Free TRX mining get free $700 TRX instant withdraw to your trust wallet | live proof

yeah what's up guys and welcome back to my youtube 
channel so now i will be telling you how to hand   tron for free and i'll be doing a live 
video and i'll be rejoining right now   on video to my trustworthiness accounts so 
i will be showing you how you can actually   do these simple tasks it's very easy very simple 
you don't need to do much or anything you just do   the youtube tags and and all right guys so yeah 
this is apron plug we're actually making a review   about investment platform cryptomine inside to 
keep the currency another way to make money online   so if you're new here don't forget to hit the 
subscribe button for not to miss daily updates   so that you can able to be notified first and turn 
it down question icon in case i drop a next video   you'll be notified all right so without wasting 
of our time to end from the particular platform   i'll be sending the link down to the description 
so check the description for you to register   from this particular link once you register for 
the particular you'll be automatically giving   200 areas that is 200 run freely you begin it 
freely so how to anymore for this particular   platform is just by you making tax all you need to 
do just to come and click on trading in your app   after you've registered link at the description 
for you to register so you can go click on trading   so once you're coming here and click on trading 
so you'll be given some amount of trading which is   each we're going to give you 500 every 
five five let's say five five percent of   the particular amount you are having so let's 
see before we go for here i'm actually having   seven point zero so like got7.0 so let's see 
the changes after making the tax the embassy   attacks how i'm given for the day so i need to 
commence to check this down and i need to scroll   down so i'll be giving this but i'll 
be seeing all this you can actually see   i'm having i'm having attacks already you can see 
this is different so you depend on the amount of   tax that i give everybody so like now i'm only 
giving one because the only one that is actually   open among all my tax so i need to do just to 
click on receive so i'm clicking on this much like   you see right now i will acknowledge my slices 
right now so i click on receive so you can see   successful receives so i've clicked on 
successfully received so let's go back to   our home page and check the amount that i'll 
be having right now so you can actually see   before before here i was having 0.09 and right 
now i'm having zero four five so you can try   this is actually working and it's going fine 
all right so i'm going to be withdrawing to   request for a withdrawal right now and the amount 
i'm actually having now it's what 60 dollar so   and okay before i go to withdraw also for you to 
you can also share your link down to your friends   you can share a link down to your friends for you 
to end more because there are two different kind   of accounts here the one for mining and the one 
for promotion so i'm going to explain for youtube   better so for you just come to share and check 
your check and send it to your friends send it   to your people so that you can also register 
you keep ending yours and also from there   so okay let's go to mine i'm going to clicking 
on this particular site which is which is my so right here i'm clicking on this class 
i which is my so when i click it on this   is my own page yeah this is my own page and 
so i said there's two accounts for different   platform so before i go in so the 
first account is the basic account   is the basic account whether you 
when you register you're giving 200   trs and for the eternal trs you'll be able 
to withdraw you'll be able to formulate for   base accounts actually okay based account this 
is your base account you're able to withdraw   the amount of money you are given like this 
particular one whereby you are going to be having   your promotion accounts this also promotion 
account promotion account is the account   that when you when you invite your friends to 
join this regular platform so the money you end   from them those are the promotions accounts so so 
you can also look you can also withdraw from and   promotion accounts withdrawal is unlimited 
like for most accounts there is unlimited   you can't try to see it but for you to withdraw 
from basic accounts you need to do something   okay now so let me request for a 
withdrawal so that you're going to see now   i can withdraw that now my daily will drop 
because aussie going to be working for 24 hours   and my daddy will drive okay 0.36 watt uptrend 
so let me just take you 0.36 worth of tron flick it up roping 30 what i've 
drawn and you put my password yeah so i input my password so that i 
put my password i click on confirm so successful so we're going to wait for it the 
video is actually in very fast it's going   to come in very soon now all right so before 
okay is it already coming i'm waiting notify   you can actually see here i've actually received 
the one i just input slightly you can't really   see i put it to my truss wallet directly 
automatically to my trust wallets so you   can try this is under subscriber to my youtube 
channel so keep subscribing if you are here to   subscribe to this channel don't forget to hit the 
subscribe button for you to subscribe all right so   and for you to end for it to end more 
for you to be able to withdraw more   from this particular platform just like this all 
you need to do is do you can actually decide where   you wrote you're going to deposit a an amount of 
trs for it to be able to activate your withdrawal   that's for the basic accounts so it depends 
so i added 15 area to be able to withdraw that   particular month per day so the more you add for 
this part the more you are willing to you just so   you want to end you want to be able to withdraw 
more from this part your money you have today   you need to adopt this particular money that 
you're going to be so you can also join me   on telegram at the description on the link in the 
description for you to drop and ask any questions   you don't understand all right guys so see you 
in the next video and don't forget to smash on   the subscription button for not to miss a daily 
update on this much last see you in the next video

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