First Ever Blockchain Multiverse Games Being Built on Enjin | 29 Games

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of Enjin
Coin. I love all the innovation they’ve done. They’ve been performing really well in the
market. Still haven’t recovered to their all-time
high last 2017 but that’s okay. Most coins haven’t yet. Only BNB so far has sprung to new highs. Fortunately, I don’t think we will be in
a bear market for too long. The fundamentals are in place. On top of that, the technicals are doing pretty
well too, I think. Atleast according to professional trader Mati
Greenspan of eToro. He had confirmed via Cointelegraph that the
crypto winter is finally over. Besides, the market has been performing pretty
well for the last month. Bottomline is: fundamentals are good. Technicals are good. So What’s gonna stop a bullrun? And if a bullrun does break out, I’m very
positive that Enjin will soar.

Not financial advice but, the company behind
this is building a real ecosystem and many game developers are hopping on board already. In fact, that’s what this video is about
in case you haven’t figured it out. So far 29 games have been confirmed to be
part of the blockchain multiverse games developed on Enjin. The first of it’s kind. That does sound epic doesn’t it? 29 games! And that’s not even the final count. More will be added soon. And these games are quite different from one
another. Which is cool because it will add diversity
in your gaming experience. Now it’s a little corny and whatnot.

But remember these are the early days of blockchain. the narration, the storyline, the features,
even the gameplay… will improve and mature over time. The important part about this is the fact
that we are creating a new type of economy in gaming. One where players get to really own their
item, free from the clutches of any gaming corporation. With that being said, I wanna highlight Alterverse
coz this is so interesting. It is a 17 in 1 multi-universe game. There’s so much in this that I don’t know,
but so far they feature dinosaurs, spacemen, world creation, goblins. Man this is crazy. They say it’s been 7 years in the making. The game features 4 available in-game modes:
battle royal, solo raids, alliance raids, and adventure quests. Of course, your items can travel between games;
and all the assets will be stored in the Enjin wallet. Another cool thing is that they allow players
to own private servers and be able to make money, for all you die-hards out there. Man! I used to say Decentraland had no competitor
in their niche, but now after seeing Alterverse, I think they should be on their toes otherwise
they’ll be outdone.

Another game in the multiverse is War of Crypto. It is a PvP multiplayer game that features
unique tradeable heroes that evolve. It is set in an epic fantasy world facing
imminent doom. The gameplay looks neat; it’s not bad for
a mobile game. But considering the fact that it’s a blockchain
game, it’s very interesting. Now this is 9 Lives Arena. It’s very different from the previous examples
as it is a console PVP game which will be available on playstation and Xbox, as well
as PC. So you get to create your own unique character
on the blockchain with advanced customization features like Bloodline, spirit animal, special
abilities, weapons.

Cool stuff
And check this out “Heroes don't lose lives during training
and friendly duels. To compete on the leaderboards you need to
fight in the 9Lives Arena where every victory counts and losing means the loss of a life! When you eventually run out of lives your
character dies and turns into a statue that displays all his achievements and can be placed
in your trainings arena.” So all your dead characters are gonna be displayed
forever huh? Wow! That’s really a challenge. I’m not sure if Im up for permadeath considering
these characters and items have real intrinsic value, you know what I mean. There’s enjin underneath these items. I wonder if you can still liquidate them. But nevertheless, interesting experiment. Let’s see if it plays out well enough. There are lots of games anyway and I’m sure
some of them will flop, but that’s expected. So I’m not gonna go over all the games since
you could just check each of them one by one on the website, which I’ll leave a link
down below.

But what’s important to realize is that
there are different genres in these 29 games. You won’t get bored. Age of Rust is a 3d RPG sci fi game. Forest Knight is a turn-based strategy adventure
game. Born to the Sky is really innovative and smart. It’s racing game where players get to experience
what it’s like to fly on a wingsuit, kinda like Falcon in the Avengers. Im excited about this game because it allows
you to maneuver through the futuristic skylines of iconic cities like New York and Paris. In order to keep the game 100 percent free,
it will feature traditional advertisements like billboards and posters. That’s smart. Anyway, there’s a lot more games built on
the multiverse and more games will be added. The other best part is the fact that there
are multiple games that you can use your items for, not just one. For instance, this item in particular, the
forgehammer. In the multiverse lore, these were made by
fifty hundred titans and scattered across five dimensions of space-time. Shit! Now these hammers can be found in CryptoFights,
Cats in Mechs, Age of Rust, 9Lives Arena, and many more.

And there are many more items just like it. All powered by Enjin Coin. Enjin Coins guys. Honestly I still don’t hold any. Maybe this month I’ll finally be able to
buy some. For anyone who wants to donate I would very
much appreciate it so I can have my first Enjin Coins. The next video I believe will be about Enjin’s
Efinity. Not sure yet. Anyway, I’ll see you on the flipside..

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