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Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh, how are you youtube friends around the world? Hope you are well and always healthy. In this video, we will share a crypto Faucet website, with easy captcha verification for the age of the site, it is moderate, not too new, but not too long. We can check it using domaintools. For the age of the site, it is 293 days, created on November 24, 2020 and only updated on February 11, 2021. The IP location is from California, San Jose, cloud flare Inc. United States Okay before continuing, for friends who have just stopped by on this Channel Please Subscribe and activate all Notifications, so you don't miss the latest information updates from this channel And if you like this video, please click the thumbs up button And for the shock fund link, please check in the comments column that we have pinned Okay, next, I'm already On the main page of the Coinpayz website Oh yes, previously there was a question from one of the subscribers, namely from dora silvana's account Want to ask every time you want to exchange dutchy, this is a question in the final autoclaim video dutchy corp It always says "proxy or VPN detected, please disable it and retry" That's how to solve it, please help? for proxy or VPN detected warning, please disable it and retry.

Means that our cell phone uses a VPN or the proxy is active. So the solution, when going to Faucet or generate cryptocurrency from several sites. Turn off the vpn or proxy too Okay, that's just how it works. To make cryptocurrency digital money on this website, this website is similar to the Autofaucet website and also coinpay that we previously shared. That is, we collect coins first and after the coins are collected we can withdraw them in form of cryptocurrency And here there are many choices of cryptocurrencies or commonly known as multicoin Faucets.

To generate coins, first we click on the three strips in the upper left corner of this Earnings menu to generate coins, including contests, daily bonuses, faucet offerwalls, PTC, shortlinks, mining, games and achievements Alright, I'll try to explain one by one. Let's start at the top. This contest section is like a competition. Here there is a referral contest, offerwalls contest, link contest, faucet contest and activity contest. For example, in this referral contest we get more referrals. compared to se all other website users Then we will get prizes, as well as on offerwalls, links, faucets and this activity For example in Faucet, when we do the most Faucets, then we will enter this leader board.

And it will be counted once a week. I'm not registered on the leader board. These are the ones who made it into the top fifteen in this leader board contest. So 15 people who managed to enter here will get additional prizes from this website. Okay, then here it is. daily bonus For this daily bonus we can click / claim once a day. We try to click, it appears like this. If you fail in one day, it will be reset / returned to level one again So, don't forget to make a claim every day here Here my streak is only four days So when this streak increases, then our income will also increase This, the experience increases , the Faucet income percentage increases and the energy will also increase But when we don't do this daily bonus for one day, then it will return to level one and this bonus bonus will also disappear So we start from scratch again To do this, we complete the captcha that this is very easy, just click on the upside down image Then click the claim button Daily bonus claim success We have successfully done the daily bonus Next we return to strip three again Here is a faucet menu To generate coins on this website Claim now, here it is ready.

So we can give an example directly. We scroll down and at the bottom we click the collect your reward button. Here there is an anti bot link, which is to select this number in sequence according to the number above. The first one, number eleven. Maybe it's at the bottom Scroll down, find number 11 then click first Then number five Next number three Don't forget for easy captcha verification, select the upside down image Then we click the claim button congratulations 50,2625 has been added to your account Click the OK button Then we check again how to generate coins, for these offerwalls I rarely do it Because I think it's a little complicated So I'll skip and go straight to the PTC or Paid To Click menu Here there are ten Paid To Click ads available And the total income is 200 scroll coins down and this is the ptc, we click this view button And what we will get is 20 coins and 1 EXP Then we just wait for the countdown to finish We leave it alone and don't close the browser window Easy captcha verification, then scroll down and click the verify button After being redirected to another website like this, we can close it immediately And, se 20 coins have been added to your account It's for ptc tasks, very easy and fast because the countdown time is not too long Next, here is a shortlink menu Or sometimes called ShortWall Here there are 33 links available With a total coin income of 2255 coins For the biggest income on this shortlink, let's just click the visit button, under which link we will do OK, I'll try this biggest one.

We have been redirected to the shortlink page, here we just follow the task, verify the captcha. If it is redirected to another site, please just close it Then click the "click here to continue" button If it is redirected, just close it immediately Then click the blue button again, until we are not redirected to another site window Then it appears like this, we wait for this countdown to finish, then we click the button that appears below it We click the button (continue) Then we will be immediately taken to the bottom of the page, se then click the "download link here" button Then it will appear like this Your link is almous ready We scroll down and wait for the 10 second countdown to finish Okay if it's finished, then this get link button will be active and we just click If there is a redirect, close it immediately And when it works, we will return to the page of the Coinpayz site again With a notification that 125 coins have been obtained Click the OK button Then next, after the shortlink.

At the bottom there is mining Mining must use capital, so I rarely use it Then there is also a games menu There is a lottery, dice, coin flip, wheel of fortune Here I rarely or almost never do it So I will not give an example And for friends who used to play here, please play But this game is risky, we can win but also lose When we win we will get more coins and when we lose we will lose coins The formula is just like that Okay, just go to the achievements or awards menu At In this achievements menu, there are several awards that we can achieve.

Among them are completing 20 faucets, 10 faucets, 10 shortlinks, 20 shortlinks, 10 PTC, lottery and so on When the target here has been met For example 20 faucets have been completed This loading mode will stop The button will change to color green and friends can click to get a gift from this achievement O go to, just like that Then to make a withdrawal (Withdrawal) please click on the three strips at the top left of this Then we scroll down Here there is a withdrawal menu, we just click Then here there are also instructions for how to make a Withdraw First we choose first, for the method payment There are many options here; including faucetpay, payeer express crypto, BSC, Coinbase, and direct wallet I will try to use faucetpay And here we choose the withdrawal in what form of cryptocurrency coins For example here I choose TRON (TRX) coins Here we will withdraw coins and convert them to coins the cryptocurrency that we will get 1317 coins will get 0.12646458 TRX (Tron) this in my opinion the income is quite high Then here is the email from the faucetpay.

The last step we click on the withdraw button And here is the payout information or the coin information comes out (withdrawal) And we scroll down, then click the confirm button At the very bottom Congratulations 1017 coins have been added / sent to your account. Click the ok button And we can immediately check on the faucetpay micro wallet, whether it's logged in or not Okay, I'm already in the Dashboard overview on faucetpay This is my tron ​​coin, it seems to have entered. We scroll down. At the very bottom, there will be a history. Scroll down to see the history table. Payments received from coinpayz Amounted to 0.12637821 As I pulled earlier And this is also from the coinpayz site, so I have made a total withdrawal twice from Coinpayz (without referrals) ) And for Coinpayz this, for the income I stated quite high Similar to TRXKing, whose earnings are still quite high'll be friends check how to play her in a playlist us or through a link we provide video description of the site TRXKing me very often Withdraw even though my referrals are only about 8 people So even though doing an independent Faucet is still very profitable Then next, to register on the Coinpayz website To register, please click the link that we have provided in the description of this video and then it will appear like this, scroll down and just click the re button gister At the very bottom, to register Next will appear like this Scroll down.

And friends, you will be asked to enter an active email address. Create a username, create a password and then confirm the password. If everything has been filled in, don't forget to click this small agreement box. Then the captcha is easy, please select this upside down image And the last step is to click the register button at the very end below Next it appears like this, please check the incoming email, to verify the email.

The email is like this, friends, please just click the green button "confirm email address" And it will automatically log in again to this website accompanied by information, your account activation has been successful If the account activation has been successful, then friends can do the task As I explained earlier It's just like that to register, it's very easy and if there are criticisms or suggestions please put them in the comments column If you want to ask, don't hesitate and please write in the comments column as well. Get here first, fight why are we in the video this time.

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