Live withdrawal proof | how to withdraw on | how to recharge and Blind USDT

yeah good day guys and welcome back to my youtube 
channel so today i'll be talking about footballs   so i'll be making a live withdrawal proof on this 
particular platform for both right now so i'll be   making a live withdrawal proof so let's stay tuned 
to the video so i want to check the the way it   works and legitimacy of the particular platform so 
all right let's go so before i go into that let me   actually show you my dashboard and it's actually 
so you can try this i'm actually having this   particular amount right now i'm actually having 
this amount right now so all you need to do is to   end is that once you click on i will send you the 
link down to the description for it to register so   once you register you'll be automatically giving 
this particular vip 0 for free and you'll be able   to make like four takes four tags per day as 
it so for you to anymore the ram any actually   now you have to move into vip one at the moment 
we have interview everyone you'll be needing 23   usd team for you to claim this particular part and 
you'll be needing two for for the charity for vip   actually so it has around 225 usd team 25 usd team 
so that is going to be and so i've actually make   video about how to make tasks from this budget how 
to make that fun particular platform you can check   my video downloads how to make that on provost 
so all i need to do now is to go to the video so   to go into my withdrawal the first 19 is that the 
minimum withdraw from this particular platform is   true usdt and i'm going to be using rejoining 
to my usdt trl 2rc 20 yeah so it is usdttlc20   so all i need to do first is come to this my 
decide which is personal information so when i   click on personal information you'll see where 
to link in your uat account and after you link   after you look down you're going to register your 
phone password you get so after you've done that   you're going to add those two together the front 
passes all you need to do is just to come into my   wallet right now you click on let 
me actually show you where i clicked   you click on my wallet here so after i click 
on my wallet so i need to click on you can see   my transaction i've actually make it's 
about your class you click on withdraw   so you just click on withdrawa i'm going 
to clicking on my withdrawal right now so clicking on withdraw right now so i'll 
click on withdraw and i want to withdraw   eight five so now actually five i'll be doing five 
okay so i'm going to pause it to input my password   yeah so right now i'll actually click on it 
so i've actually made my stuff i didn't put my   password on that's the thing whichever so so you 
can actually see my money here before was around my money here before was around 28.

If you can 
see the right trading so now it does actually   reduce i've taken fire from it it has come 
down so you can actually see from here also   i had to come down so it's writing on paint 
right down so i'll just check return see if   it does actually entered so i was actually going 
to be pausing these videos one morning and i will   continue from there all right guys yeah so after 
a few minutes i actually came back to my wallet   so let's go back to my wallet and click on 
withdraw so i click on my withdrawal record   i can't actually see the five i don't know i've 
been finally recorded and recharged successfully   so that it is so enough thousands or anytime i 
trust wallet so that's it so that's all about   knowing how to charge how to withdraw from 
this particular platform you can actually see   my dropbox so and that's why i stay paying for 
now so do not forget to hit the subscribe button   for not to miss a daily update from this 
channel and you can also join my telegram   group at the description all right thank 
guys for watching this video peace out

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