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[MUSIC PLAYING] I'm April Foreman. I am an editorial manicurist
for red carpet events. One of my favorite products to
use on set is Outlast Stay Brilliant nail gross. And the thing that's amazing about it
is, it has a top coat build in. So, when we we're getting people ready
on set, there's no time for the nails to dry. So, this product particularly has
been a life saver for me. Our crazy time of the year,
award season's coming up. The Grammys, I'm so excited about. So, what we're going to do today is talk
about some of the nail trends you can expect to see and just really, easy,
attainable ways of achieving them at home. The first look I'm going to walk you
through today is a rock and roll version of a French manicure. We're going to use the Outlast Stay
Brilliant nail gloss with a peaches and cream base and a
black diamond tip.

Layer your base coat on, take whatever
color you want to accent the top. And you start on one side near the
cuticle, and you're just going to swoop it around almost like in a C
shape around the tip of the nail. And don't be afraid of
making mistakes. Don't be afraid of having
the lines perfect. If there's imperfections, it's cooler. If you want to pump up that rock star
French one step further, you can always take a liner brush, add a little
glitter to separate those two.

Add some glitter on top
of the black even. It's kind of anything goes. Don't feel scared to experiment. So, the next trend that's super easy to
achieve at home, and it's amazing, is just a really punchy
polka dot look. We're using a mint mojito
and reliable red. We're going to layer on just
your first base coat. By the time you finish your 10th nail
and you're ready to start the first one again, it's dry enough to start
layering on the polka dot. I'm going to use a makeup brush. Everyone has one at home. And just take the base of the makeup
brush, dip it in, and just stamp it on the nail. You can do a couple, you can do a ton. You can get a crazy as you want. And you don't need the
top coat with this. The look is really 10 minutes
start to end from polishing. So, hopefully what we've learned today
is, it's really easy to rock some bold, fun, crazy nail looks at home.


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