Extremely Important Bitcoin Price Update (Rising Wedge Pattern Revealed)

[Music] good morning everybody it's monday july 5th 2021 i am piano maddie b and this is your morning ta [Music] quick window into the crypto markets where the sun's shining where the wind's blowing all the humble opinion of this piano a lot of people have been wondering where did the bull run go is it over are we in a bear market are we in a mini bear market within a bull market [Music] so i thought i'd give some historical perspectives as to where bitcoin has been so we can better forecast where she's going [Music] now back in 2013 bitcoin was basically like a 13 year old lindsay lohan fresh face and full of pith and vinegar did you know it was pith and not anyways people were starting to take notice she's starting to turn some heads but a lot of people just wrote her off she's a flash in the pan they said she's too young they'd say she needs to grow up maybe get a couple of number one movies under her belt i don't know that's what people wanted so that's what she did and despite the initial success and rise to fame she crashed and started to wonder what she really wanted to do with her life now let's jump ahead to 2017 she's now basically like a 17 year old [Music] she started to take on media roles calling her own shots emancipating from her parents she's she's starting to grow up but at 17 do you really know what life's about have you had enough life experience to understand how the real world works how the cold hand of reality is behind every corner to slap your hopes and dreams down in this case price action so despite appearing in some box office smashes she got tired of trying to keep up with everybody's expectations of what she should do and she crashed she decided she needed to redefine who she was and who she wanted to be a jump ahead to 2021 and our little gal is 21.

She's legal and legit and crushing it so she enrolls in her first year of college because that's what people expect her to do [Music] she's crushing it beyond some initial admissions controversy around march she killed it meeting and exceeding everyone's expectations and right in the middle of this amazing first year of college she quits and disappears she's leaving everybody's head spinning is this it is it over are we in a bear market are we in a mini bear market within a bull market [Music] the answer is no but it's good news i'll tell you why she's officially divorcing herself from people's expectations of what she should be doing and where she should be at taking back the power redefining who she is where she wants to be if you haven't already guessed it yes she's in a voyage of self-discovery in india it's common around this age now there's some things that have to happen before she comes back first and foremost she needs to get certified as a yoga instructor obviously second she needs to fall in love with and get her heart broken by an older guru type character thirdly she needs to experiment with unconventional relationships so she can embrace the fact that her needs need to come first and it's okay to want that [Music] and lastly she needs to do ayahuasca with some witches and burning man to understand her role in the universe and it's the opinion of this piano that she's almost ready to come back i say like about two weeks yeah two weeks she's gonna explode back onto the scene not to go back to school she knows college is a dead trap ayahuasca told her that she's taking over the family business and she's driving it up and into the future [Music] but the future isn't going to be as predictable as the past yeah she'll make new all-time highs obviously this piano thinks she's going 160k at least but it'll be on her own terms and her own timeline [Music] it'll be a new era of bitcoin with a stronger more focused direction she won't be messing around anymore so buckle up because she's coming home [Music] and remember we're playing the same game as our psychopathic elected elites are it's the long game so zoom out have a fantastic day bit boy crypto morning tea [Music] chat you

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