FMM Press Ice Polka 1&2 and Ribbon 1&2

welcome to the amazing new world of precise cake-decorating tools from fmm sugar craft I'm Leslie Bassett and as a professional cake decorator I can't tell you how long I've waited for tools like these but before I show you just how clever the precise tools are and how simple they are to use I'd like to show you some cakes I decorated earlier as you can see they are all different styles and sizes but they have one design feature in common tiny precision piped royal icing pearls whether in bands or ribbons around the circumference of a cake as in the pink peony cake and the lower tiers of the collar and the gerbil cakes or covering the full height of a tier as in the lilac butterfly cake and the little blue hydrangea it's the delicate symmetry and the elegance these little pearls add to the cake design that I love the most but much as I love this design feature in the days before precise tools were invented achieving symmetry and precision was a slow process if I wanted to pipe a band of pearls around a cake first I would need to decide how many rows of pearls and how far apart the pearls would be I found that the free paper tape measures available from a popular Swedish retail store very handy for this purpose but I still had to work my way along the length of the tape marking the position of each and every pearl and this took time full height patterns were created in exactly the same way and then attach the paper to the cake and prick through as before and each time I had to decorate a cake in this way I thought to myself there must be a better way than this and now there is the very first fmm precise impression tools and the first one I'd like to show you is the four row ribbon tool which completely does away with the paper tape and pin Fiasco but just look how easy this is to use this is a cake I've just covered in sugar paste or you may know it as rolled fondant the ribbon tools have different height margins above and below the pins so you can choose which way up to hold it depending on the width of ribbon or trim you'll be finishing the cake off with firstly decide which will be the back of your cake and start from there now resting the bottom edge of the tool flat on the board to achieve a perfectly horizontal pattern use even pressure along the length of the tool to press the pins into the icing remove the tool cleanly without dragging align the precise tool for the next section by inserting the first column of pins into the last row of holes and again press evenly continue all the way around the cake finishing off as neatly as possible at the back and when it comes to square cakes it's just as easy watch this exactly the same as before decide which will be the back of your cake and start from there when you get to a corner just keep rolling and believe it or not the remaining two tools will save you even more time just look at the detail on these I do find a turntable really helpful when I'm piping side designs like these however if you don't have one make sure the cakes are at a comfortable level for piping so you don't have to stoop fit a piping bag with a number two icing tube and half fill with royal icing work your way around the tiers piping a small pearl over each indentation most pearls will have a pointy top when piped so for a perfect finish use a slightly damp paintbrush to flatten the points before the icing crusts with a repetitive design like this you'll find you quickly establish a rhythm of piping regular similar sized pearls any irregular pearls can easily be lifted off with a fine paintbrush and then piped again you as a professional cake decorator these precise tools have really changed my life and I honestly think they'll do the same for you

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