ETHEREUM’S POTENTIAL IS ENDLESS! FUTURE is MULTI-CHAIN [Polkadot, Cardano, Solana, & Avalanche]

the ethereum ecosystem in general are you a big 
believer like where do you see eath the king   right now where do you see it in the next few 
years yeah i think it's it's next few years i   think is going to be a really um not challenging 
but uh not and also not corrective but the the   view is going to be a little bit different so 
i think um particularly from an industrialized   and institutional perspective we can see that 
um the type of coverage that's happening etfs   publications all happening at the same 
time um we're not just in a bull market   in the sense of price but i think into next 
year um these institutions of corporations   are going to be starting to talk around 
their strategic approach to blockchain   and how they will fit into the ecosystem so i 
think that becomes part of the conversation around   the longevity of where we are today and what 
we're using today because i think there'll be   some movement forced upon upon the space and 
in being able to adapt with how uh non-crypto   use cases start to come into the into the 
blockchain um in terms of where we are today um   we're clearly clearly doing something right yeah 
so we can see transactions increasing on bsc and   the like but um anchored generally on on ethereum 
so um i can't see that shifting in the next   you know sort of a short period of time um 
as long as people are continuing to build   and projects of building and transactions and 
improvements are being made to the ecosystem   um for me personally for transient um we i can't 
see doing a complete you know 180 or you know 360   completely um however um i think there will be 
a demand for a more of a a uh an institutional   slash um strategic understanding of how different 
sectors and different um industries and the crypto   space in itself actually starts to to leverage 
um various chains and and also that cross-train   mentality of where you know it makes sense so um 
yeah strong believe us still um until we can see a   you know a chain with the longevity of what we've 
seen today um it's hard to uh to you know question   otherwise so eth is the king right now but there 
is a multi-chain future out there depending on   you yeah there has to be um yeah for me it's yeah 
we can see it already but you know there will be   a number of avenues and a number of forks in the 
road that um there will be industry and there'll   be use cases that will be utilizing various 
chains and i think it's around the compatibility   and interoperability of those chains and how 
you get that um you know into a single ecosystem   inevitably and just for fun we like to ask this 
of a lot of our guests if bitcoin does well this   cycle where could you see ethereum just for this 
cycle while it is king where could you see it   wow as as as much as it yeah i i think um yeah 
endless truthfully um um in terms of price i'm   not going to do any ta here but um yeah from 
where we are i think it yeah it may stabilize   um but i think we're we're still going so yeah 
definitely one to watch and continue to be excited   about it as it continues to grow you're going to 
have to get on crypto pool and the the betting   pools on transfer 100 to get that information 
definitely yeah and you know once it's live   put all of your your recommendations and and 
guesses in there because it's going to drive a   lot of conversations it does as it does today um 
but yeah can't wait for crypto pool and and still   adapts to get live and get the world to start 
consuming some some great user experience and   really start break down those uh those 
barriers to adoption we've seen in the past

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