FinTab — обзор сервиса | FinTab — service overview

Hello, my name is Fadeev Mikhail. We are doing the financial accounting service for crypto-currency. When we enter the service, the first thing that draws our attention is the assessment of the crypto-portfolio in dollars and bitcoins. On this chart we can see the yield of this portfolio. This is the yield but not just the changing of crypto-portfolio in dollars or bitcoins. Also it is displayed where and how it was estimated, what were the spikes during the whole time you have this portfolio. Now this portfolio is assessed in dollars, we can switch to bitcoins; the statistics will be completely different. Here we have the exchanges. The exchanges, the wallets where we have money – we can enter and check right away.

Without entering Bittrex I know which currency I have and what the purchase price is. Also we can check where the bitcoins are. We can see that there are three exchanges contain bitcoins. In our case exchange and wallet is the same. This is just the place where you store your money. We see that in Cryptonator we have this amount, Bittrex – that much and in BitFinex we have only 18 dollars. Scrolling down you can see how much money you have, altcoins, what’s their purchase price, how much of them you get and what is the yield for the whole time.

This chart shows that bitcoin brought 96% of benefits, monero – 142% but Siacoin has dropped by 65% Based on this data you can take a decision about trading. Let’s turn to transactions. Now adding a transaction is manual. Let’s create the new portfolio and we call it TEST. Here we get an opportunity to share: you can give the access to your private portfolio like in Google docs. We access by the link, send it to someone and he can view this portfolio: the purchase price, where the currency is stored, which transaction were carried out. So, we are creating the portfolio, for example, TEST We were transferred to the new tab “Add transaction”. If we know when we purchased and which currency it’s wonderful. For example, we have purchased bitcoins: 5 bitcoins for dollars of course.

We choose the purchase price (it has been 2500 for bitcoin). Here we have purchased it in LocalBitcoins. As you can see there is no LocalBitcoins wallet here but it is possible to add. And it will be displayed is here. In the system it will be shown that you have that much bitcoins and we choose the date, when the transaction was carried out. (For example, July, 4) We can even remove the purchase price if you don’t remember it but you are sure about the date – July, 4. Knowing the date allows us to see the purchase price and carry out this transaction. Also July, 4 I purchased monero in Cryptonator 2.5 monero. Now we go on home page where the chart is loading and we can already see that the ROI for the whole time is 178%, monero has gone up that much and bitcoin – that much. We have obtained $23000 during this time. One can see where bitcoins are, monero is, etc.

We can see what the yield is for one day, for one week, for one month, for the whole time. Here is the chart. Now we have bought bitcoins in Localbitcoins, then transfer them to the exchange, to let’s say Bittrex, here the balance is displayed: in LocalBitcoins we have 5 bitcoins and we have transferred 5, but we have received 4.988 bitcoins. We transferred this also in July, but July, 12. Add the transaction. Now we can see that we have money in Bittrex, the chart is being changing: in Bittrex not in LocalBitcoins. Next we buy altcoins in Bittrex (why not?) buy for bitcoins and paste. The trade has occurred, we choose for how much we have gotten the bitcoins, for how much XM and so on. For example, we have purchased 10 litecoins for 0.02 bitcoin in Bittrex.

And let’s see that we have bought litecoins for 0.05 and this transaction was carried out already in September. We add this transaction in the portfolio. Now it is shown that litecoin has risen 200%. On exchange bitcoins have diminished (0.05), while litecoins have increased (10). This is the system: if we remember what are the differences between adding transaction and buying and selling. Adding the transaction, if you can’t recall when you have purchased or what the purchase price has been or you want quickly actualize you crypto-portfolio you can add the information here. If you are trading and you need the actual information, you enter the information: I have bought bitcoins for this price or for that much litecoins, I have sold bitcoins.

Accordingly to this you have less bitcoins but more litecoins, but here we have it without subtraction. We are doing the accounting service of crypto-currency. You can’t use our service to buy or to sell the currency. If you trade actively, it is already possible to connect the exchanges to API and the trade’s data will be transferred to the system. For example, you are trading in BitFinex, in Poloniex, trading, trading and all the data is automatically transferred to our system; you don’t have to do it manually. In the future we will have 15 exchanges now we have only 2 in test mode. Already now our system is ready to be used: you can add your transactions, check the ROI of your portfolio for each period of time, where you store your money and what the purchase price is.

We also got the mobile application for Android and the new version will be released soon. There you can keep an eye for crypto-portfolio from your mobile app. You can also add the transaction fast and easily. If you look at the current crypto-portfolio you will see that altcoins have strongly decreased compared to bitcoins, the participation in ICO in EU gave us just 8% profit and it means that we should have sold earlier. I remind you that our service is on the stage of beta-testing. You can see what we have planned to do further on our website and on Trello. On Trello you can check the stages of the development, what exactly we are doing, who is in charge of this or that task and what we are planning to do in the near future. Follow the development, join our telegram-chat, and ask questions. Thank you. Bye..

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