Freeway Lite v1.14 Now Live with MetaMask Integration | AuBit Freeway | Weekly Update E51

Hi, my name is Sadie,
I am Founder and co-CEO of AuBit… It’s Friday again and I’m here to
give you the latest from AuBit-world… Last week, we had
a deeper dive into ACCESS, But this week it’s all about…. PROGRESS. Today being the first day of
the final quarter of the year, it felt like a good time to check in and update you on progress made and pending on the new roadmap we shared
with you only a few weeks ago…. The most recent development being
yesterday’s Freeway Lite update to version 1.14 and with it… FWT staking deposit integration
with Metamask is now live. This means Freeway Lite now
offers two routes for staking FWT: via the existing
Deposit Request option and now also via MetaMask on both the Ethereum and Binance
Smart Chain networks. Also live is an improved and
expanded transaction history, along with itemisations for orders
that contain multiple products.

And this comes hot off the heels of
the highlight of last week’s version 1.13: On-platform purchase
of Freeway Token Check out last week’s update
for more on Fiat On Ramps and our EMI license plans…. And we are targeting the big one, the launch of the
Freeway Lite US dashboard, by the end of the month, meaning… any eligible US citizen
who passes KYC can access US Superchargers and watch their Staking Rewards
compound every day. America, we are coming. … and of course, full Metamask integration for both
FWT and Supercharger purchases, along Automated Staking Rewards, and Automated Forever
Referral Rewards are also all upcoming
on the 10-12 week roadmap. Finally, we’re making good progress on the brand development work and the website rebrand
will be kicking off as soon as possible
after we lock in on the new and improved
brand identity, which I cannot wait
to share with you.

And if you want to follow our progress hit that subscribe button, join us on Telegram,
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see you next week..

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