leave me a like if you liked the video

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