Ethernet tethering WiFi Pineapple Mark IV for OS X Mountain Lion & Linux

hey you guys x-ray teen how's it going in this video me going over how to tether your Wi-Fi pineapple which is right here if you guys can see that it's already connected and going right now um I was a pretty light figuring out how to figure out network this thing on my Mac actually and this may help a ton of mac users for you guys because I was having a real hard time with the mac operating system trying to detect the internet sharing so that the internet is going through the pineapple and so that other devices when they connect to the Wi-Fi on it they will get that Internet okay so um I'm going to go ahead and show you guys how to do this by the book right here and I'm going to go over how to set it up and linux as well so this is kind of like a video for both setting up the mac and linux side and possible I could deal a Windows version for the virtual machine but um just for now this is what I'm going to be doing so first things first you guys have to know is this Wi-Fi pineapple the mark for it has a 172 dot 1642 dot one address okay and um it's looking for 172 dot 142 116 dot 142 dot 142 okay as the default gateways looking for that system okay so um I'm going to be sharing you guys my my settings and everything that I use for the spiritual machine because I prefer to use mine and backtrack I don't know about you guys by like these and backtrack I would prefer to use everything on the Mac on the mac side but apparently internet sharing doesn't work that way okay so something to do with the hardware there's a ton of people on the forms on hak5 forms they were just having ton of problems i just said there has to be a way to get this done on Virtual Machine and I figure it out so I'm using vmware fusion I don't know about what you guys are using for your virtual machines but and mech i use vmware fusion okay and then um and I heard parallels works to someone else I said they have used parallels and got it to work but he didn't post very much of his setting so I had to figure out my own last night so I didn't get it done until maybe four in the morning so um first things first um in your max settings if you guys are running a Mack ok it like people don't worry about this stuff okay um just Mac people first thing we want to do is of course you want to do the internet sharing tab make sure that's checked this is mac OS x mountain lion or OS X Mountain Lion they drop that word mac i forgot OS X Mountain Lion ok this is the lightest one so this is the latest video internet sharing right there you want to check that box okay and then as for um the network I had to move these things around because ethernet would connect first before the Wi-Fi so to do that you need to click this little gear button which is the Settings icon and then set your service order this was this is really weird i just figured out my own this just messing around a lot of tinkering okay and i happened to all i did was dragged my Wi-Fi from the very bottom which is like between ethernet probably right below fire water actually and i moved that up just drag and drop up and Wi-Fi should be above ethernet okay because then you want the Wi-Fi to connect first and then you want that network to be shared with the ethernet I'm sure it works either way but um this is how I did it okay so um this is what you want to do for your service order okay for what I did it looks clean or two for me because I use Wi-Fi morn ethernet anyways so um Wi-Fi my typical TCP IP settings is all automatic using DHCP ok everything is olmec this is all coming from my router grabs the IP address from the dhcp server and on the router and automatically gives me an IP address throws me that one ninety two dot one sixty eight dot 129 ok that's the IP address my system is ok and then the Dean is I use the google one um i also have opendns but I I was just doing a lot of messing around last night and I just this is what works ok so just follow along with me here eight point eight point eight point eight k and then um think that's about it for though that's for that's all for wireless ok now your Ethernet ok you want to set the de manually and then your IP address will be 172 da16 dot 42 42 like I said it's looking for that system that's the 42 42 and that's how it explains in this guide as well that your computer system is 170 2016 42,000 42 ok and then your subnet mask make sure everything is matching ok make sure your subnet mask matches with your Wi-Fi ok they have to be in the same subnet or they're not going to see each other because when i was typing too fast this was a zero and it was not seen each other i was getting really frustrating the no psycho miss type so God be very careful router leave that blank um and here they left the a default gateway blank on the window system so I figured you know the router just leave that blank card it works Dean s eight point eight point eight point eight just like they said on the Dina preferred DNS server for the windows version of use in this book that's what they set it for the dns servers eight point eight point eight okay and then once you got all that good just hit okay and it should both these should connect to make sure your ethernet spug din it's all powered on okay and then um go ahead and close out the settings for that everything should be good here you have your sharing turned on you have your network turned on okay all these are configure now good now for the vmware fusion or whatever virtual machine software that you use this is what I did for my settings and I didn't know this is just a lot of messing around like I said just last night I just looking around you want to create another removable device and how you do that you're going to do this when you don't have backtracked open or another system running cutting if you're trying to do this in Windows to whatever um you're using a virtual machine make sure your settings you go in then network adapter there's this thing that says add device that I saw in the corner and then you notice that in the first place when I was using the firmware fusion I couldn't add network adapter and then that will add a whoops that will add a network adapter at number two and then what I did was going to network adapter one that would be my Wi-Fi because that's why i use for my next my first one is my Wi-Fi so connect to bridged and then Wi-Fi not auto detect Wi-Fi okay it's what i use and then um one thing yeah I didn't change any of these options down here and then go back network adapter to same thing ethernet go down the list okay and then now you got both your interfaces that you need to set up for the backtrack k or for what you're trying to do with the Wi-Fi pineapple um and then once you got all that good you can go ahead and start boot up your bet your back track and it should be good now all you have to do is this follow this book basically go to the Wi-Fi pineapple com slash WP for SH download that script or actually what I did was right in my terminal I just said W again and then the Wi-Fi pineapple calm / that WP for that sh scram okay and this is what you need to set it up and this is right here is basically if your linux user watching this this is exactly where you should be starting it okay when you plug in your device this is where you should be at should be downloading the Wi-Fi pineapple script okay then you need to set up so you download this file which I have it okay it'll download very quickly and there it is and it's yellow because I did this chmod plus X WP for Sh um I know some people are going to say something about that plus X with that hey this is what the book tells me and this is exactly what works for me okay um see here hmm and then once you got that you're gonna have to run the script k WP for sh and when you run the script it will automatically go through um on the through a like a list of what you need to go through it will tell you like when you want your pineapple net mass to be 255 255 255 0 okay and you just hit enter because it's already it's supposed to be picking out your networks for you and what you're going to be doing is when it goat you go through that was mine happens to be what it said comes up to say interface between PC and pineapple you say uh in my case that would be at this is one ok because it says pc the pineapple that's what it is my pc is going 42 or 172 sorry dot 16 dot 42,000 42 and it's connecting to that 172 da16 dot forty two dot one okay and then um your pc to enter noon would be the s0 or whatever Ethan our interface are using wailing 11 or when land 0 whatever okay this is exactly what it's set up for being where fusion for me this is what it came okay now when you enter this one and then that one for see interface between PC and Internet okay once you enter that f0 press enter it should pop up and pick up automatically your um your internet gateway in my case the 192 dot one sixty eight dot one dot one okay that is my home router ok that's what's going to be picking thinner and then the IP address hosted for PC should be still 172 1642 dot or e to the IP address of the pineapple should still be 172 16 dot forty two dot one okay sure not to enter anything for that stuff just press ENTER if it's already shown you what it should be and then once you've done that it will show you like a cloud icon a computer icon in a pineapple icon and then it will say browse to 172 da 16 got 42 mm pineapple okay and you can access that and that's why I'm going to be showing you next the only reason why I'm not going through the steps or the this script is because I don't want to really screw up what's already connected it's what is already working for this demo so um now all you gotta do is go to your Firefox and then type in httt p so I / 172 dot 16 dot or two dot one / pineapple and there it is they are beginning prompted for the username password by default in the back of this book it says root and then pineapples are yummy okay all together and I was Ariane me but I changed my password okay whoops pineapples are another story right apples are yummy okay there's a web interface so um other than that that should get you guys started just to give you a basic idea of if you guys needed to install new scripts which I'll probably going over that in another video this is probably already long as is but um this should get you guys set up for linux right now in mac if you guys needed anything else or settings wise let me know probably posting this on the hak5 forms as well just so that other people are informed because it seemed like they were kind of lost on there and a lot of people did not want to screw up their devices from what it looked like and I had to change any IP address or any sightings in by my pineapple the only thing I've ever changes in my pineapple is probably the firmware update in the past where that was it that's all I changed okay so um I think they'll be in I don't want to keep this video very too long just wanted to show you guys kind of set it up for mac and linux take care guys thanks for watching I appreciate it

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