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start one thing to keep in mind is with that   with bitcoin there is you could say a physical 
element to it because the encrypted shield   that keeps the bitcoin community uh separated from 
the state is uh impenetrable when you look at the   underbelly of cryptocurrencies where you see the 
soft spots are with some wallets that keep the   coins uh exchanges which obviously exchange the 
coins but it's important to note that the actual   blockchain in the case of bitcoin has remained 
immutable over time and has not been taken down   in any way shape or form you cannot penetrate 
or pierce the encrypted shield that keeps the   bitcoin network free from the state so that's 
like a wall so you can't break it so i think   gold bugs if they have that they think about 
in those terms they can migrate over from   gold and start to see bitcoin understand 
the bitcoin use case and the bitcoin value   proposition a growing number of crypto investors 
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always change your mind enjoy the video and i'm   now joined by max kaiser and stacy herbert hosts 
of the orange pill how are you two doing good   we're super happy looks like a good year for 
commodities it does it does yeah i know your   theme for this year correct me if i'm wrong it's 
relentless optimism we are relentlessly optimistic   because we are in the bitcoin community and 
it's hard not to be relentlessly optimistic   as paul tudor jones legendary hedge fund investor 
says about the bitcoin community it is a bet   on human ingenuity could what could compromise 
that and is there a situation that you see that   could that could uh i guess the state get 
its fingers involved in bitcoin and we see   more capital controls etc no i don't think 
that's really going to be the case because   the as was talked about bitcoin separates state 
from money and the state has no ability to   get into bitcoin or disrupt bitcoin and 
bitcoin is unconfiscatable it's unsensible   and it's going to um really disintermediate the 
state i think we're going to see now the beginning   of the dissolution of this nation state as a model 
we're going to see one of the major central banks   go under in 2021 i think the central bank model 
is going to also uh go the way of the horse and   buggy and um so they don't really have any way 
to attack bitcoin there there's a couple of ways   theoretically that bitcoin could be challenged 
one would be to try to control the network in   some way but no state or group of states have 
the computational ability at this point to attack   bitcoin that's running at 150 um quintillion 
calculations per second there's simply no system   in in the world that's anywhere near this and um 
there's another factor here which is i think plays   into this idea that gold bugs have where where 
gold is physical and i can hold it and bitcoin   is not and so therefore i i can't really accept 
it one thing to keep in mind is with that with   bitcoin there is you could say a physical element 
to it because the encrypted shield that keeps the   bitcoin community um uh separated from the state 
is uh impenetrable essentially when you're in the   bitcoin network when we're transacting a bitcoin 
and we don't need permission we don't need a bank   we don't need an intermediary we can transact 
any two individuals on planet earth can   transact without any interruption no state no bank 
and uh there's no ability by any outside force   to stop that because the encrypted shield that 
protects the network is impenetrable for what i   just mentioned so in that and to that degree it's 
it's physical in that sense if if you can think   of it in terms of it has a physical attribute 
just as a brick wall would be if you could not   run through a brick wall you know there's the 
physical yeah object in your way you cannot   penetrate or pierce the encrypted shield that 
keeps the bitcoin network free from the state   right that's like a wall so you can't break it 
so i think gold bugs if they have that they think   about in those terms they can migrate over from 
gold and start to see bitcoin and understand the   bitcoin use case and the bitcoin value proposition 
and you'll get more of the gold crowd into bitcoin   i agree and thanks for that you know for talking 
about a finite number of coins and there's a small   population of people that i mean like yourself 
that were you were a decade ago talking about   why this had utility and why people should pay 
attention and started building an allocation my   next door neighbor isn't going to turn his 
head until the price is a hundred thousand   150 000 and then he's purchasing the same asset 
at a vastly inflated price we'll never have   anywhere close to the quantity and so would 
we would could we end up with a very small   population that controls 90 of the value and 
that essentially becomes the state in some way   well i think the state you see there's a game 
theory layer baked into the bitcoin protocol   and we want the states to try to get involved and 
we want the sovereign wealth funds and we want the   hedge funds and we want the michael sailors and 
we want the private corporations and we want the   balance sheets and we want elon musk and we want 
jeff bezos because the more people come in to   bitcoin the hash rate goes up the security goes up 
and the price goes up so we want everybody in the   world every government every sovereign wealth fund 
every money manager every household to buy bitcoin   and to enjoy the price appreciation going 
forward you do have now that transitionary   period that will come from bitcoin as a store 
of value where it is now to becoming a medium   of exchange and that's happening quite rapidly 
and i think it will start to push aside other   payment rails in the next couple years to unit 
of account so we are heading to a world that   things are priced in bitcoin and so any amount of 
bitcoin will be needed if you want to participate   in the global economy all right follow up 
i would follow up with that and i would say   that a few things first of all regarding your 
previous question to max is that when you separate   a state from money the previous moment 
revolutionary moment like that was when we   separated church from state and that was 
something that also broke thousands of years   of human behavior there were these divine people 
that god himself appointed to lead over us rule   over us and something snapped that we attacked 
these people beheaded them in france and just   like that is a huge break that you can never 
go back france will never have a king again   because they've already beheaded it because 
they've already said there is no divine individual   we're all we all have human rights we all have 
you know have the same natural law applied to us   well the same thing happens when we broke this 
connection between money and state now i think   originally like when we first started using gold 
as money there was no centralizing state around   money and i think it slowly happened because 
humans didn't understand what they had with   gold for thousands of years the the age of medici 
was the an amazing period of time when you know   the state had to come to the medicis they had to 
come to the people who with gold and beg them to   finance their wars and then after soon after 
the age of medici the renaissance then the   state started with the bank of amsterdam to start 
grabbing people's gold convincing them they didn't   steal it at first they just convinced them to give 
it to them and they would give them these bonds or   credit instead but that was a mistake and now 
we have bitcoin so we we can move on from that   now in terms of power there is no central 
authority in bitcoin even the whales who   even those people with lots of bitcoin we 
proved that in 2017 with the fork wars the the   the giants the whales the corporations 
the powerful you would think powerful   individuals in bitcoin tried to fork it hard fork 
bitcoin to uh you know something that the users   the little minnows of bitcoin did not want and the 
minnows won because they were more than you know   just even by having like a fraction of a bitcoin 
versus the guys with tens of thousands of bitcoin   there was nothing that you they could do because 
of the amount of users all around the world that   decided they didn't want what the whales wanted 
right plus as you move into an era of bitcoin as   unit of account those those holding large amounts 
of bitcoin will start to circulate those bitcoin   because everything will be priced in bitcoin so if 
i want to buy an 85-foot hatteras yacht i'm going   to be paying bitcoin that means i'm discouraging 
some of my bitcoin and the address yacht maker is   now taking bitcoin so that's the transition of 
money it goes from a you know store of value or   first it's a collectible then a store a value 
then a medium of exchange then unit of account   and when we get to unit of account you're 
going to see that circulation and that's   that we're already transitioning from store value 
to medium of exchange that's what's happening now   and during the very early years it was a 
collectible we had but cypherpunks were   storing it on their computers as a hobby as one 
might be a stamp collector yeah and it became   a store of value and people like michael 
saylor and paul tutor joe's get involved   yeah then it becomes a medium of exchange 
with second layer on the transaction side   and payment trail on built on top of the 
bitcoin protocol and then it'll be go to   unit of account and we're in a bitcoin only 
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