ETN – Should I buy an Electroneum ASIC miner to mine crypto coins?

GameChanger so we got one honest get old
he says the tanaga tried prediction is guaranteed I if you say so that's all I
have to say that sorry the rains agrees with me all right so mr. cryptic is asked and he
goes is it worth getting an ASIC miner to mine elect rhodium and that's a tough
question because you when you look at it you know I can take the it's a two grand
and and just by electroni 'm with it when you invest in a miner your return
is going to be brought over twelve eighteen months now fifteen months now
or longer at some point you'll have earned back the dollars that you have
invested into it so if you have two thousand dollars that or twenty-five
hundred dollars that you can live without and it's relevant you can put it
online and basically for now and until whenever you'll be able to just keep
mining those now how I look at it is I'm I'm making two hundred and twenty three
coins a day you know right now and you know two cents a piece you know the four
dollars five dollars a day is no big deal but if it how I look at it is if if
and when it hit when at what whatever that time may happen when it hits a
dollar well it's two hundred and twenty three dollars a day now I could take a
couple of years from now but I don't have to assist yeah I I only get one
miner so that I'm not forced to sell my coins you know I can I can afford to pay
the two dollars and fifty cents a day to keep it running and I don't have to sell
the coins and I have no intention I'm gonna hold on
to them and then in a few years those coins at a might now it's mined a total
of a 40,000 coin since I've put it online since you guys have been watching
me I've we've mined 40,000 coins and I've given away a few thousand now to
three thousand coins maybe I'm giving them away whatever but if it hits a buck
pay off my car it would have covered the cost of the two thousand dollars from
the machine at that point wouldn't it so it really just comes down to if you
enjoy it's kind of a hobby for me yeah you know I don't make anything special
out of out of my miners it's kind of a hobby you know and it's fun and we made
a couple of bucks yeah expand I spend more on a cup of coffee and a doughnut
each day yeah so but it's fun it's fun it's a clean friendly hobby you know
that squirrely these coins could change my life in a couple of years could
change my life could change yours so that's my thought whether or not you
should get an ASIC you have to determine that for yourself but it really only
works well and you'll only feel comfortable with the purchase if it's
money they that that it's okay if you went out to Vegas and blew it on the
craps table if you were gonna go to Vegas and ball two grand on a craps
table then get yourself the asic minor instead you'll do much better off and
your your return in the next few years will be far greater

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