Free Wifi Tether/Hotspot for the Samsung Galaxy S III on Jelly Bean

[Music] [Applause] [Music] we're on Tim here from King 77 calm here to do a video showing you how to get free Wi-Fi hotspot on your Samsung Galaxy s3 it has finally been hacked on jellybean this four stock TouchWiz jellybean roms my man trevi has hacked it so be sure to go thank him but otherwise what you're going to need to do is you need to be rooted of course also keep in mind that some custom roms that developers have put out that are based on jellybean might not work I am on stock I'm just stuck rooted right now but I know some custom roms don't work some custom roms do work so kind of keep that mind if you're on a custom ROM again I am stop this is my Sprint Galaxy s3 but I'm completely stock but I am rooted you'll see Super User right there so what we're going to need to do is go ahead and click on the link in the description of the video and download the apk file that's linked on on my website once you've downloaded it transfer it on over to your device whether it be internal or external storage that does not matter go to my files or any other file explorer go ahead and select your SD card I transferred it onto my internal storage and you'll see here is that Wi-Fi tether a PK select it and hit install make sure you check unknown sources if those aren't checked already once done you can just open it on up and it's you can donate if you want just go ahead and hit close now what you don't want to do is go ahead and go to settings go to menu sorry and then go ahead and go into settings then go to change device profile scroll all the way down and go to Samsung Galaxy s3 once you've selected that you can hit back and then go ahead and press the tethering button right here so we'll go ahead and start you need to allow it Super User permissions if it asks so make sure you do that all right and then this starts on up once this starts up we can go to our pc alright and once we are at our computer you will see i'm not connected to any wireless but you will see android tether shows up so once android tether is showing up we can go ahead and select it and then just hit connect once we hit connect our phone will actually vibrate and it'll say Tim PC has can did and then it should go ahead and start so you'll see download and upload speeds are going now let's go ahead and open up a website to double-check this so what I'm going to do is run a speed test I am on 4G at the moment as well this works on 3G or 4G so this should be super fast I'm actually in a really good 4G LTE area I don't know if you guys it's not focusing but if I got it to focus it would say 4G up at the top let's see if the focus is it's trying but anyway it's just say 4G so you'll see by these test speeds I'm just going to hit begin test or why it's telling me I'm there I'm actually in Illinois so I have no idea why it's putting me there but we'll see what the test results come out to be so this would be speed test to see is running fine connected to my Android tether it is going about 10 megabits per second download and about 5 megabits per second upload so pretty good not too bad for tethering so you'll see tethering is working fantastic we can try once more and load up Cuba king 77 com so loading it on up seems to work great everything's very quick and fast again this works with 3G as well so finally someone's got a hack so amazing hopefully this works for you if it does not you're going to let me know what ROM you're on so I can try and troubleshoot that it'll be difficult for me to troubleshoot as I don't know too many fixes but again a main thing would be on a Custis if ik custom rom but other than that hopefully this works for you you'll have to leave a comment let me know be sure to subscribe as well follow me on Facebook Twitter and Google+ all links will be in the description of the video below and as always thanks for watching be sure to give this video a thumbs up

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