Hello guys welcome to Mr group in this video
we will be seeing about the fact toggle so let’s have a quick look about it don’t
skip out the video watch nutrient The Fed prefers to feed every gorilla let’s see
what they have got for us they have their fake exchange they have their own shop defect
Foster and defect starts So what makes defect toggle so special it is there passive income
idea this can be done by buying a certain amount of fact for example if I take a certain
amount of fake on their exchange I can earn my passive income they also update the road
map regularly and things go smooth as mentioned on the road as per the current situation on
the road map they have updated there wafik shop and the fixed charges on the fare charts
all are now capable of showing doji candle sticks are Japanese candle Berg to have a
better understanding for trading so in the next phase of the road map they have updated
the following things play off the fact version to will be completely available and can be
accessed by the members the fake exchange user index would also be redesigned and the
continuous improvements would be provided for the fake exchange and more trading pairs
will be launched soon by the fact team tiphaine is actually a progressive deflationary token
whereas in each transaction A to percentage is burnt as a tax from the buyer and the same
happens when you sell that opens so literally if you I am buying 100 billion fact I only
received 98 billion So what happens to the other two billion tokens which I purchased
the one billion will be burnt from the supply permanently on the 1 billion will be rewarded
to the holders so the way on constant trading we can burn more fact opens which takes the
price and the demand for tokens increase is thereby decreasing the supply they also have
partners with the above team Navy cheating and the passa that it is try finance etc the
fake exchange is even more user friendly they have made the smart out option and the auto
slippage tolerance so that you do not need to worry about failure of a transaction on
swapping I will show you guess how to swap your bnb in fact using fake exchange in the
end of the video defect community is not verified on Twitter with 190 clear followers and they
also have the telegram group with more than one lack members in it they have also verified
on telegram to so the main thing is they provide Voice Assistant they are always active on
the white step farther group and you can get your doubts clear they are also promoting
the effect open by constant marketing recently they have also posted an ad on the New York
nastac and this will be posted from Julie 7th July 14th there is also a fake bus for
marketing and promotion of the fact this helped to be trending on the coin market cap you
can clearly see that how much tokens are burnt and how much are currently in the circulating
supply by using the fix stats you can use your valid connect option and you strike track
to track your flag holdings and see how much rewards you have hand this clearly shows us
using that graph we can see how much tokens are being bought unsold so suddenly they have
almost everything you need starting from the biggest change to the pick shop here is a
sneak peek about the fake exchange worship which is about to be launched pretty soon
I will show you how to swap using the fashion * used to test lab then hit the deer browser
go to the fake exchange switch to bind be smart chain if you want to swap pnb user bnb
otherwise used to be USD if you have vst use exchange option input bnb and set fact BSE
to the down if you have *** set bnb are hours if you have used used be used now it will
show you how much you will receive this webpage tolerances harto so you don’t need to worry
about failure of transaction is easy thank you

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