Förnuft & Känsla: Audi e-tron GT vs Porsche Taycan 4S | “Tvillingfajt!”

One really beautiful car versus another. The question is, will we be driving the same car? You know what, Alrik? Last night, a baby rabbit ran onto my patio. – Let's measure it professionally.
– Change this one for that one. Really? I'm not sure I like this. It has that extremeů Whoops, that's a left. – There you go.
– —, what a punch! Whoa! Take it easy, take it easy. – I'm like a rally driver.
– I don't want to ride with a rally driver. – You can make it skid.
– If you push it so hard that you — yourself. – Way higher tire profile.
– Polů Poliů What's the word? – Are you trying to say police tires?
– Nice, sporty tires. This is magical, having it this open.

It costs 40 000 Euro more than the RS? – It feels awful.
– I disagree. I agree, and that's the only important thing. Welcome, dear friends, to a new episode of "Sense and Sensibility"
with Peder Karlsson and… Alrik Söderlind. Today, we're pitching one really beautiful car versus another. – Exactly. The question is, are we driving the same car?
– That's the question. They're very similar, aren't they? We're of course talking about the Audi e-tron GT
versus Porsche Taycan 4S. You're already familiar with this one after a few episodes,
we've driven this a lot. We've driven it a few thousand km in it. We drove the Turbo a lot. We drove the Turbo S here on the track.
We've driven the Taycan a lot. A very nice car. I think this is down to taste, what you like. Can we tell them apart, performance wise? I've had a sneak peek at all the data
and that one is a tiny bit faster, of course. – This one's a bit longer, a bit roomier, a bit cheaper and more features.
– I think it looks a bit better.

I haven't taken the cars in just yet.
This is a bit more "Bat Mobile" and that's more of a race car. – This is a bit moreů
– I like the rear lines of the coupé, I like that. – That's a matter of taste.
– Two very good looking cars. These cars have a problem. If you like driving fast, you can soon buy a Tesla with 1 000 bhp. Almost the same price as these, at least in the higher specs. These cars exist in loads of specs with different motors and so on. They have billions of versions.
The Porsche can also be had with rear wheel drive and so on.

Did you have to ruin this nice moment
by talking about some 1 000 BHP Tesla? If you want a really fast car, don't buy either of these. Buy the Tesla with over 1 000 bhp, I think it's 1 100 bhp.
Under two seconds to 100 kmph. Or, if you want to save 40 000 Euro,
you can buy a Kia that outruns these cars. – Yes!
– Sebbe, the producer, ejaculated because that — owns a Kia. It's problematic. The car business of today is hard to grasp. Everything keeps going back and forth, it's not like it used to be. But we have to end a few myths. Being the fastest isn't everything. There's a huge difference, being in a Lambo or… You can go on and on about 0 to 100 times,
it's about the feeling of driving it.

Sitting in a Tesla Model 3,
I don't care if it has 4 000 bhp and goes one billion kmph. – It feels awful. There, I said it.
– I disagree. I agree, and that's the only important thing.
These give you the right feeling. – They absolutely do, butů
– I may have dented it, because I'm so upset. There's a feeling you might appreciate.
If you buy the new Tesla, you might make it 600 km. With these, you make it 200 or 300. That's hard to stomach. There's a Tesla ban the rest of the day.
You can't talk anymore about Tesla.

– We have to check out the Audi E3ů e-tron GT.
– E3? G3! S'il vous plaît. It's called the e-tron GT. Not E3. GT! I'll go and open the Taycan's trunk real quick. It looks like a hatchback, but it isn't. But it'sů Look. – The likeness is insane.
– They're the same car and basically have the same space. How big is the difference? There can't be one. All the numbersů Horsepower, price, range and consumption… They're up here as a graphic, because we don't have to tell them. Just say which one has the lowest base price. They're basically the same, but the specs are different. But car versus car in similar spec, the Audi must be cheaper. Let's see. 117 950 Euro. 118 000. Dear god! Let's hope Audi did a good job
if they're charging the same price. – There you go.
– Look at that. The frunk. Frunků I wonder if the parts are exactly the same. What the — is that noise? You know what, Alrik? Last night, a baby rabbit ran onto my patio.

Wow. It wasn't 1.3 meters long, was it? That one escaped, it's been stolen. – A rabbit? A 1.3 meter rabbit?
– It was stolen in England, I read it this morning. – No, this was a tiny, lonely baby rabbit.
– Did you take care of it? How many rabbits will fit in here, do you think? – You can fit a good-sized bag in here.
– Sure, you can. – Let's look at the Porsche.
– This looks smaller. No, does it? – I thinků Let's do this.
– I'm measuring professionally. – Switch this for the one on the other car.
– What? – Oh, it's the same lid!
– Here, let's switch. — this. Really? I don't think I like this. – This is how it is right now in the car world.
– But I don't like it! The Skoda we drove had Audi parts in it, it said "Audi" on the parts. – I don't like that. That's how it is, but I don't like it.
– It's the same with clothes.

Audi brought their car out after the Porsche.
They have a button to open the frunk. On the Porsche, you have to go into a menu. And if you look at the Audi's interior, you can see that they removed the lower screen
and put in some actual regular buttons. This is more of a regular car, a regular Audi.
It's a matter of taste, but this is simpler.

I'm in the Audi… The big difference is that a middle seat belt is included in the price. It's made forů It's not made for three people,
but three people can sit here. You have to pay extra for three seats in that. – The stereo started again, Rickard!
– But they're nice bucket seats. But it's very uncomfortable for the middle passenger. There's a big driveshaft tunnel, even though it has no driveshaft. But Iů My head almost hits the ceiling.

It does if I straighten up. – I don't hit my head here. Want to switch?
– Sure, let's switch. It's nice and cosy, but notů It's hard to get my feet out. That backseat was better. I didn't hit my… The headroom is better. – Is that because of the glass ceiling in here?
– It might be. – What a — glass ceiling! —!
– It looks nice. It's — cool. There's not even a thingy in the middle. It's open all the way. It's an okay seat, but not much more. – There's not a lot of room for your feet.
– No… – And there's not a lot of leg support.
– But having the ceiling open is magical.

– We have another competition.
– No raffle? No, never with us. You have to perform.
But first, let's tell them what you win if you do perform. Shine Mate oscillating polishing machine. – Two of them, worth 750 Euro each.
– Darn! – Do you know the difference between oscillating and rotating?
– Tell me. This doesn't stay in the same spot the whole time,
so it's way easier on the paint job. – It's foolproof.
– Right. You can't push too hard and ruin the paint job with this. It's adjustable and has a 45 minute battery,
so you don't need a long extension cord. Another battery is included and they take 45 minutes to charge,
so you can work continuously. You can polish your car around the clock.
That's great, a lot of people like that. Let's do this. Speaking of foolproof. Those of you who want to compete
can tell us what equipment you have now, and why you in particular
need this oscillating polishing machine from Shine Mate. – You can tell a sob story of how you ruined your paint job.
– Because you pushed too hard. Right. With your non-oscillating one.

For example. We won't tell you what to write. Write to… Alrik at automotorsport.se, that's alrik@automotorsport.se. Tell us what you have today and why you in particular
should win this amazing competition. – 750 Euro, that's not bad.
– We have two of them. – You also get one of these from Sonax.
– Sonax Profiline CutMax. – It'll be great.
– I want one of these. Do you know what was in this car when I picked it up? What was in here? A smoker's package.

Shouldn't it be illegal to promote addiction? *Magazine only available in Swedish

In the magazine, we will measure everything and include every detail.
All the charging curves, all the ranges. *Magazine only available in Swedish

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My editorials are the most important thing. Enough sales pitch. – There's a bit of noise.
– The asphalt is still cold. They put a lot of time into creating a sound that is a bit electrical in nature.

The steering is nice. It's a very precise driving experience. – What do you think of the displays, compared to the Porsche?
– Well, they removed… – It's less digital and more analogue, I like that.
– I also think it's nice. – It's in Dynamic mode.
– If the price is the same, the Audi has to have a bit more bite. It feels like the resale value will be higher on a Porsche
than on an Audi, I imagine. I think so, too. They have to prove that it's worth as much. Does this come as standard? – It's a spec jungle.
– Maybe the spec is higher. It's a spec jungle. You can't compare the cars directly,
that's a jigsaw that takes a week. You have to build them on the websites.

We can't get into that. It's very flat on the road, you can tell that it's bottom heavy. It should be. – It drives really nicely.
– That was nice. – Should we turn off the ESP?
– Yes, we almost have to. – There it is.
– But drive carefully. Remember that we both have children. – Sure, we do. What do you mean?
– That you have to drive carefully. But it has that extremeů Whoa! – —, what a punch!
– There we go. There we go. – It's just explosive.
– Dear god, that's how you start off? That was nice. It really bites back. It bites back even more than the RS6, which might be our favorite car. – Dear god!
– Well, it's rear wheel drive. – You have to keep up with the steering. I was half asleep.
– Yes, shape the — up. – They call this a GT car.

That's funny, what is a GT car?
– Grand tourer. – Right, and what do you do with those?
– Go on long trips. A GT car that makes it 200 to 300 km, that's funny. – Right? Isn't that strange?
– It's a bit strange, yes. – But it oversteers more than I expected.
– I noticed. You have toů You have to keep up with the steering more than I thought.

– That's good. It's more of a sports car than a GT car, to me.
– But it understeers a lot. There we go. There's something about that understeer.
Audi Pre-Sense? Never mind that. – So much understeer.
– Take it easy. – I'm like a rally driver.
– I don't want to ride with a rally driver. Let's keep it on the black stuff. Sure, absolutely. It's impressive how these cars deliver all their power at once. – It's incredible.
– And your power drained immediately. No, but you're trying to force it into a skid.
It keeps going straight, straight, straight. And then it just goes. That's scary, you have to keep up. I think I'll drive without oversteer today.

It understeers a bit like the old Audi Quattros. They were difficult to drive. They understeered back then, the Ur-Quattro.
They were known for being difficult to drive. Butů But extremely fast and effective, of course. There's that electrical noise that hums along. – I buy that.
– You like it? – For sporty driving, why not?
– I have to adjust the seat, my position is —. Here we go. Ready, set, go. The RS6 was 150 000 Euro with a bit of extras, so is this. Almost, but you can get the RS version of this… I'm pushing every button in the car while driving. That's good. Whoa, nice. – —, this is fast.
– This is fast. I even felt some G forces under braking. I'm so — focused. Let's get out of this corner with some joy. – The brakes work.
– The brakes work, which is important when you're driving. – 47ů 50ů 42.57!
– I thought so! You can always squeeze another tenth out of it. I think the Porsche will be way more fun to drive.

We're in Sport plus. This has 41 bhp more. – 41 bhp?
– Yes, 41 bhp more than the Audi. Initially, it feels smaller. It feels like the front wheels are closer. That's strange. It's the same car underneath, but there's a different feel to it. They have to be, or there's no point. You can't have to cars that are
exactly the same with different bodywork, but the same setup. Do you press this? – PSM off.
– Everything is off. Don't forget, Alrik. – I'm on, I hope.
– You're turned up a bit too high.

This feels a bit lighter. I think so. But darn, this understeers too. Can you hear the understeer? – Whoa. You go off in the same place every time.
– I almost go off. "Almost go off"? There's a big pile of dirt there. You know, I don't thinků Before I got in the Porsche, I thought it would be
way more tail-happy and so on, but I can't say that it is.

– No, me neither. You can make it skid a little.
– If you push it so hard that you — yourself. Whoa, grass! Alrik, for — sake. Grass. It feelsů I have to say that they feel way more alike than… – Than we thought? The Turbo S that we drove on the tracků
– It let loose much more. It had the power needed to do it. – This cornerů
– They're more alike than I thought.

There's no point! There's no point. It doesn't have the power needed
to make it lose the grip. – Doesn't the steering feel a bit lighter?
– It's possible. – I thought they were nice and flat, both of them.
– Well, they're the same car. So how the — are you supposed to choose?
Is it all down to looks, or what? It could be down to comfort on long trips,
but I find it hard to believe there's a difference. – Okay. Do you know what to do?
– Yes, I know my way around.

Ready, set, go. – I don't really feel a difference.
– I think there's a tenth of a second difference 0 to 100 kmph. According to the official numbers. – Whoa, this is fast. The acceleration is fantastic.
– It's brutal. – Whoa, a bit of understeer.
– It's so fast. It's incredible. —, I'm barely hanging on through the corners. – You have to accept a bit of understeer here, that's it.
– Nothing you can do. 43.15. It just isn't quite as fast. – How the — is that possible?
– Could the Audi's tires be wider, giving it a bit more grip? What the —? I'm on the edge all the time.

I can't go much faster. – These are the Audi's tires. Goodyear.
– A way lower profile. They're 305/30, 21 inch rims. Quite thin and wide tires. – And going to the Porsche.
– 285/40 R20, a way higher profile. – Polů Poliů What's the word? Pilot Sport.
– Are you trying to say "police tires". Nice, sporty tires. But it goes to show,
sometimes the tires are more important than the car on the track. – Orů Says who?
– I say so. Look at Formula 1. They go into the pit, because the tires are going bad,
go back out and go three seconds faster.

– The tires make such a difference.
– The Porsche should be faster, but we couldn't go faster. – No, because it has less rubber touching the ground.
– It just wanted to understeer. – This has more rubber, so it goes faster.
– It's not that simple. Yes, because they're basically the same car. There's very little difference. – Maybe Audi pushed a button to make theirs better.
– Pushed a button? What button? Just settings and —. That one was… As the cars are now,
with the tires that Audi and Porsche delivered the cars with and therefore represent the car, the Audi was faster today. – By half a second.
– But with the same tires, it would even itself out. Possibly. Porsche chose to put these on
and it's what came with it from the factory.

– Thus, the Audi is faster.
– Sure, today it is. No doubt about it. "Which one would you choose?"
That's the core question. Let's do that last. "Is this a car for fat cats?" asks Jakob M. It's a valid opinion. I like this car. It does look like a car for fat cats, definitely. Yes, I think it's beautiful, I think it's snazzy and I like it. – So yes, it's a car for fat cats.
– It announces itself and it's impressive. – Would you pick this over the Sport Turismo, then?
– No, I wouldn't. Because I would need another car besides this.
I'm not there yet with a car like this. But I could use the Sport Turismo as my only car, so I could pick that. The Sport Turismo definitely beats this, for me. "Is this more of an Alrik car than a Peder car?" asks Schytts95. I'll say this.

Since it's an electric car, it's an Alrik car,
but when it comes to its looks and the fact that it's… ůthe way it is, the car that it is, it's a Peder car.
So it's probably both a Peder car and an Alrik car. "Does the backseat work for a normal human?" asks Peter E.
Yes, but it's pretty cramped. – It's okay, I'm not that small.
– But it's not comfy. – No, but you can sit there for a while.
– It's worse than many family cars.

– "Why would you by this over an RS6?" asks Robert V.
– I'm not sure you would. You don't choose between those two cars. You don't choose between an RS6 and this, they're too different. – "How does the rear actually look?"
– It looks good. It looks really good. I like those sculpted hips. Very nice. I like it. It wins the design round easily over the Porsche. Yes, it's more eye-catching. I like the lights that flash and so on. – It's well-designed.
– I like it. – "Would you buy this car yourself with a combustion engine?"
– Yes. With a 700 bhp V10. Yes, I would. – I guess that's it. I would rather buy it like this, of course.
– Of course, you would.

I would pick a combustion engine, so far. – One last question before we score them.
– We have to do the comparison. Here's what Audi says.
"With its long wheelbase, it combines the wonderfully sporty drive" "with the everyday demands on functionality.
The body shape project power and performance." – Tush, tush, tush.
– Just stop it. When I go to check out a car, I want facts. – I don't want all these clichés.
– All this marketing speak.

Quit it. It's so hard to find the basic facts about the cars.
The price, how much power it has or its consumption. You never find that, you just find clichés.
That goes for all car manufacturers. – Okay, it's time to get down to the core.
– This is a difficult comparison, I'd say. I definitely appreciate the Audi's steering wheel way more.
I appreciate this screen more on the Porsche. – It feels like a 911.
– I like these buttons more than the virtual ones on the Porsche. It's hard to judge the interior. It's more fifty-fifty. It's down to taste. It's all down to taste. They're so much alike, it's down to what you like. Thinking financially, you should pick the Porsche.
They have a better resale value, they always did. But if you disregard that round,
let's say if you lease the car privately for 390 Euro a month for three years, which you will never be able to do, but let's say you could,
I would pick the Audi. – Because?
– It looks so much better than the Porsche. And it has way more presence.

I actually like the Audi a bit more. I agree. If I was to buy one, I'd definitely have the Porsche.
It's more fun to own a Porsche and better financially. And, well… – More fun to own a Porsche?
– It's more fun to have one. – If you have self-esteem issues, sure.
– No… – If you have to own a Porsche, you could get a 924.
– It feels more exclusive to drive a Porsche. – This is sensibility stuff.
– Sure. Functionally, they're the same. – But Iů
– They're functionally identical. By a narrow margin, I pick the Audi. I'd probably pick the Porsche, just because it feels more fun. – Okay. What scores do we give them?
– That's difficult. I give the Porsche 6.5 points. I've driven this car more than many other cars,
but in different versions. It's really nice to take on long drives and it's a great car but it's also an electric car, with all the problems that come with it unless you can charge it at home, and so on.

I give the Porsche 6.5 points. And I give the Audi 7. – It's unfair that I always go first, you can adjust your points accordingly.
– No, I would never do that. You know me better than that. The driving experience is just magical.
You just want to go for a trip and drive them. – So, what's your score?
– I can't tell them apart. They both get 8.5. I can't tell these cars apart, they're exactly the same. A bit better looking… The Audi is a bit better looking.
It actually feels a bit more modern, since it looks more retro. – Alright, then. I'll give it half a point more.
– The Audi? 8.5, and 8 for the Porsche. It's a bit behind
when it comes to infotainment and so on. They're not as good at that. I'd say we're ending on another bombshell. Audi beats Porsche. Very strange, but that's it. And those were today's scores. I have to say there's a huge difference
between the Taycan Turbo and the 4S.

– A huge darn difference in the driving experience.
– If you want the best, if you want an adrenaline rush… – Such a huge difference, way bigger than I expected.
– It's so fantastic. Not a bad car, whatsoever. – What do you eat in Germany, apart from bratwurst?
– That doesn't fit these cars. Let's go to a nice restaurant and have something expensive.

– Your treat?
– My treat, of course. – Let's go to an expensive place, never mind what.
– Let's treat ourselves. – You should do that in life.
– Alright, buddy. See you. Translation: Emil P.W.S Holmgren.

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