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200 Hello Guys Welcome Back to Our YouTube Channel
Trading End So Guys today I have come again for you guys so much add to you that if you
guys love your slot then maybe you will get a lot of it in the coming few months Well,
if you get to see a lot of profit, then let us show you today's video by clicking on this point
and at the same time also tell what is the name of this token, if you clean more tow, then
how much will you get in it? Can profit till and send In which information I am
going to tell you guys in this video, so let's start this video quickly without any delay
swiss First of all I open my trust quality account like That's where you guys are able to
see, I have opened my trust flat here, ok after opening the festival, if you want to
go here, after going to the apps given in the gift, we will have given the link in the description below.
You will copy it from there and we also have beans in oil gram group. Gender is given,
you can copy it from there too, after copying, you have to paste it here, either you
do it first, but this paste control is fine, after pasting, first of all we do this contract add
Copy this, will click on the contract address, after clicking here, let
me tell you about a token, everyday the name of this token is ride in you ok I have made Rayudu many more
videos of him.

Everyone's name is different in them but rapid is ok so this company has made a lot of tokens
, here the holder has come around 500 flats, the holder has come, now its transfer is 106,
you are also able to see the total supply, then we We will copy its contact address
and see it at the bottom, how many tokens it is getting here too, now everyone is getting clean, so here is a token now,
we have claymore okay so let us see how many tokens we get from everyone If we are getting only one, then
we are going to reduce the contract of this here first , paste for this We have to click on two lines here,
scroll down, and here you will see an option Add Custom
Token, click on this, after fixing the guise, you will see some kind of Interpress in front of the people,
after this see Here is the network option, you guys have to change it, in the smart channel, it was written 3m here earlier,
now the contractors that you copy, simply paste it here, use the
automatic name symbol dismal all three things, after that you don't have gas.

I have to click on here,
as you can see, I do not have even a single trick available, ok so let's people give it from feet,
so let's go, I copied the link from here , went to edifice in trust wallet After
have to paste the bring here

Here you guys are able to see that after 35days to be listed at the time of PAN.
After songs, let me tell you one thing here that it is not necessary that after the certified one whose ad
you are about to end, it takes a month or two for its listing, which means 2 to 3 minutes,
so simply add here. If we come to do it, click add but here let me tell you one more thing
that if you refer someone, here you will get a hundred percent and claim it is okay like
I am getting one here if you are your friend If you do not do one more, then you
can get free subscribe here Subscribe here for that twitter account bluetooth share on telegram
vote share ok then you can get 1.5   inches here for free as well as drink
Use the key here he has written it ok, his about page will also be seen here

Those people can see the information here, so
we click here without delay.

So yes I have slept here, I am being asked for ₹ 10
Started money, if you are shown a lot of money from here, then you guys do not like it
here, I have taken a bike from here, okay I will give you what you mean. To explain how much money from ₹ 10,
AC is fine, then that too I would explain to you here first, you see that I have received the token here,
after that what you have to do, I am explaining that to you if you have any of your friends To refer, have
to go to my channel, have copied it here, go to edifice, here you have to go, then on this page
, right here, down here, here , copy it by copying it on gas refilling, okay then
If you send that link to any of your friends, then from there you will buy as many appointments as your friends,
you will see as much in your account here, now it is okay and I was telling you that
who you guys have this more and more Because of not buying in it , see here, here is one
₹ 1 was asked from a fellow, I said this because do n't pilot high If the cost is ok then it is ₹ 10 times him


If you guys did
n't, then definitely subscribe to our YouTube channel, I will make videos well, now in school, you
guys are not okay if you want to invest in people, then you can, then let's meet in the next
video, thank you for watching my in video.

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