Farm Ether keys on Venus patch 1 2

what's up guys mike lovins back again with some new stuff uh this is the pre-patch before house of wolves um there are new queen bounties and uh public events that happen in well this is venus so there's the citadel which is where i'm at right now and then i will cover uh ember caves at the back half of this video so basically um there will be an alert uh right where i am right now where these uh minotaurs spawn you have these wolf packs that show up and basically after you take these guys out you will have 90 seconds a minute and a half to search for a chest which could give you a key which i believe is used for prison of elders i have yet to get a key but i will show you a way to loot these chests multiple times so here we go um there's a few waves of these ships that come down there's a new scorch cannon which you can grab someone had already grabbed it so i'm just using my regular weapons right now which is fine um i don't want to fast forward through it i'm going to let you watch and i will uh mention a couple things as uh as the video proceeds so what i wanted to mention for this part there's um the main guy you need to kill for the queen bounty i forget his name he looks like a vandal uh here he is right now um basically he'll knock down and fall to the ground uh no no worries you don't have to chase him he actually reappears up at top i i followed him down one time and he disappeared because he just reappears right back at the top so don't waste your time with that um now here's when i go looking for the chest you can see the ether key minute timer on the bottom left has started there are a few i guess locations for the chest i am searching right now for in this video i do find it um which you'll see in a second the chest is right there in front of me with the yellow beacon so now i'm grabbing this as fast as i can hopping back onto my sparrow i did not use the sparrow with the extra speed boost i'm just using the regular tumbler but as soon as i see waking ruins i turn around and immediately come back and what's great about this is you don't have to worry about other players you'll be able to loot the chest multiple times i think it's a race to the chest so the first person who grabs it might get it i had a couple times where i couldn't find it which was the hardest part so this is just one of the locations i managed to grab this three times using this method because it's right on the edge it was perfect for getting out of the zone and coming back into it so as you can see i'm making my way back i've got 10 seconds about to get onto this and by holding square i was able to get it even though it didn't prompt me i got the chest three times so nice drops this is another time that i was playing and i could show you the scorched cannon now there was a twitch commentary uh where bungie was showing it off and basically if you hold down the trigger it cooks the rocket it's like a sticky rocket or sticky grenade whatever you want to call it so by holding it down you can wait a significant amount of time it increases the blast radius and i believe the damage output which is pretty neat it's a fun little cannon they usually start you with about 10 shots so some people right now are hoarding them and trying to grab it first i would prefer to leave it until you know the other waves come because it's pretty easy to kill all these mobs i'd probably rather use it for the yellow health guys so i take this guy out actually there's a titan that that does the job for me he he went right down which is pretty funny as soon as i got the bounty i proceeded to find the chests like last time and this is just to show you the other location in this area um i kind of look underneath because i'm not sure where all the other locations are now i don't know if you saw that the beacon uh the yellow beacon was shining i'll look at it again in a second you can see it it's pretty nice because you can't really tell otherwise where these uh spawn but from what i hear they only spawn in the open areas this is ember caves i'm sure it looks familiar to some of you once again picking up the scorched cannon i believe yes um it's basically the same thing going on i just have a little fun with the rocket uh this is you know the first day that these became available sort of like the first day they had uh the hive sword the blades of crota so you can see how i'm cooking the rockets in this it is pretty fun it's uh kind of interesting if you played call of duty you can lead your target because it's a little delayed it's it's uh kind of like uh you know you fire it ahead of your enemy where it's going to be otherwise sometimes it misses so it's not fun to wait around and miss your shot trying to line it up just right just lead into your target i found this a lot easier and uh basically what i did was uh i was trying to get the uh the keys and i was unsuccessful however if i wanted to i could bounce back between the citadel and ember uh caves and they spawned in about 15 minutes so you can just keep going back and forth back and forth and i was getting a bunch of public events at the same time so it was pretty good i still have to go through with my titan i've already done my warlock and then there are uh the cosmodrome um which i'll go over in another video probably not right away though um i did want to put out at least this because this is a good farming area cosmodrome it's a little bit tougher for farming because they are spread out ones that forgotten shore and the other one i forget what it's called it's where the hive and the fallen usually have a huge battle but it's definitely a pretty cool event and i'll show you in this the same thing uh the only chess that i've i've been able to find in this area you'll see and how you can get it multiple times this one because of the distance from where the exit of this area is i i could only get it i think twice but uh still not bad it's it's like the the extra loot chest you can see it right in front of me with that beacon and just hop in my speeder and go back towards the citadel you do have to go pretty far this is where i wish i was using um the time breaker sparrow instead but you know what i was able to make it and i didn't really concern myself with trying to get it three times but uh there's there's plenty of time if you think about it to hop on your sparrow get over here turn around and make your way back which is not bad at all i'll take the loot drops they usually give you like four drops for this chest some spirit blooms it's good way to form spirit bloom i imagine cosmodrome would be better uh if i found the other uh chest full on locations but i'll get to that and then once i have you know a decent amount of them figured out i will post them as best i can alright guys that's it for me and i hope you enjoyed i hope this helps you in your journey and i will see you next time take care you

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