Free Bitcoin | Gemini : How to buy Crypto (bitcoin) in Singapore using fiat (SGD, USD)?

hello guys welcome and welcome back to ph look 
here in the coming series of my videos i'm   going to show you guys what cryptocurrency 
platform that i'm using to buy store and   earn high interest in my cryptos as well as i'm 
going to show you guys how to get free bitcoins   please note that i'm not a financial advisor 
please invest with what you can afford   to lose in cryptos as it is very volatile so 
today's crypto platform that i'm talking about   is gemini i will show you how to save on fees 
to buy bitcoin and how you can get $10 free of   bitcoin so stay tuned in this video to find out 
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stock vouchers you can get so let's get back to   the main topic the main reason why i use gemini is 
because in singapore if we want to use our sgd to   buy bitcoins using gemini is one of the easiest 
platform to use as this is known as fiat on ram   which means that using a currency to purchase a 
cryptocurrency and this purpose also gemini is   also regulated licensed and audited so this means 
that this is a very safe platform for you to start   buying cryptocurrencies the next main reason 
why i love to use gemini is because of their   deposit and withdrawal fee schedule so we can 
see that for depositing cryptocurrencies or   doing wire transfer into gemini the cost 
of it is free this means that when you   deposit in your singapore dollars or us dollars 
into germany the fees is free and also once you   buy your cryptocurrencies in germany you will wish 
to withdraw it out to maybe other crypto platforms   so when you buy cryptocurrencies in germany and 
you may wish to transfer your cryptocurrencies   from germanized to other so we can see that 
for the withdrawal is in germany if you have   less than 10 withdrawal per calendar month 
the cost of the cryptocurrencies are all free   this means that when you transfer out 
your cryptocurrency from gemini to other   crypto platforms you will get exactly what 
amount you have in germany and this is all being   transferred to your other crypto platform this is 
really very useful as we know that the gas fee for   transferring some of the cryptocurrencies to other 
crypto platforms can be quite high so for example   bitcoin or euterium when you try to transfer or 
withdraw from platform to platform the fees incur   are quite high so this is really very attractive 
if you have less than 10 withdrawal per month for   withdrawing cryptocurrencies in germany so just to 
avoid having more than 10 withdrawal in german is   once you have more than 10 withdrawal per month 
withdrawing in germany you will start to incur   costs for your cryptocurrencies so just take 
note of that now i will show you how you can   get 10 dollars free of bitcoin when you sign up 
a gemini account so if you use my referral link   in the description box below and when you click 
on it you will be brought to this web page so   you can see that you can receive 10 of bitcoin 
after you buy or sell hundred dollars worth of   cryptocurrencies in germany so the best way 
to actually get this 10 free bitcoin would   be to purchase at least 100 worth of bitcoin in 
germany so when you're here just click on register   and when you reach this page just fill in 
your details and here the promo code section   do remember to key in the promo code you can 
use my promo code in the description box below   or if it's reflected here you can just leave 
it here and after this just create your gemini   account you can make use of your my info to open 
up your german account more smoothly so after you   have opened your gemini account and when you log 
into your gemini account the next thing that you   will want to do will be to deposit in your fiat 
which is your singapore dollars or your us dollars   into gemini before you can buy cryptos before 
starting to deposit money into your gemini account   you have to add in your bank account details first 
so you can click on account and go to settings   and here click on payment methods once you reach 
from payment methods click on add payments methods   so here you got three options if you wish to 
deposit in your singapore dollars you will have   to click on manual link bank account this will 
link your bank account to your gemini account   so when you click on it click on 
singapore dollars and click on next   it'll just fill up all your details your 
bank name and your bank account number and   click next once you have registered your bank 
account your bank account will be shown here so once your bank account is being shown here 
next click on transfer and click on deposit into   german line and when you reach this page first you 
have to select the currency you wish to deposit   into german nine so here you can select singapore 
dollars and click on continue and when you reach   here gemini will show you the instructions for you 
to deposit in your singapore dollars into gemini   and once your deposit is being successfully 
deposited into germany you can see your   deposit amount here or you can go to your 
transfer page click on deposit into german 9.   and for your assets balance here for example here 
i have already deposited in 500 singapore dollars   it will be reflected here so i can use this 
500 to buy cryptocurrencies in germany the next   thing that we should consider for using a crypto 
platform is their transaction fee so we can see   that in germany if you were to use their mobile 
application to buy cryptocurrencies the fees   that is being charged to you is quite high so for 
example if you have usd in your gemini account and   you are buying less than 10 of cryptocurrencies 
using gemini the fees incurred will be 99 cents   and as your amount is getting higher and higher 
for example if you purchase 200 or more per order   your fees will be 1.49 this is quite high and if 
you scroll down and see for the singapore dollars   if you are buying less than fifteen dollars per 
order you will be charged by one dollar fifty   cents singapore dollars and if you are buying 
more than two hundred and fifty dollars you   will be charged one 1.49 so for the fees here in 
germany when you are using your mobile application   it's quite expensive but there's a way to reduce 
this fee the way to reduce buying cryptocurrency   in germany is to use their active trader schedule 
i'll show you how so when you activate the active   trader fee schedule in your gemini account 
you will be able to purchase cryptocurrency   at just 0.35 percent so this greatly reduced 
the phase of buying cryptocurrency from 1.49   and down to just 0.35 this is really saving a 
lot of fees when you're buying cryptocurrency   in germany i will show you how you can activate 
this active trader please schedule in your gemini   to activate your active trader status in germany 
first you just have to use your web browser in   your gemini because active trader features can 
only be used in the web browser when you use   gemini so do take note of this and when you're 
in your web browser click on account and click   on settings in the account section you will see 
that the trading interface currently the trading   interface is at gemini basic just switch it to 
active trader and when you click on this your   gemini account is now in the active trader status 
and now when you go back to the gemini exchange   you will see the web user interface has 
changed so you are now at the active trader   web interface so now you want to buy 
bitcoin using the singapore dollars   you can just click this arrow down and 
select bitcoin to singapore dollars   and here for the limit order you 
can set whatever price you wish   or you can use the market order and this is how 
you save fees when using active trader in germany so after you have 500 worth of bitcoin in your 
gemini account and you want to see whether it's   the 10 free bitcoin is being credited into 
your gemini account you can track it here   so here just click on account balances in 
this page let's click on transfer history   when you are in the transfer 
history tab just look out for   administrative credit this will show you that 
the free bitcoins is being credited into your   gemini account and this is how you track it 
so this is how you save on fees on buying   cryptocurrencies in germany as well as getting the 
free 10 worth of bitcoin when you use a referral   link for signing up a gemini account so after 
you have bought the cryptocurrencies in germany   i would transfer the cryptocurrencies that i 
bought in germany to other cryptos platform to   earn me high interest so in my coming videos i'll 
be showing you guys what other crypto platforms   that i'm using to generate me higher interest 
for the cryptocurrencies that i've got especially   bitcoins so stay tuned in my other videos to 
find out and guys i really appreciate that if   you could give my video a like and also subscribe 
to my youtube channel to see more of my videos   regarding cryptocurrencies i really appreciate it 
and with this i'll see you guys in my next video

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