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all right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my name's austin in today's video i want to share with you how to find crypto projects early i'm talking new altcoins that haven't even launched yet how do i find those and take advantage well this has been one of our most requested video topics i read your comments i see it so let's talk about it i want to do a deep dive on one of the more prominent crypto launch pads in the space the trust swap launchpad i think many of you have probably already used this launchpad they've clearly had a successful track record so in today's video let's go over the details the two things to keep in mind number one investing in cryptocurrency can be very risky it's a very volatile market do not invest more than you can afford to lose and number two while trust swap is a partner of the channel in this video i do just want to stick to the facts the broad strokes on what makes this launchpad different so like always check the timestamps down below in the video description and let's jump in starting with what is the trust swap launchpad trust swap launchpad is a full service launch platform where stakers can gain early access and participate in the most promising blockchain projects and the whole goal here with trustswap is to add as much transparency as much trust to the launchpad process as possible the launchpad toolkit uses trustswap's advanced smart locks technology therefore their technology provides customizable and fully audited services that can securely lock tokens for teams developers and slash or early stakers and we will delve into their token lock features their liquidity lock features as well as their vesting as a service features later on in this video but all these things combined is the reason we are seeing more and more projects choose to launch their token off of trust swap like i said smart locks technology ensures the integrity and trustworthiness of launch pad projects towards their goal and also like i briefly mentioned we achieved this by enabling the locking of liquidity which makes it convenient for projects to avoid rug pulls as well as token domes okay so that's why founders slash projects like trust swap but how about individuals what are the unique features for stakers well first off trust swap is the only launchpad that offers guaranteed allocations and operates on every single blockchain and when i say guaranteed that's if you're staking swap we can see the launchpad allocation breakdown right here and anybody staking at least 4 000 swap tokens gets a full 24 hours to fill out their allocation form and obviously the more you stake the higher your allocation will be and i do want to reiterate that this is a guaranteed allocation which cannot be said for to my knowledge any other launch pad out there with the other ones once they open it up it's a race to click participate as fast as you can and then the majority people are pushed out trust swap does have a guaranteed allocation which i like trust swap also has a vetting team consisting of a panel of blockchain experts which spends weeks evaluating each launchpad project before approving the launch so based on their discretion only the most quality projects get in and those projects disclose their vesting schedule of their token allocations consequently enhancing trust and integrity these features are powered by trust swaps proprietary smart lock technology and the last thing that i personally like which wasn't even mentioned on this list is with this launch bed there is no gas wars which cannot be said for the other launch pads out there and gas wars is when you pay more fees to have your transaction go through first maybe you would try and get your allocation first which in essence pushes out the poor people who can't afford it and only makes the rich get richer with trust swaps launchpad that's not possible there is no gas wars hey i want to be a staker how can i participate in a launchpad project well step one make sure you own a wallet which is interacting with the ethereum blockchain ie metamask in addition your wallet should hold some eath and swap tokens to start step 2.

Navigate to our launchpad dashboard and connect your wallet we recommend metamask step 3 select stake then just follow the steps outlined in the staking portal pretty self-explanatory and once the next project chooses to launch be sure to fill out the application form within the 24-hour launch window and wait for a confirmation email which you should receive within 72 hours which includes payment details so very easy to do pretty self-explanatory and anybody committing the minimum amount for guaranteed allocations and passing the kyc verification is able to participate in the launch pad and like i said the more swap tokens a staker stakes the higher the allocation received for a launch pad project if any of you have participated with the minimum requirements or with these multipliers let me know down below and keep in mind this is not for just ethereum this is multi-chain the trust swap launch pad allows the launch of tokens into multiple chains ethereum binance marching avalanche etc as a result it enables easy integration into crypto exchanges and the wider defy ecosystem give me your general takeaway down below in the comment section i want to know what you think but check this out check out some of the past projects that launched off trustwop we can see most recently opulus which is a project that i personally like the initial price was five cents all-time high was at a dollar ninety-three and right now it's sitting at a dollar ninety-one at the time of recording that is literally over a three thousand seven hundred percent increase obviously that might level off in the future but it's a big success we also have moby pay which went up at most to its all-time high a two thousand nine hundred percent increase leveled off to a very humble one thousand eight hundred percent increase and we can go down the list we also have chain games glitch finance cell frame etc feel free to check these out down below i will link this down below in the video description and just keep in mind investing in cryptocurrency is very risky no gains are guaranteed but when launch pads have successes i like to see that and let's keep going again a big reason that we're seeing notable projects as well as individuals choose trustwop because of their token locks liquidity locks investing features all adding transparency to these launchpads because what's the problem well nowadays almost everybody can create a token and launch it on a decentralized exchange like uniswap such tokens are often risky because of liquidity pulls poor contract code exit scams and mass token dumps by external investors due to unfavorable or non-existing vesting schedules at trust swap we wanted to create a solution that is able to tackle these fundamental issues in the crypto space and smart launch is the name of that solution smart launch is a security ecosystem which is provided for free to the community and consists of four key services token locks liquidity locks vesting as a service and mint for the first three the three locking services run based on trust swaps proprietary time locked smart contract designed to set customized token lock parameters and think about this no longer would an individual have to guess you can verify you can know exactly what's happening right now there's over three billion dollars in total locked token value in team finance over 160 million liquidity locked and over 11 400 projects are locked with trust swap just perusing the list here we can see how many tokens in this case it's 50 of the team's allocation i guess the next unlock for that team is 10 months away it's not only the eth blockchain but binance smart chain as well you set the parameters you customize or the team customizes the experience and by the way not all of these are businesses as of 20 hours ago people have started locking up their ship tokens on team finance to prevent themselves from selling too soon genius uh time will tell give me your thoughts on this down below and just so we're absolutely clear i do want to define these features token locks allow project team members such as founders and token developers to set up token lock parameters projects can lock a percentage of their pre-mined token supply or team-owned tokens into our time-locked decentralized smart contract vault tokens cannot be accessed by the project until the end of the locked periods this way the community and the investors are assured that the team will not mass dump tokens during the contract period causing a so-called exit scam i love this functionality i do think this is very much needed just as much needed in my opinion as liquidity locks and during these lock periods these projects cannot pull the liquidity from the dexes and dump those tokens on the hodlers causing the token price to drop to near zero and these vesting schedules are public and include a transparent view of release dates and amounts to investors as a proof of trust and security this makes total sense to me personally i'm sick of rug pulls i hate seeing those headlines where rug pulls happen and by the way nothing is guaranteed nothing is 100 preventable but i do like services like this that add that transparency to both parties and very quickly let's talk about investing as a service this is when either teams or early investors can get their allocation little by little over time instead of all at once and this will assist in preventing mass token dumps by investors by ico ido participants as well as other external parties so feel free to give me your take on this down below in my opinion this really does explain i feel why we're seeing quality projects choose to launch off trust swap because they want that trust of the community of which they're about to launch their token to next up i do want to explain mint which is another key feature of trust swap this is where individuals or companies can literally mint their own tokens create your own coin on bsc ethereum and or polygon with no coding required and you can literally make any type of token you want an inflationary one a deflationary one rebase staking more and this all fits into the launch pad ecosystem from idea phase to launch right a team would go through their token locks liquidity locks they would smart smart mint their own token and then launch on the launchpad and with mint because the code is audited projects can significantly decrease development and audit costs and remove code-based risks such as secret minting features backdoors code vulnerabilities attack vectors and bad actor developers you add all these things together and the integration of these four services offers a secure and safe environment to investors community hodlers stakers and team members by preventing team token dumps liquidity pulls and rogue and risky minting as this defy space evolves i can see a potential future where maybe investors refuse to put money into a project unless the team does a token lock unless the team does a liquidity lock a vesting transparent vesting schedule like this if you want to start staking there is a promo going on that just recently got announced you haven't signed up for our 30 days of staking iphone 13 pro max giveaway yet well no worries there is still time to participate you have until november 14th to stake 500 or more swap tokens for 30 days to be eligible to win a new iphone so a little push if you want to start staking of course you have to be staking anyway to get involved with the launch pad but either way pretty cool and that's the video my name's austin like always see you tomorrow [Music]

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