Ex-Mob Boss Plays Never Have I Ever

have I ever killed someone hi everyone Michael Franzese here former mob guy with the Colombo family back in New York I was a soldier kapa regime at one point in time lived in that life for over 25 years made a break back in 1995 I've left that life and ever since I've been a motivational speaker I've written a number of books have done a number of documentaries I'm here today to play never have I ever not something I would play back in the day all right got a bunch of statements in front of me questions they're going to be asked I don't know if I've ever been asked these questions before but we're gonna find out never have I ever put a horse's head in someone's bed I have not but I gotta say that's one of the greatest scenes ever in The Godfather it's something that everybody remembers that I can certainly see my former associates doing it back then and it was it was great it was a great scene I wish I thought of that but no I didn't I never had to resort to something like that but I know some other things that were done that were kind of on that level but we won't get into all of that never have I ever had a hit put out on me I have you know unfortunately when you walk away from that life you're not allowed to do that and my former boss Carmine Persico was very upset when it became public that I was walking away from that life and he did put a hit out on me as far as I know it's never been rescinded you know I don't know if those things ever go away so you're not allowed to walk away from that life when you take that oath you know it's the oath of omertà of silence you're not allowed to betray and not even supposed to admit that there is a mob or that you were a part of it but yes I've had a hit put out on me and you know by the grace of God I've been able to overcome that challenge and Here I am never have I ever been to prison I have spent eight years in prison got a 10-year prison sentence back in 1985 I pled guilty to racketeering the underlying Act was tax fraud I created a huge scam to defraud the government out of tax on every gallon of gasoline I had over 350 gas stations 18 companies that were licensed to collect the tax on every gallon of gasoline when I finally got caught my partner testified against me other people so I took a plea 10-year prison sentence 15 million dollars in restitution five million in forfeitures went off to do my time you know prison is is what you make of it I mean it's yours certainly their to be punished look whenever your freedom is taken away that's punishment and it's rough never have I ever made a bribe I have yeah you know back in the day we had a lot of politicians certainly on our payroll and we used to pay them we used to fund a lot of their fundraisers we would go to them and contribute big dollars in order for them to do our bidding as a matter of fact in the in a gasoline business I needed to have licenses for my wholesale operation had to be licensed in order to collect the tax well I had 18 licenses they weren't easy to get but I was bribing public officials in order to get him and they were only too happy to do my bidding and as a result of that I was able to actually defraud the government with help of the government you know it helped of politicians it was very accessible to us at the time never have I ever been an informant I have not now this is a controversial thing because I want to straighten this out I'm glad I had an opportunity to do this I never put anybody in prison nothing I ever told the government ever resulted in anybody going to jail have I spoken about my former life sure but the things that I've talked about just about everybody knows because my former associates have been captured on tape and tape recordings and so on and so forth I will admit to this I did play kind of a game with the government for a time I made them believe that I might go along with them but then in the end I never did and as a result of that my parole was violated I was sent back to prison so I want to make that clear never been an informant never told anything to the government that put anybody in prison with my former associates never have and never will never have I ever fired a grenade launcher while shouting say hello to my little friend I have not I absolutely love that scene I thought that Pacino was terrific I mean I was a classic movie he was great in that film but no I never had to fire a grenade or anything like that you know I did use weapons at that time never use the machine gun either that was back in the 30s and the 40s and the 20s we didn't do that we use short-range pistols at the time so never had to resort to anything no no high artillery like that never have I ever killed someone I'm gonna pull one of these you know a credibility in in what I do is very important to me so I never want to lie to anybody whether it's in private or in public I will tell you this that life is a very violent life if you're part of the life you're part of the violence there's no escape and if anybody tells you differently they're either not being honest with you or they weren't a made member of that life and you know I will say this you know murder in that life was taken very seriously and I will tell you this about myself and I'm glad I have the opportunity to say this I don't judge other people I don't know their hearts but I was around a lot of guys that if they had to commit a violent act it seemed that that was part of them I'm not going to say they enjoyed it but they did it with a with some kind of fervor and when I did it when I was involved in anything that might have you know had violence to be part of it I never felt good about it I want to make this clear I never glorify my former life and the reason I don't do that because I do believe it's an evil life and I want to be clear on this I'm not calling the guys evil I was one of them I just happened to be very blessed but I don't know any family of any member of that life that hasn't been totally devastated including my own not my wife and kids you know fortunately God has preserved them but my brothers and sisters mother and father had a very very difficult life as a result of my dad's involvement in that life so any lifestyle that does that to families is obviously an evil life and I will tell you that I am extremely blessed and very fortunate to to be where I am today to having to have left that life be able to talk about it and hopefully be a source of encouragement and hope to people to make them understand that you can't get out of a bad situation in your life you can turn it around for me it's all about my faith but you know I never give up hope you know do the right thing and there's always a way out

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