Hey guys, good morning, good afternoon, good night, welcome everyone to the channel, the sky is the limit, guys, today that video from exfunds, site that we pay four to five percent a day, is paying very fast, platform it's very good, I have $226 dollars here in the total account, right, I'm going to withdraw it here in Bitcoin, let's go to the withdrawal, let's go to the withdrawal, remembering to configure the wallets here to make the withdrawals, yesterday I withdrawn, I made several withdrawals in Bitcoin cash, BNB and litecoin yesterday, today I will make the video here of the withdrawal in Bitcoin Alright, I have 209 in Bitcoin my wallet is already configured here, we will put our balance here to make the withdrawal, $209 dollars right , let's click on withdraw Funds, and here's the Bitcoin amount 0.00557 right, minus the rate should decrease a little bit, and I'll click on withdrawal Okay, the withdrawals are processed within 24 hours and let's click here, the withdrawal request was done successfully will be processed in 2 4 hours guys, So let's wait for the payment of the exfunds I only have $17 here , here I won't have a bitcoin entry, only this one exfunds so I'll wait for the payment here in my wallet, I'll be back and finish the video for you guys so See you later , and returning here with video guys to show you the withdrawal of $209 I also made two more today, ok, the $209 was on the 27th as it is in the first part of the video, here it's already complete, right, it was in bitcoins this transaction here , I received 558,000 satoshi the hash is here at the beginning 5d final B3, hash 5d final B3 right guys, so today I made two more withdrawals from the site, I made one in usdt of $51 dollars, and I made another one in $50 in Bitcoin, it's this transaction here in the last entry I received in Bitcoin, the hash c9 31 at the end, hash c9 and 31 at the end, and another withdrawal also of $51 right in USDT, I'll show it here Ja in Brazil Bitcoin too, here is the address and the $51 hash, the 28th, 0x end bb come here, start 0x end bb guys, en So three payments from exfunds paid fast, very fast, all of them, right, I took the opportunity to finish the video.

Today I made two more to show you, so the site is paying right and really fast guys, ex fund is very top even four to five percent a day for us, So this was another video for you, to show that the site is still paying right, and with three payments there, two bitcoin and one USDT, the description link any questions you can ask me either in the video or in the groups the guys are right, so that big hug guys Stay all with God and until the next video..

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