Game-changing partnership #1: Katy Perry! Theta’s Mainnet 3.0 Launch Success!

whoa Main net 3 successfully launched at this block height the chain branches to Mainnet 3 code and turning off t-Fuel was enabled more than 400 million t-field is now turned off and turned off the first t-Fuel rewards have already been handed out congratulations to the Theta team and everyone who made this possible in this video let's see how the launch was going to be a lot of news from kd perry and we also watch Theta and t Fuel's price action for today hey everyone it's ben from kryptos for everything before i start don't forget to like this video and subscribe for more content like this on the home page of Theta there is no more countdown timer today and that's because Mainnet has 3 officially launched and the two most important protocol innovations that were launched with Mainnet 3 are elite edge nodes that allow people their t-fuel committed to more t-Fuel and earn t-fuel burning meaning t-fuel will be no longer inflationary so a lot of updates in next to the protocol update there was an edge node update a Guardian node update and a Theta wallet update and a linux version of Theta's edge node has now been added and just look at the blockchain of Theta explorer here we can see that 537 million t-Fuel have already been deployed on the network so this equates to about 10 per cent of the total t Fuel so deployed far and this number is increasing I expect the percentage t-Fuel turned off will go up to 25 or even 30 percent by the time all the dust settles and also look at t-Fuel is coming soon and we can see this post says t-field here strike comes with Main just three and there is a message at the top that says we have the t Fuel add stakeout function and even click on Theta here is there a message saying we add the t Fuel shutdown function so i'm sure g pool is hard at work update their systems to suitable for the t Fuel expand so once gpool gets this going and it is available I'm definitely going through one step-by-step instructional video on how to bet your t-Fuel with both your own edge node and delegate it to g-pool so stay tuned there upcoming video and now with an elite edge node that officially launched with Main net 3 today the tvo staking rewards that are paid now out after Main just 3 are much higher than the pre-elite edge node that was before Main net 3 as well as for those who turn off Theta so if you have at least 10 000 t Fuel available this is the perfect one possibility to turn it off to earn more tea Fuel rewards now probably the biggest news of the day is this tweet from katy pear tree excited and curious about my to launch first-ever NFTs later this year with Theta network look out for memorable and creative moments of my residency is that both a digital collectible and a tangible experience in real life pre-register for more info on kd.

Theta drop dot com so that's right, you heard right katy perry launches its exclusive NFT s on Theta and this comes out the heels of my last video where i talked about how Theta drop really pushes the envelop and pioneer in space by taking NFTs and merging them with tangible physical objects from the real world and thus did that with the Theta zilla drop die happened yesterday but without even breathing they are already announces that katy is perry going to do exactly this exact thing has a digital collectible and a real life experience that is tangible so this isn't just big news it is groundbreaking for the NFT space and here is an article that Theta tweeted katy perry announces exclusive global NFT collaboration and investment in the Theta network and it's about global pop star katy perry in collaboration with Theta network announced the launch of katy perry NFT s for her fans worldwide the first digital collectibles of the collaboration will include content from katie's upcoming play residency in las vegas early december 2021 katy perry will also acquire a minority interest in Theta labs so not sure if by minority stake it just means she's buying Theta tokens and t Fuel tokens next to perry's talent agency creative artist agency one of Theta's latest enterprise validators and then it says Theta drop is powered according to the Theta protocol and a native blockchain that significantly different from other NFT platforms because it was purposely built for media and entertainment so look what Katie has to say that I am both excited and curious to launch my very first NFTs later this year with Theta network this is a new unique opportunity to connect with my fans around the world even if they're not with me in Las Vegas I can't wait to dive in with the Theta team on all exciting and memorable creative pieces so that my fans have a special moment of can experience my residency that is both a digital collectible as well as a in real life so it is already great that Katie has a las vegas residency I think if you go to the stage where you can get a las vegas residence you are already in the top row of most performers but this is also the very first weld vegas residence becomes exclusive NFTs commemorating the events making them a unique collector's item for katy perry super fans all over world and then listen to what mitch has to say coinciding with Theta's Mainnet 3 launch working with a global icon like katy pear wine in the coming year marks an important inflection point in Theta network history and a big step direction global adoption of the Theta blockchain with the help of caa and katie's management team we set course to reach far beyond crypto lovers to millions of music media and entertainment fans around the world in the end we see this as an important milestone up to a million daily transactions the Theta network a million daily transactions let's just take a moment let it sink in how huge this is from huge i think katy perry is an equally great name as it gets in the music recording industry she is got 108 million followers on twitter and that's possible see they are here about 10 tweeted hours ago for its audience of 108 million people stating NFT and stating the Theta network and on instagram she has 125 million followers i mean between these two accounts i don't know many celebrities who to have more followers than Katie and you can see here on instagram she posted this exclusive katy perry NFT is gone Theta image too so imagine how many people being exposed to Theta and NFT and probably the vast majority of all these people have nothing to do with the cryptocurrency industry and we don't about only fans and followers of spoken katy perry but we are talking about other music also artists and celebrities I'm sure she's respected and talking to a lot of others in the entertainment industry but not only that I know that Katie always been very big in cryptocurrencies this is an image Katy Perry released on instagram early 2018 and it's a shot of her nails so you can see there is such a thing litecoin bitcoin monero ethereum she has rockets on her nails so Katie is not a newcomer to the cryptocurrency space so I wouldn't be surprised if they probably has a few million of hers followers who are also in cryptos already so i think katy perry is the perfect one first choice to bridge cryptos and the mainstream media together and this all comes together in the fourth quarter of 2021 when katy perry not only has her residency in Las Vegas but also has an exclusive NFT that she will launch around the same time time now we know that mitch liu said that he has pioneering partnerships partnerships plural coming in the next one to three weeks and i should say mitch katy perry is quite game changing so thanks for not disappointing but this is also the first of many come in a previous video i was about a list of clients of creative artist agencies so who do you think will be next celebrity on Theta drop do you think it will be or will be kanye west it's our friend Joe Biden i'm excited to find out and all i can say now let him come mitch hey if you like this video and if you watched one of my previous videos I could really use your help now I'm trying to get a stream key from Theta tv so I can support the Theta network and give you more ways to get this content I'm going to publish this video on Theta both tv and youtube and if i do i will tweet this image with the hashtag Theta tryouts if you could be so kind and help a brother by retweeting this with the same hashtag so the team at Theta tv is sure to see my videos and consider me and hey theta tv i would really like a stream key and start my videos on Theta tv and Theta's edgecast I hope you can give me one but even if you don't, i'll stay publish on youtube and i stay do my best to promote everything Theta is doing so thank you Theta and everyone for you support so the price of Theta and t Fuel both dropped today Theta still sitting in place number 17 at market cap price at six dollars and 91 cents and it's down 2.9 percent in the last 24 hours and 0.21 in the last seven days t Fuel s dropped to number 45 currently for 40 cents 4.51 lower in the last 24 hours and 13.75 in the past seven days so this price drop is to be expected if short-term traders sell the news now that I've discussed this in a previous video but there's an age-old expression that goes by the rumor sells the news and in the crypto world it has been translated if buy the testnet sell the Mainnet and the current Mainnet launch is one of the reasons why we see a price drop today and so i've seen a lot of people ask well why the price is falling with all this good news, but this is of course and to be expected in the short term term but in my opinion people are selling Theta and t Fuel now are like people selling amazon or apple stock back in 2001 and if you heard my story about my experience with apple broth in my past movie i know how this feels first hand so if you were focused on a few quick ones profits and had the intention to sell on the Mainnet 3 launch sorry it didn't work similar to how Main was just 2 I know this can be a bit of a disappointment but if this was your end goal I would encourage you not to be shortsighted and see the bigger picture chance here are less focused on price in the short term and look at the long game if you had the chance to go back time and buy so much apple or amazon stock as you wanted in 2001 but I said the only catch you had to at least hold on for 10 years would you do it would it be worth it for you i see Theta and t Fuel have the same potential, but instead of holding it for 10 years I think if you just take it for one or two years you would be more than happy tomorrow starts the third quarter of the year And if I have to speculate a little I think July is going to be a much better month in cryptos compared to the past two months my guess is we are going to phase d from ay cough accumulation sometime in july and then i hope in August we will be back in the uptrend this is not financial advice and neither am I an oracle but the news is that coming out for bitcoin and the whole crypto market as a whole including Theta this is the sentence that I get when we start a new month in the quarter so let me know in the comments below what do you think of the Mainnet 3 launch so far as well as this massive announcement from katy perry and also who you think could be the next big announcement from Theta drop also if you are curious about how to buy theta of t fuel as well as how to turn off Theta and t Fuel but you don't know exactly how I have special playlists just for you and I leave links to both playlists at the end of this video and last if you found this video helpful and informative don't forget to like this video share it on social media or with someone you think it will benefit and subscribe again thanks and i will see you in the next video

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