Ethereum WILL CRUSH Bitcoin Soon (Hidden Coinbase BOMBSHELL)

welcome to your daily crypto wrap up where i give you all these crypto news in about three minutes uh all right guys first let's start by looking at the markets bitcoin coming in right now pretty good at forty four thousand eight hundred and six dollars as we head back up towards forty five thousand uh people are estimating that forty six thousand could be the hard resistance level so we will have to watch for that aetherium with a two percent gain as you can see right here commit thirty one hundred cardano sneaking back up 233 xrp sitting right at 99 and a half cents so let's check out the biggest movers of the day nothing really that sexy today doesn't really seem to be a theme we see a lot of over 10 pumps we've got roon near tezos curve deso uh harmony cello and that's all your movers over 10 percent actually infinity and sheba just barely missed it but man oh man do we have some stories for you guys today um two of these stories one we talked about earlier on the live stream uh but two of these stories i think really really really big so first and foremost you can now tip with bitcoin on twitter um this is through what is called the lightning network if you're not familiar with that that's basically where a lot of transactions gets packaged together and send it one time it makes it a lot quicker jack mallors or jack muller is on how to pronounce it uh because he's a mall rat maybe a muller i don't know anyway jack mallors he actually is the ceo of strike which is a payment company that works with the lightning network he works hand in hand with jack dorsey i assume he will have something to do with twitter's wallet that's going to be rolling out soon but this is absolutely huge news you'll be able to attach a bitcoin address directly to twitter and get tipped in bitcoin that crazy story uh next we've got ethereum futures uh are more appealing than bitcoin according to jp morgan which means we said on the live stream this morning that means that jp morgan's got a lot of ethereum and they're looking to get more bitcoin right now it's probably what they're trying to do but we told you all year ethereum is the coin of this bull run i mean it has not with the greatest returns but it's got the most notoriety in this bull run solana cardano they're creeping up there but ethereum is you know far and away uh you know the number two crypto it's not even close and the fact that the institutions are accumulating more ethereum right now i think it's really big but i want to touch on this story right here i think this is a really underrated story hong kong based crypto unicorn amber group worth over a billion dollars as u.s listing they're kind of like celsius it's a lending platform which is weird they're coming over from hong kong come here from china the united states directly after coinbase got their lend program shut down by the sec but you know what when you look really carefully here it says i have to read it to you the company attained unicorn status in june following a 100 million or 100 million dollar funding round that gave it a valuation of a billion dollars its investors include tiger global and coinbase ventures is this how they sneak in their lending program could be what we have to uh stay tuned for that hey i'm way over time i gotta go good way out

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