FileCoin [FIL] Price Analysis Prediction

Welcome everyone. Before going to the video, we ask that you please support us and subscribe to our channel. Filecoin users and miners may benefit from the recent improvement proposal. But the price of Filecoin is showing depletion as the bears prepare for control. Filecoin, a decentralized storage system, is gaining popularity among the community Chinese mining. Filecoin approved improvement proposal-0010 was released as an update via Lotus v1.5.0. The aim of this update is to reduce increased fees due to "Window PoSt Messages". Although the suggestion was good, it caused problems with miners by making it impossible Contract restart. Lotus v1.5.1 wasn't alone, as the next release, v1.5.2, faced similar challenges. In response, one of the developers said, Sorry about the recent downturns. In a hurry to resolve the terminal issue where windowPoSts was squabbling, we definitely do We haven't tested as thoroughly as it should. We have three issues reported and fixed in version 1.5.3-rc1, which will be shipped as version Next week after a comprehensive test.

The latest release is scheduled for release this week and hopes to implement Suggested changes to FIP-0010. Another significant development about Filecoin was the successful launch of Filecoin China Community Forum "operated by CoinSummer. This forum will help developers better understand the problems Chinese miners are facing. Filecoin saw a 70% increase in the price in the last week. At the time of video editing, Filecoin is trading at $ 69, just above the retracement level Fibonacci 141.4%. The TD Sequential sell signal is flashing in the form of a green nine candle On the 1-week chart, indicating that the bullish momentum may be nearing an end. Although there is potential for another spike to $ 73.60, higher selling pressure could see it rebound. Towards the $ 53 support level.

The RSI adds credibility to the bearish outlook. It is currently located above the 70 mark, which indicates that Filecoin is in overbought territory. Therefore, Filecoin's price rebound appears imminent and inevitable. Regardless of the bearish outlook, investors should note the sudden increase in Upward pressure could push Filecoin towards the $ 77.5 TD risk line, triggering a critical close Above this barrier to nullify bearish expectations and gather sufficient momentum to push Filecoin drops 23% to 227.2% Fibonacci at $ 95. For the sake of brevity, Filecoin miners had problems with Previous versions of Lotus v1.5 updates. The next update is scheduled to be launched next week and could lower gas fees to Somewhat.

Filecoin price provided sell signals on multiple timeframes, which could help with Reversed the uptrend recently seen. Subscribe to our channel and open notifications to learn more about gold, dollars, euros and commodities Bitcoin, alternative currencies, cryptocurrencies and other investment tools. This video indicates an opinion and is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Every investment and trading move involves risk, you should do your research while Make decision..

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