Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 1 Clip: Arya and Ed Sheeran (HBO)

It's a pretty song. -I've never heard it before.
-It's a new one. MAN 1: Are you hungry?
We've got some rabbit. I don't want to steal your food. You're not stealing,
we're offering. Come on. It's gonna be
a cold night. -(HORSE GRUNTS)
-(SIGHS) -MAN 2: You heading south?
-King's Landing. -Poor girl.
-(MEN CHUCKLE) It's not so bad, is it? MAN 2: Depends
on your taste, I guess. If you like your streets
covered in shit and pig's blood, -it's the town for you.
-(MEN CHUCKLE) MAN 1: All my life, I wanted
to see The Red Keep. The Sept of Baelor.
The Dragonpit. Then, when I finally make it, they wouldn't let me move
within a mile of The Red Keep. The Sept of Baelor
is blown to hell. And the Dragonpit,
it's a damn ruin. -(MEN CHUCKLE)
-The people who live there… They'd skin you alive if they could make two coppers
off your hide.

Worst place in the world.
(SCOFFS) ARYA STARK: What are you doing
in The Riverlands? There's been some trouble with
the Freys up at the Twins, so… We're part of the army that's been sent
to keep the peace. (EXHALES) Here you go.
Guests first. Oh no, I couldn't.
You don't have enough. Well, Mother always told me
to be kind to strangers.

Strangers will be kind to you. You're a long way from home. I'm sure you've had
some adventures, though. MAN 1: Yeah. Endless adventures. They'll be singing
about us for a thousand years. -(MEN CHUCKLE)
-MAN 2: The truth is… When we left home,
we couldn't wait to get away. But now we've been gone awhile,
we can't wait to get home. I just think about my dad
out there on his boat all alone. I ought to be out there
with him. My wife's just had
our first baby. -Boy or girl?
-MAN 2: Oh, who knows? You think soldiers get ravens
with news from home? (MEN LAUGH) -I hope it's a girl.
-Why? Girls take care of their papas
when their papas grow old. Boys just go off to fight
in someone else's wars.

MAN 1: Are you
old enough to drink? (CHUCKLES) (MEN CHUCKLE) It's blackberry wine.
I made it myself. It's really good. (LAUGHS) So why is a nice girl
on her own heading to King's Landing? I'm going to kill the queen. (MEN LAUGH) (ARYA LAUGHS).

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