[Music] [music] foreign [Music] Hey guys and welcome to the new coding Video of the most beautiful musical instrument out there Hey guys encoder violin hope you have a great day I know the price is a little disappointing but we'll see Better times and I'm here to make you feel better because I'm so Bullish as always, hope it is before we go too deep to reduce the upside The content I wanted to remind you to subscribe to my beautiful cipher Vining channel don't forget to like if you like the content right and come to it Comments section if you have questions, we are big xrp Army and we can help some other guys too أيض In the description of this video you can find a link To my telegram group, we can chat there for free, and you don't have to pay Anything and there is a link to my web store you can يمكنك Order your goods here that is said, let's dive into it Using the upside content I have for you today Well, first of all, let's look at the xrp usd pair On bitstamp for everyday friends we look at xrp USD pair over the course of the day and we see that we opened and closed Above the dollar sign and then we come Maybe we can retest, maybe we can retest the 79 cents area But I couldn't care less I'm very optimistic in the short term Every three hours I want to show you something I can also see us trading here with a bullish flag Bullish price movement 66 67% then a bullish flag Then a breakout could see us trade again at 1.60 cents Well, if we look carefully here at the flagpole The rising flag, then the target price, uh, the high one, based on the flagpole and You can enter at the bottom of the flag or or in Height after penetration where do you want Think about entering this situation here if we came here otherwise Here and if you enter here at its lowest, you will be damned You will earn 100% of your money and more 66 or 70 will get us to $1 72 About 1.70 cents that was before high and we can crack this up, so it's all on Charts I'm not sad I'm not emotional and me Wanted to read this article from daily hodor This article is about leading cryptocurrency analyst Michael from My dad and I don't really listen to him but he He said something very important here.

He said some altcoins are erasing Maybe we'll see a complete loss last week More follow suit without real correction or retest Leaving behind people what sold at the lowest level These are eliminated, it is difficult to sell your altcoins after the collapse of 70 It is the same as buying your altcoins after 500 Crowd is exactly the same mentality reverse And you're the winner in the market and he's here just fine So selling after losing 70 is really the same as buying all the tops This is just really bad trading and you sure are You will lose money if you trade this way, well, we are looking at this art of cryptocurrency and the article states the escalation of the XP community Pressing again after organizing a protest abroad XRP Headquarters Owners Gather Out Sec Headquarters calls for the control of smoking cessation Harassment ripple the majority still think that when The case was raised to ripple now the former president had a struggle لديه Of interest and I think the article is very correct A number of protesters in front of the Public Security headquarters carried banners Second invites to consider the alleged conflict of Jay Clayton Interest other signs include stopping cryptocurrency hypocrisy is Not a crime xrp is security and xrp is for life Well guys you know what please comment in the comments section below What would your mark say if you were to protest? In front of the Shura headquarters, what will your brand say? Just Wrong Answers Let's enjoy some pictures shared online showing it تظهر Only a few in what is one of the largest cryptocurrencies Societies emerged to protest with the most applause for their efforts so It is likely that other protests will be organized to attract larger audiences And I think that would be true maybe we can all travel To the United States to tell the department what we think about this lawsuit Well guys, let's read this interesting article Accenture ripple partner writes paper quickly on cbdc ripple partner is a technology and business consulting firm Publish a quick research paper on the potential of digital central banks cbdc coin payment solutions titled central bank digital exploration Currencies How they can work internationally Payments that the newspaper claims that there is an increased benefit to those Accenture Asset Types is Global Wealth 500 A company along with the bmw bush ripple blockchain acceleration Foundation etc.

Accenture is part of The blockchain initiative is open to mobility according to at least half of the documents From the world's central banks to develop three major central banks Factors contributing to this trend of reducing counter physical notes Impact of private cryptocurrencies as a threat to securities and improving safety in all sales markets, as the paper states Whatever the momentum is towards cbdc It seems clear that some central banks are already growing Conducting life experiments and the possibility of currency development It is framed by some as a potential revolution in how value is exchanged Let's read more ripple and xrp ledger as a bridge to cvdcs The paper claims that commercial banks can have a major role as a provider From cbdc to its clients, and on the contrary, these assets will need two keys Infrastructure characteristics and interoperability of Cross-border payments and other use cases The paper claims the following with room applicability One of the xrp-based solutions from ripple is the cbdc transfer concept Cross-border is complex and technically achievable Various techniques but meaning and use of cbdc outside its country of origin Jurisdiction is not clear to be practical in some way The mechanism of exchange with the local currency must What is needed is polymetallic An exchange mechanism that enables payments to be made And for the end in a non-friction form, well you guys are very interesting that means There are a lot of upside potential players out there, so it's likely that xrp Used to plug all the cbdc and you know what you're sad about At this moment, it's not good, you don't have to be sad at this moment You must be strongly bullish at this moment In time you guys only have the positive side to go in a lawsuit that can be settled XRP It will be the first coin issued to be listed twice on coinbase It will be released on all stock exchanges in the United States Then xrp will bridge cbdc and ripple will go public this is Not the time to say I also want to say it guys To remind you of upcoming airdrops in the second quarter of 2021 Thanks to xrp bottoms Crow, thank you for doing this xrp airdrops Luminous net The date of the shot was December 12 2020 and the percentage of the first drop is 15 The ratio is from 1 to 1.0073 glow So guys you can get a spark token if you have xrp in your wallet In the date of the snapshot and you will see 15 in the second quarter of 2021 and this Next month, so next month is finally sparking airdrops We'll have some extra money for that spark icon iou What's traded in one dollar 12 cents But the highest price ever is $2 and 45 cents, okay And on top of that you are very lucky because if you get a spark symbol on a coil wallet and leave it there for a month until 30 Days and there is another shot which is Screenshot of dflr deo flare So you get 1 day of glow for every 172 Spark tokens you have in your wallet and they will be distributed to 7 players 10 days after the date of the shot, you will receive Two icons because you are proud of the xrp holderحامل Guys so there's nothing to say about men We are rewarded and we will be rewarded greatly for holding on As for our xrp xrp, definitely seven to ten bucks this bull runs At least the guys are okay at least then a symbolic tail spark It's the other tokens that will also go up in price and we'll do that Huge gains from these guys are very optimistic Please stay positive, stay happy, stay optimistic and hope to see you next بعد Have a great day [Music] Bye [Music] You

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