FALL DAY IN MY LIFE | autumn clothing haul, pumpkin cinnamon rolls, & spending time with friends! 🍂✨

Hello friends good morning happy first
day of autumn we are so excited in this
household we actually have all of our windows open
right now so if you hear some outdoor noises
that is why we actually have okay this is very relative but it is a
little chillier today what does it be currently like 71.
it's like 71 degrees granted it's 7am so it's super early but we are just
milking it we have all the windows open like i said
i got the fireplace on no heat of course we don't need any extra heat but
we are just getting in the autumn mood and so i'm excited to
spend the rest of the day together i just had my
quiet time devotions and made some coffee even brandon had some coffee this
morning which he hasn't been having his morning coffee but
i made some delicious maple coffee so we've been sipping on that and now
i'm just gonna get started on some work and then i'll get ready soon
and for breakfast we're gonna have a pumpkin cinnamon rolls so
really looking forward to that but i just need to do some computer work and
then we'll get started on the breakfast that i love her it's too bad she'll never know
yeah i can't tell her how i feel because she has someone who makes her happy
i'm a ghost in these worlds or at least i try to be cause i hope that i'm not showing
how i feel for her but she won't feel the same
for me i've got this picture in my mind try to let her go what an absolutely fabulous way to start
the day in the autumn season those cinnamon
rolls were absolutely delicious i kind of have
a sugar overload right now though so probably gonna munch on something savory
soon to balance it all out but i'm excited to
continue having a wonderful day with you so
the next thing on the agenda is i'm actually getting ready to head out to my
friend faith house and just spend some time with her celebrate
the first day of fall with her and she actually
just adopted a new cat so i get to meet him i'm really excited about that
then i'm gonna pop over to one of my favorite coffee shops get a fall
drink to enjoy while i get some work done i'll probably just pick it up and
take it back here um just to edit videos and stuff like that
but i'm really excited and thankful that princess polly is sponsoring
this portion of today's video and i have a beautiful
autumn haul and just some cozy loungerow pieces that i'm super excited to show
you you guys know i love princess polly their collection of pieces are
so stunning and they have lots of beautiful additions for the autumn
season including this cozy sweater that i have
on so i'm excited to do a little try on
haul for you all and then we will head off to my friend's house
all right here's the first two pieces which look so precious together
so we have this super super soft knit sweater and the material is just so
super soft i wish you guys could feel it yourself but i love the detail along the
sleeve and the neckline is really beautiful as well and the color
i just love it all and then these shorts are really sweet
they're these beige ruffle shorts which are perfect for
just lounging around and i think these complement each other
super well and i also ordered these super cute
ruffle socks from princess paulie i have another ruffle pair of socks from there
as well and i think these will look really cute
with some little booties or just white tennis shoes and they keep
your feet nice and warm so it's a win-win
all right next outfit i kept the ruffle shorts on
but i ordered this beautiful butterfly graphic
tee i just love butterflies first of all but secondly
i just thought the colors just went well with the autumn season and it's
great to have graphites for layering under cardigans
and also under little dresses or overalls or anything like that so i
thought this was perfect and we have this uber cozy cardigan
speaking of cardigans and i'm going to show you this styled
with another piece as well but i love the balloon sleeves so much
and the color is so neutral so i know it'll go with
many different pieces and the buttons are just so fabulous in this beautiful
brushed gold color by the way if you're eyeing
any of these pieces and you'd like to place an order i actually have a 20
off coupon code thanks to princess paulie so you can use my code
allisonb xo for 20 off your pieces will also ship from within
the united states and if your order is over 50 you
actually get free express shipping so your pieces
will come in three to four days which is so amazing especially if you're just so
excited to add these pieces to your autumn wardrobe
i also ordered this beautiful hair scarf which you can
wear in so many different ways which i love it's just this really a pretty
burnt orange color with the polka dots and it actually looks
so good with this butterfly tea all right this next outfit is
strain away from our autumn color scheme a bit but i just could not
resist this yellow loungewear set it makes me so happy clearly and
where i live in florida it truly is summer all year long and
i love lounge sets so this one just makes me
so happy the material is such beautiful quality and it's
super cozy and again with the balloon sleeves i just
absolutely love it and by the way after pay is available
for all us customers on princess polly's site
this next piece is a autumn showstopper if you ask
me it's this beautiful beige dress with the tie
bow and ruffle details we also have a little low back
action in the back so i just think this is so beautiful and it's perfect even
if you live in a climate like i do where you want to
dress for the season but also it may still be 90 degrees outside so
this is absolutely perfect it's lightweight enough but you could also
layer it with some cardigans and some boots
and some leggings to fit whichever climate you're in
all right the last outfit is the one i plan to
spend the rest of my morning in so we have this beautiful
yellow floral dress the cute little slit right here
and the spaghetti straps and i layered it with the cream
cardigan i shared earlier so i'll show you what it looks like without it it's
super cute but just for an added little fall flare i thought i
would add the cardigan and i also got these super cute
rectangular sunglasses from princess paulie they are so in style and
so fun so just have that on my head for now and
then for shoes i'm wearing these chunky white
sneakers and my ruffle socks both of these are from princess paulie but
i have had the sneakers for quite some time so i'm not sure if they're still
available but i'll try to find something similar and link them below
and all the outfits will be linked below and again
if you want to purchase anything you can get 20
off with my code alison bxo so that is the haul i hope you guys like it
let me know what your favorite piece is and let's go on our little
adventure i just heat up some lentils and rice
because like i said i just have like a sweet tooth overboard so i need to
balance it out with a little something more hearty
and savory and i'm gonna be gone around lunchtime and i'm not sure
if i'm gonna eat lunch out or get any like food i know i'm getting coffee but
i don't know about the food so i thought i would fuel up with some
nutrients before i leave it was i was on fire our house
our dreams we were dancing on a white breakfast
scene here is the apple cereal milk latte from deeply it is
absolutely delicious it's oat milk milk meal cheers
here's faith just sipping away here's alexis just sipping on her what'd you
get your float this is a coffee cola oh yeah all right hello friends i just got back
in my cart there's my music hello i'm a little
shaky but i just had a lot of coffee it was so
delicious you guys have to go too deeply if you're ever in orlando um
but so i had a great time with my friends it was a wonderful
afternoon it's 2 10 right now so gotta head back home and get some work done
but it was really funny because my friend alexis walked me back to my car
and the the parking attendant was giving me a ticket as we walked up so
i guess my time just expired i think i put it until
like 2 10 or something and it's 2 11 like it just expired
um and so he was writing the ticket i was like oh hi i'm here i'm sorry
like and then he was like oh it's expired blah blah and i was like okay i
totally understand like you can go ahead and write the ticket or
whatever i was just like i totally understand like i'm late blah blah
and so he was like oh it's okay like because you were nice
like it's fine so there's a testimony guys if you're in
kindness okay not that it pays off like you shouldn't just be kind because
you'll get something in return but kindness does make a difference and like
if i was really rude like i mean honestly i wouldn't
if i were in his shoes i wouldn't blame him like if someone's rude they just
like they almost deserve that you know but if you're really nice people usually
are really understanding and courteous so yeah kind of made me
nervous though because i do not like getting tickets at all
and i've never gotten one before so made me nervous but it's all good
so i'm just gonna drive home and eat some lunch i'm glad i ate that lentil
and um rice before it was like a tiny little
thing but before i left because i haven't eaten
much else so i'll probably make maybe a smoothie or a salad when i get home and
we'll get some work done all right just got home and before i fix
some lunch i'm going to change to this super
cozy sweater and the ruffle shorts i showed you earlier
from princess polly because even though this is quite comfortable i
think this will be even more comfortable and we're just gonna be sitting at the
desk editing and eating and before we know it'll be
time to make a cozy autumn dinner so i'm just
gonna get nice and comfortable alrighty for my lunch well
it's already 3 p.m just for my other more hearty
snack because i had those lentils earlier i'm gonna have some
leftovers from last night's meal so i have some more rice
and potatoes and broccoli i'm gonna try to finish all this broccoli because i
just feel like i need some more vegetables today and i'm gonna
sauce it up with this spicy pumpkin curry simmer sauce from
trader joe's it is so so delicious so i'm just kind
of gonna mix it all together and i think
it'll be super yummy also i'm gonna make brandon some iced
coffee because he didn't get to have any fancy fun fall
coffee like i did i should have brought him something home but
i did not so i'm just gonna make something super quick right now for him
to enjoy woohoo iced coffee time okay i am currently working on editing
my night routine for autumn and i'm really
excited about it these videos are always my most time
consuming the routine videos just because
when i film it i move around the kid's camera so much just to get lots of
angles like wide shots close-ups all that good stuff but
i do have a lot of fun creating them and recently i only did this with my last
routine but i'm gonna do it again for this one as well and i've been
making like little not scripts but just an outline for my
voiceover which i didn't do in the past i would just kind of like watch it and
do the voiceover as i watched it which worked out fine but i feel like i just
wanted to be a little bit more intentional with
everything i say just so that i remember like certain aspects
that are important to the routine if that makes sense because
as you do it like on a whim it's kind of easy to forget
certain little things so i'm just going to kind of
make that outline right now and then soon i will record
the voiceover but it was always on fire all right i just finished typing out the
outline for my voiceover so i'm going to record
that in a second which to record it i just used the
voice memo app on my iphone so nothing high tech at all but i'll do that
soon before i do though i grabbed my fall bucket list which if you didn't
watch the vlog where i made this fall bucket list
i will link that but also the digital bucket list i made because i just think
it's nice to be intentional about doing fun seasonal
things because the seasons honestly go by so
quickly like before we know it we'll be celebrating christmas in winter so i
just think it's nice to kind of map out everything you would like to do that
you can really only do this time of year that way you can just make sure you have
it in your calendar and make sure you make those plans
and it's so fun to do with friends and family and i think it just enhances your
life so i highly suggest doing fun festive
things like this so let's see what we can
cross off so fall bucket list decorate for autumn we clearly did that
so i can cross that off and visit a pumpkin patch no no no lots
of pumpkin things roast pumpkin seeds i haven't roasted
pumpkin seeds yet but i did roast butternut squash seeds which was really
fun and delicious um let's see baked pumpkin
bread nope i might do that later this week buy
a cozy sweater yes currently wearing one so we can
cross that off drink apple cider no which i'm gonna do
a cozy autumn drink recipe video and one of them
is homemade apple cider so i'm looking forward to that
go on a camping trip okay i have an update
brandon and i do have a glamping trip scheduled on the calendar in just a
couple weeks so i'm really super excited we will be staying in this
really neat tp and it's actually luxury camping so i don't know if it really i'm
gonna well i'm not gonna cross it off yet but i'm pretty sure
that'll count as our kipping trip because we're not staying like in a
hotel or anything it's a luxury glamping tent but i just
need to ease brandon into camping because he when he
was little he kind of had a rough camping experience so he just
does not love the idea of camping but i love camping like
i can sleep on the dirt i love it but this is gonna be his little baby step
towards camping so i'm really looking forward to that make
homie chilly no i should do that next week go to corn maze nope
have a bonfire nope tell ghost stories nope watch hocus pocus i want to do that
later today so we'll cross that off soon bake pumpkin pie nope is it a haunted
house nope we watch gilmore girls i rewatched one
episode so kind of i mean i'm not gonna watch the
whole season this fall but a few more episodes and the last one go
for a midnight stroll so we crossed a few things off we crossed
two things off but we're making progress and we have plans to do some of the
other things so i love that and hope you guys do too i'm just nice
and cozy in my rapunzel blanket um but yeah i need to
film this voiceover and it's already almost five o'clock so i'm gonna start
on dinner soon but i really am not hungry because i basically just had lunch hey they just finished the voiceover i
think it went well we'll really be able to tell once i have
it in my editing timeline and see how everything fits i have a lot
more editing to do and i want to post this
on thursday but i have a busy day tomorrow which is wednesday so i want to
get a good chunk of editing done this evening but i am feeling
quite maybe tired it's not the word but i just not weak either
well basically i started my time of the month today
and my lower back is aching quite a bit thankfully i had some nice happy
distractions this morning um visiting friends and going out and
about but now that i'm kind of just doing work
i really feel it so i'm thinking pretty soon i'll
do a face mask i don't think i'll do a bath but i'll do a hot shower and a face
mask to hopefully relieve some of the aches
but it's not too bad thankfully i just i'm kind of feeling
lethargic i think that would be the proper term for
the way i currently feel all right i'm about to get started on
dinner but before i do i wanted to do a little library haul because we went this
weekend and these are the two books that i
grabbed first up is little women which i started reading a
couple days ago i haven't gotten too far but i'm loving it so far it's just
honestly so precious a true classic
and quite the contrast from the thriller i just read
and then this one i'm very excited to read it's dear edward
and my mom actually recommended it and here's a little
review dazzling will break your heart and put it back together again which i
love i love heartfelt books so i think this will
have its difficult moments but if it's heartfelt i probably will love
it all right so tonight for dinner we have a super
easy yet festive meal so i'm just going to
cook up this honey roasted pumpkin ravioli from
trader joe's here it is super easy just have to add it to a pot and it'll
cook right up a pot with boiling water of course and
then we have the autumnal harvest creamy sauce
so i'm just going to add this over the ravioli
and it's as easy as that so i'll probably make a little side salad as
well i honestly am not hungry at all though because i just ate at three but
i think this will be good for b to eat and
i can have some maybe i'll have a little bit tonight and then i can have
leftovers tomorrow and i truly ate pumpkin with every meal
today i had pumpkin cinnamon rolls for
breakfast and then for lunch i had that pumpkin curry simmer sauce
and for dinner pumpkin ravioli so i really am
that person today i'm still not hungry but i'm going to
taste a ravioli so that i can experience it brandon said
it's really good can i borrow your fork right
i don't know if i want a whole one do that um
let's go ahead the ricotta it's delicious first day of fall meal success and my fart back there's half of a
ravioli too this is the face mask i'm gonna do
tonight it's the summer friday's overtime mask and one of the main
ingredients is pumpkin so it's the perfect one for the autumn season i just turned on hocus poc hocus poc
focus pocus i'm tired clearly but i'm just gonna watch it while i edit
and chill and just wind down after a really
fun day and first day of fall i really hope
you guys are having a great start to the autumn season
and thank you for watching and spending time with me today and i cannot wait to
see you super soon bye can you say bye

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