Ethereum Will EXPLODE TO $80,000!! (Massive ETH News) Do This Now! Ethereum Price Prediction, ETH!

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on the subscribe button and turn on post notifications so that you don't miss out on any of our trending videos. The promise to keep you updated on the world of Crypto. Some experts predicted the theorem could reach the eighty
thousand dollar mark in the coming years. That's a huge price gap for Ethereum. Right. And this video will be discussing the technical
analysis and reasons a theory might just hit eighty thousand dollars in the years to come.

Ethereum is a block chain protocol for smart contracts and
ether, also called LDH, is the native cryptocurrency that powers the theory and block chain. It is a decentralized, open source block chain featuring
smart contract functionality. It is the second largest cryptocurrency by market
capitalization after bitcoin. Ethereum is also the most actively used block chain, even
though Bitcoin remains the most popular cryptocurrency theorems aggressive growth as many speculating it will
overtake Bitcoin and music theory and was proposed in 2013 by programmer Vattel. Libertarian development was crowd funded in 2014, and the
network went live on the 30th of July 2015 with seventy two million coins pre mined. Ethereum has only been on the market for a few years and
likes too much price history, which is part of the reason why it fell back to its current lows.

Bullish support was never established during the parabolic
rise in twenty seventeen. But as a theory, as forecast increases again and as the
price rises, it will build support. Many questions sprung up like will it reach ten thousand
dollars and will it rise like bitcoin? Long term price prediction shows that not only can Ethereum
reach ten thousand dollars, but after breaking through the previous all time high, its price will far exceed that
prediction. Pass prices of ether, show a dramatic increment and d.h in
five years from twenty fifteen to twenty twenty one. Ethereum was priced at less than a dollar in 2015 and in
January, twenty eighteen, just three years later, Ethereum Klok the one thousand dollar mark and has climbed to the
current all time high of about two thousand dollars as of the time of making this video. This shows a magnificent increase in just five years. Comparing the price of Ethereum to Bitcoin within the first
five years of introduction, Bitcoin was priced at eight cents in July of 2010. As media attention intensifies, Bitcoin tops a thousand
dollar mark for the first time in twenty thirteen.

Three years later, it falls below that level only days
later and doesn't reach the landmark again for over three years. The stats show that it took Bitcoin seven years from
twenty ten to twenty seventeen to stabilize at the thousand dollar mark and another four years, ten years in total to
reach the current all time high from calculation. Assuming an investor purchase a thousand dollars worth of
Ethereum on December twenty third twenty fifteen when a theory was first launched, they would have picked up about
one thousand one hundred and sixty three units, priced at eighty six cents.

Fast forward just three years to twenty
eighteen when Ethereum Theorem hits its all time high of one thousand four hundred and thirty two dollars and that
thousand dollar investment would have turned into one point sixty seven million dollars. Ethereum, like all other cryptocurrency is, I've seen a lot
of ups and downs, but regardless, it's performed exceptionally well since its inception. And considering the fact that Bitcoin is five years over
theory, I'm projecting Ethereum to explode to eighty thousand dollars in coming years isn't really unrealistic. There are lots of factors that will influence the price of
Ethereum ether is given to individuals who help support the platform by providing computing power from privately owned
servers or cloud space. This process is referred to as mining. Unlike Bitcoin, the yield of the mining activity doesn't
change with the amount of ether in circulation, and there's no limit on just how much ether that can be created or
mined. Ethereum and with it ether are user supported products that
are built on a ledger system allowing all computers on the network to see the full history of all transactions.

Another factor is the correlation of bitcoin. Historically, Ethereum has been connected to Bitcoin. This implies that their value moves likewise. Thus, at the times when the cost of Bitcoin goes up, so
does the cost of Ethereum. And something very similar happens when the cost of Bitcoin
drops down. Ethereum follows. The launch of Ethereum 2.0 is another factor. To consider Ethereum 2.0 or simply called to or Serenity
will utilize the proof of stake algorithm system with which users can stake cryptocurrency collateral in order to
verify their transactions. This is a considerably more effective and quicker path than
the proof of work algorithm that Ethereum currently uses. In this way, Theorem 2.0 will upgrade the speed, efficiency
and versatility of the Ethereum network. Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts believe that once Ethereum
2.0 is fully launched, Ethereum price will spike and go up as high as eighty thousand dollars, according to Matt
Cutler, CEO of Block Native. This will have a long term bullish impact on the price of
Ethereum, notwithstanding the short term volatility, which is part and parcel of crypto asset valuations.

Another big factor to be considered is decentralized
finance. Decentralized finance seems like the future of finance. If your name is synonymous with defied because it powers
numerous crypto currencies in the decentralized finance sector, Ethereum has an excess of two hundred thousand
tokens, some of which are an essential part of the top one hundred large crypto currencies. A considerable lot of these crypto currencies are active in
defined space as defined, growing larger. The more demand there is for it, the more valuable it is,
and the more the price of Ethereum will increase.

According to trading education outcome, decentralized
finance looks like it will be a genuine competitor with the traditional way of centralized finance. And the theory is playing a pivotal role in this, thus
attracting investors and causing the price to increase some of the top crypto traders and publications and predictions
on a theory and price points, which reported that the crypto research report used the equation of exchange model to
assess the future of a theory. And by examining the future use case of the crypto, the
model had predicted the third game to reach three hundred and thirty one dollars in twenty twenty. However, the coin seems to have surpassed this mark well
before it goes on to predict that by twenty twenty five Theorem will reach the mark of three thousand five hundred

James to daro a managing partner a block down capital and a
very well known name of the crypto industry, also predicted a theoretical spike up and reach a price point of nine
thousand dollars. Eventually, he also has confidence that Ethereum will
potentially scale up to one trillion dollars market cap as a result of the rise in demand for defined tokens in the
years to come. Another top crypto trader that predicted the price of
Ethereum as Brian Shuster, the founder of our capital Brain Trust, are firmly believes that by the time twenty twenty
four approaches, we can see theorem resting at the mark of one hundred thousand dollars. Simon Eidetic, co-founder of Blackfire and managing partner
at Moonrocks Capital, is another block chain investor that predicted the price of Ethereum. This venture capitalist and blocks an investor sees a
bright, long term future for Ethereum and estimates the asset could someday be worth as much as nine thousand
dollars per token.

In conclusion, while most consider Ethereum an investment
that holds much promise and will surely reward investors, it's not in every case clear precisely what price Ethereum
may reach and when. Although Ethereum has a relatively low capitalization when
compared to Bitcoin, it shows so much promise with it having the support of the entire crypto development industry and
also lauded by industry experts and technical analysts, its potential to explode in price is realistic.

With the discussed factors and analysis, it's easy to
predict that Ethereum will explode to between ten thousand and eighty thousand dollars in the next five to ten years. Let's quickly take a look at the theorem chart. This chart shows the theorem and US dollar hourly price
movements. We can see that the price of one Ethereum is currently at
around two thousand thirty five dollars, but it doesn't seem comfortable yet. It appears it just broke out of the
resistance line, which is slightly above the 2000 level.

The movement broke out of two lines, the green and the
yellow line, and can indicate a continued uptrend, which could see the price sitting comfortably well above 20 and
even up to three thousand in the coming days. The white horizontal line may be considered as the new
support set at around one thousand nine hundred dollars. The price is expected to use this level as backup in case
of any fall on the chart. We also have some other information, such as the fact that
the RSI is high for the daily and hourly, and the prediction is that the price will go far into the thousand area and
even up to two thousand five hundred. The prediction also says that there is a high chance that
the price will break twice and completely and then by next week, parabolic rise to three thousand is to be expected.

At this rate, ten thousand is no longer a far milestone. And who knows? Even eighty thousand. Of course, these predictions should only guide you in your
analysis, you should do your own analysis that is independent of any external considerations before you
invest or take a position in the market. We always advise that you do your own research because it's
very important also only invest with money you are comfortable losing because only one thing is certain. And it's the volatility of the market, including that of
Ethereum as a warning. Don't take loans to invest or invest with credit cards
either. These aren't good practices and one may incur huge debt.

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