Free WiFi Tether for on Droid 2 and X! (Root Needed)287

i'm going to show you how to Wi-Fi Teddy on the joy to enjoy that to get this you go to the marketplace type in Wi-Fi header you will see one with this icon right here and that's the one you will download but it at least for the droid two and droid x but you have to have a rooted a root rooted device for distort it's a pretty simple I'm gonna put a link and on the bar and their guides tab tell you on linux mac and when those how to root your phone so it's pretty easy and you can do other things as well which i can i'm going to make a few other videos other things you can do when you're rooted after you download this you will go open it you could automatically just press that and it'll start to seven otherwise you cannot let it set up you have you can eat at it over bluetooth or Wi-Fi you have encryption zone ewp which at least you have encryption Ottawa or you can have it to you can just only display the network for three minutes after you turn it on so nobody wouldn't be able to see it after three minutes so if you want to unsecured so you can turn it on connect and then after 30 minutes no one else can see it and these other settings and they tell you when somebody connects to it and so forth and you press this is heading I turn on my ipod right here it just vibrated my phone see an ipod touch connected hopefully some reason is not want any image creep 3g signal right now so sometimes it doesn't want to connect it might be just a glitch in the program I found if it's not on preachy it doesn't usually give you internet when for tethering otherwise that's how you would tether these connectors like that and you're browsing the web and the right this tells you the green and red tell you how much data if you've used and the bottom ones below it will tell you how much you are using at the current time which is good so you won't go over your day limit thanks for watching and please subscribe okay I'll finally have a 3g single now so I can show you it working on the iphone the ipod connected to it okay it's going to show you like the app store get app store looting it's off my phone's 3G you looking at skype to work now okay see now it came online and I'm going to go call myself up here call my ipod nun speaker I've seen its country to ipod right here so you could if you had a headset since my second generation ipod right here you could actually use it like an iphone not that it really matters since you have it you already have a droid x or droid two right here but anyways it's just a show you can get internet on another device and thanks for watching

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