Ethereum vs Ripple | Squawk Box Europe

Bitcoin is An experiment in monetary theory: It’s a breakthrough in emergent, collaborative systems, Complicated and maybe the future as a store of value. In five years, cash will be Cash. I don’t think cash is changing dramatically in the next five years. Cash will be valuable still, But it may take on different forms. Some of those forms will be decentralized cryptocurrencies. You should invest in XRP, because Not even gon na answer that We’re solving a multitrillion dollar problem and we’re making a lot of progress towards that. Icos are Fraud, Speculative And speculation drives innovation, so they’re very important in creating foundational infrastructure. Governments should embrace cryptocurrency because They can help make governments more efficient. I am certain the government should embrace applications built on blockchain systems. What keeps me awake at night is Email, Keeping the Ripple momentum going To critics who say cryptocurrency is a bubble. I say Yes, It’s a bubble that drives innovation. They were also the people shorting Amazon in 1997.

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