Ethereum Today EXPLODING! (Why I’m Buying ETH, LINK, DOT, & AAVE)

welcome to bitboy crypto my name is ben everyday on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money and crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button also guys don't forget to smash that like button so more people find out about a theory because you guys know we are the official ethereum channel on youtube uh on my way to church uh family's already there going to meet him there right now and i just wanted to talk to you guys about ethereum i want to talk to you guys about some other coins that are pumping and some similarities i see uh in them and why they're great coins to invest in even though they're pumping i think they're still gonna do a good job they're gonna be talking about my bitcoin trade that i'm in right now and uh that's right guys we made some more successful trades yesterday uh i believe we are now 16 successful trades in a row and uh right now i'm in the green i haven't locked in the profits in this one yet so that would be 17.

I don't know what the world record is but i got to be close to it coming to you live from the hellcat today i know that's right i'm going to church in the hellcat a little uh might be a little conflict of interest there okay but guys listen let's talk about ethereum overnight last night ethereum absolutely pumped it went all the way up to around 1350 which you guys know due to a line i drew way before we even got there during this cycle it did look like 1350 was a strong resistance and then of course we blew past it on the way to all-time highs uh but yet it has reared its ugly head again uh but that's okay guys ethereum is making up ground against bitcoin okay if you think about what bitcoin did after it hit its all-time high it definitely shot way up outperformed what a lot of us thought and it was leaving ethereum in the dust now with bitcoin back around 32 33 000 and ethereum getting a pump all the way to 1350 looking like it was going to charge back to all-time highs again you got to see that ethereum is gaining ground this is the potential we've been talking about for months on this channel this is why i tell you you do not want to miss out and guys i've really come to understand over this last week that you guys want and this sounds crazy you guys want more ethereum content so if you want more ethereum content make sure to smash that like button maybe i can there we go there we go look at that whew now you get a good look at him okay so anyways guys uh ethereum killing it right now we're gonna have more angles for ethereum coming up for you guys uh i got uh i got three different videos that i definitely want to make over the course of this next week we're also gonna be doing more coin reviews now when you're looking for other coins to invest in okay i want to tell you something that i'm noticing right now okay chain link dot ave these are three coins that have been on a gigantic tear lately and you know it's really made me start thinking about this market and really made me start thinking about you know what the winners win in this market right now the winners win if you look at ave it is the number one decentralized finance coin okay if you look at chain link it is the number one blockchain oracle project when you look at dot it is not number one it's not the number one smart contract platform right now but it definitely is looking like it's gonna be a fierce competitor to ethereum and it is now firmly in that number four spot and before you know it who knows dot could be catching up to tether so here here's an interesting thought for you guys uh along those lines something that i didn't plan on saying today but i want to tell you which is back in the last bull run tether was not even a top 10 coin okay so what we hope to see during this run is we want to see more coins get above tether get above the stable coin okay now number one that would be because we're seeing a lot of of uh of interest in all coins but number two maybe that would also mean that there would be more stable coins out there people would be investing in including usdc and things like that but we do want to see even though we had have had fun on tether we do want to see tether move down those rankings what you know we want to see dot cardano link we want to see all these projects bitcoin cash we want to see them go above tether during this run that's definitely something to watch out for what that would mean okay is that when it comes to trading dollars there's more demand than supply okay because there's only so many tether out there we want many more people to be trading these coins than tether can handle and we want tether and usdc we want all of these projects to be printing more grants more money so that way more people can trade because trading is definitely something interesting in this market but chain link to me is definitely as you guys know and it's been a very favorite coin on this channel for you know a long time i even have a review if you want to dig it up back in 2018 early 2018 one of my you know first review videos i did i said a lot of interesting things in that video about chain link including that i thought for chain link to do really well their community was going to be really strong on social media and of course that came to pass and we saw what happened but i definitely believe that there's you know a lot of people look at these coins a lot of people look at these projects and they say oh it's just gone up 20 it's gone up 25 how in the world you know would this be a good investment just remember this the winners win that v chain is another one you look it's the winner of the supply chain uh tracking market right now to me i think it is the winner it blows all the other ones away doesn't have a strong competitor link doesn't have a strong competitor are they in my opinion right now the only you know it doesn't really have another strong competitor right now compound and maker to me they're not really can be obvious pushed way out in front now synthetics has definitely got some stuff about it i like i think it's vastly underrated um but you know it's something to keep in mind winners win in this market so guys let's talk about bitcoin for a minute so bitcoin kind of hovering in that 32 33 000 range right now i am long on bitcoin you guys know what i do not short in the market that's why i've got so many winning trades in a row i don't i take the guesswork out of it i wait for dips right now we dip down uh very significantly this morning like very significantly like about you know six to eight hundred dollars and i jumped on that trade i jumped on it last night i just missed getting a buy order filled at 31 800 that would have shaped up to be a really really good trade but guys i find me if i mean somebody else has got 17 winning trades in a row that's a lot you guys know we do use uh the market cypher indicator and it is just crushing yet right now and it just when you remember that the trend is your friend in the bull market that really is key so if you do want to trade make sure you guys go to deals d-e-a-l-s and we have a link for you to sign up for buy bit and then we also have a link for you to sign up for our buy bit trading competition that starts on monday you guys will be trading against me and my team uh the we are going to be giving away one full bitcoin we've almost got 250 people signed up so make sure to go sign up for that contest you only have to deposit .001 btc which is like 320 bucks somewhere around there so it's not that much to get started and this is really a community thing we want to have a lot of fun with it um you know so it does you don't have to put a huge amount in or anything like that the trading is based on percentages so you can definitely still win and for me i cannot believe that people are still shorting bitcoin in this market i i went on twitter the other day or yesterday actually and i was looking at all the big accounts telling their people to short and to me a lot of these guys are nerdy traders they only live on the charts they can't look outside they can't see the fundamentals they can't understand the bitcoin cycles they make money whether it goes up or down they can't zoom out and see the big picture for me i can't believe that people are shorting in this market and yes there are times when it makes sense to short even in the bull market but for me that's not a strategy i've used i've i've shorted the market three times over the last two months i got wrecked on all three and i decided i will not show bitcoin during this time when the market pops i will short it down to the ground but right now we are only longing bitcoin on this channel so drop me a comment down below and uh let me know what you think and i just want to say once again guys fit squad i love you guys appreciated the outpouring of support when we had a strike on the channel there for a couple hours i think we set a world record for the fastest time a crypto channel has ever gotten a strike removed and that's because of you guys that's because of your support going on twitter retweeting us make sure you're following us there on twitter at bitboy underscore crypto all the rest are fake let's try to get it where i can get verified on there so less people get scammed by impersonators beware down in the comments the impersonators are everywhere it's a game of whack-a-mole we just can't win we try to delete as many as we can but as you know it is very difficult so guys that's all we got today be blessed i'm on the way to church i'm gonna get blessed right now big boy out

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