Game Development: How Blockchain Collectibles Can Transform Game Monetization & Promotion

virtual items can be valuable very valuable the highest price ever paid for a virtual item was 6 million for planet Calypso from the game Entropia there's a long list of virtual items from many games that have sold for thousands of dollars one recent success story is crypto kitties whose Celestials cyber dimension cat sold for $140,000 crypto kitties is played by hundreds of thousands of users and has received millions of dollars in VC funding so how does the game work you breed cats leave them to sit there and try to sell them later so why is everyone so excited about it because the crypto kitties aren't just cute little pictures of cats they're actually tokens stored on ethereum blockchain creating a non fungible token is like creating a digital asset which is its own certificate of authenticity that is completely impossible to forge how does this affect virtual items blockchain completely redefines their value and turns them into a new class of digital assets this is because of four key properties unique to digital assets stored on a blockchain transparency immutability security and decentralisation transparency means that the scarcity of an item is proven so if you want to find out how many copies of your item lie on the blockchain you can visit a blockchain Explorer like nginx and see for yourself immutability creates unique publicly visible historical log of items their past is trackable you can see what it was previously purchased for and how popular it's been immutability gives your virtual item a backstory security of blockchain technology is second to none especially at variants blockchain which contains the most nodes and is the most decentralized arguably it is the most secure database in the world and its protection covers the storage transfer and management of items items created on the blockchain aren't stuck inside gaming servers so users won't lose access to those items by losing access to a game the decentralized database gives them full control and sovereignty over their assets user friendly apps like the engine smart wallet enable users to carry their items with them in their pocket and still find them available when they enter games the items belong to this introduces a concept of true ownership over digital assets this is the reason there are people doing to pay 140,000 dollars for a picture of an adorable kitten because it's proven to be rare it has an interesting history you're unlikely to lose it and it truly belongs to you engine cryptocurrency symbol enj created the first coding for a non fungible token similar to what crypto kitties implemented into their game the resulting code became known as the now-famous e rc 7:21 protocol but the code for engines virtual items is now much more advanced and Jim will soon release their unity software development kit which will enable any game developer who uses unity to leverage the power of the blockchain and create their own blockchain backed collectables this will be available for use in games made for Android iOS PlayStation Xbox Nintendo Windows oculus rift Google cardboard Facebook games and many more this will have forward-thinking developers who use Unity game engine to fund their upcoming projects by issuing early release collectibles monetizing their economy and making a commission of third-party sales of collectibles this will also enable pro gamers and influencers to monetize their services by selling collectables with historical significance such as items they used in important tournaments or popular streams game developers can also get a cut of the profits and receive tons of free promotion it's all built into the code engine coin also gives developers the ability to introduce intuitive gameplay mechanics such as rental of collectibles allowing users to rent their items out for a specific duration or situation this allows the owner of the collectible and its initial creator to make an ongoing profit by generating repeat business in-game loss of collectibles can be used up the stakes of gameplay restrictive trading of collectibles allows developers to set specific parameters for trade for example developers can restrict trading to only occur at a certain time and place secure peer-to-peer trading through escrow facilities any users are no longer at risk of getting ripped off and dodgy deals all of these unique features will enable developers to provide value to their customers in new and exciting ways and will attract users who are looking for a deeper connection to their gaming worlds the objective is not only to give gaming items real world value but to create more meaningful gaming experiences and help developers create games that can change people's lives there are many more transformative functions of engines unity software development kit in which we will go through in detail in future videos the features we covered today are simply the most easily accessible to developers all games all developers and all players can benefit from the introduction of collectibles so if you're a unity developer interested in finding new ways to fund monetize and market your game visit engine coin IO today and sign up for our partnership program we provide marketing development and financial support join our community today and chat with other developers who are adopting our technology or just come and ask some questions to find out more we'll see you there [Music]

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