ETHEREUM to $_____?? My Crazy Predictions

Hey yo, what’s the prowl, with the top fans
of this channel the Chico Army, but if you’re new, you haven’t earned your place with
that group, you’re just a viewer of the tube. Get used to me, cuz I’m your host Tyler
and if you're gonna roll up into this content, you better expect the unexpected… know
our kitty wayne. It’s time for Chico Crypto! Well, it looked like death & destruction once
again last week with the markets getting brought right down with tech stonks…but those tech
stonks bounced including one that I called was going to bounce hard, TESLA. And it sure did, up nearly 35 percent since
last weeks low on the 8th and is back over 400 bucks as of yesterday….and why is this??? Like I showed in the video….something called
battery day is coming, that could send the stonk to the moon. Well just 2 days after the video, ole musky
boi, took to twitter to tweet this “Many exciting things will be unveiled on Battery
Day 9/22” And of course, because of the rebound from
the likes of Tesla & other tech stonks, crypto and bitcoin has rebounded as well.

BTC has bounced off of the 10ks level on that
same Day as Tesla’s low, the 8th, and has since surged to the 10700 dollar mark. Up 7.15 percent. But you know which coin has rebounded with
more of a vengeance? Ethereum. Since it’s low of around 326, it back over
382 bucks as of yesterday, an increase of over 17 percent. Soooo, issss is trueeee? Is Ethereum a better buy than bitcoin for
the next bull run? Well DeFi, and that infrastructure being built
on top of Ethereum is a seriously bullish cash for the protocol. Ethereum is stealing away BTC it’s main
chain because of this.

Live stream over the weekend, the number of
BTC on Ethereum was at 82,847 as of yesterday, it was 85718, basically a 3000 BTC growth,
in just 2 days or over 32 million dollars. That rate keeps up, in just two months it
will double it’s number, upwards of 180,000 BTC resulting in 1 percent of the circulating
supply being locked on Ethereum. Which looking at BITCOINS rich list, this
total combined would put BTC on Ethereum, as one of the top 2 wallets, which will scare
those with the most BTC, as you can see the top names listed are centralized exchanges,
like Huobi, Binance, Bitfinex & more. DeFi vs CeFi…it’s the tale of the coming
tape. And guess what? Those in charge are announcing the warcry….ole
SUH Z, said this on Twitter “#Binance Smart Chain (BSC) transaction volume is now 14%
of ETH. BNB market cap is 10% of ETH. In addition to #BSC, #BNB has a native fast
DEX blockchain, burn, discount fees on #Binance, and more… Ya their Ethereum competitor chain, their
new smart chain…a copy of what Justin Sun was trying to do but failed at, is moving
on to a full on attack versus Ethereum’s DeFi.

And this will only increase, in the future…you
see how he says…in addition to the BSC, BNB has a native fas DEX blockchain…ya the
Binance DEX, has been a failure since launch, but he still wants it to be bigger than Uniswap…that’s
why they built it, yet even with this smart chain surge, the volume is peanuts, about
1.5 million for the the Binance DEX, and Uniswap has nearly 540 million. So don’t get comfortable Ethereum DeFi warriors,
more is coming, and let me tell you a whole lot more. But the thing, people need to realize, is
the more Ethereum gets battered by not only the Binance clan, Tron, shoot even Fluffy
Pony, former lead maintainer of Monero, now a bitcoin maxi i think, is attacking Ethereum
and supporting binance….the better this is for Ethereum. The attacks mean Ethereum is succeeding, especially
when they come from distributed entities across multiple platform tribes, bitcoin maxis, chinese
centralized crews & more.

Soooo, as an Ether holder, don’t be scurred
of this…just know, it’s the reason to be bullish, as others want what Ethereum has
& they will never succeed in taking it. Per example, this….you guys know the baseline
protocol, they have been building, growing & pushing forward with their Ethereum standard. Nothing like baseline will ever be built on
Tron or Binance chain, I’m sorry to burst that bubble…but baseline, just announced
a new partner has joined….they tweeted welcome accenture! Which is interesting, because Accenture announced
they were partnering with the digital dollar project in March of this year, whose aim is
to promote the establishment of US Central bank digital currency. So those types of corporations, large entities,
are building on Ethereum, not other chains, and the proof is in the development pudding. When accenture starts building on Tron, give
me a holler… So corporates, besides Accenture who is building
on Ethereum & not the others? Well baseline, protocol, has more than a few
of them…CocaCola, which is baselining their data, and according to this coindesk report,
on the partnership, Coca Cola of North America, CONA will be publishing the results in q4
of this year.

Coke & Accenture..but there is more…Ernst
& Young, who is a founding member of Baseline, and created Nightfall on top of Ethereum…then
there is also, advanced Microdevices, AMD…who is apart of baseline, and guess who announced
a joint infrastructure partnership in June of this year? Another baseline member, Consensys and AMD,
to build out Ethereum infrastructure data centers, powered by AMD hardware. This fact of Ethereum, being built on from
2 directions, the distributed DeFi side and the centralized corporate side, is such a
bullish case short, mid, and long term. So theoretically, because of this…what could
be Ethereum’s price because of this, when BTC reaches certain price levels, like back
to 12k, 14k, and even back to its old all time high of 20k and beyond?? Well let’s begin, with just a slight push
up, to that 12k level for BTC. As we can see, the last time BTC did it, was
September 1st, and Ethereum on that day got up to 480….will that happen again with the
next visit? Actually I think it will be slightly lower,
around 450 due to the attacks, vampire mining schemes and more as that hype is attempted
to be stolen in the short term.

Disappointing, but Ethereum will breakout
on the next two legs up for the Bitcoin price level. Let me explain…Most developers are still
building on Ethereum, and they will for the foreseeable future, thus any revolutionary
DeFi products, will be deployed with Ethereum 1st. This is the 1 punch in the short to mid term,
the 2 punch is those enterprise integrations, digital dollar news, microsoft, AMD, baseline…there
is a lot of good news that could drop for Ethereum in this time fram too. so, at 14k BTC….I would put Ethereum, nearly
doubling its price and getting up to 750. But past this, is when Ethereum will set itself
apart. Let me try and explain…so these centralized
shatheads, all they are doing is copying and pasting, ethereum smart contracts and the
ethereum virtual machine, then adding their own little adjustments to fit the consensus
of their chains. But they are still adhering to the solidity,
smart contract language, very inexperienced developers who are pushing out the code faster,
and faster and leaving vulnerabilities wide open.

Literally, the binance smart chain whitepaper,
was announced in April of this year, and they have already pushed out a mainnet. So, I know 2 weeks ago, I put out this video
saying the billion dollar hack DeFi hack was coming, and though it would be on Ethereum…but
it’s not, it’s going to be on one of these chains, pushing out copycats wayyyyy tooo
fast. I mean if you can’t help your centralized
exchange from getting hacked, how do you expect to stop the attack range of solidity smart
contracts? And if it happens, swooosh, it will be the
writing in stone, that sets Ethereum apart as the leader of DeFi….and a mass of exodus
of their built up liquidity, will exit to Ethereum & potentially be the event in history
which kills the centralized exchanges for good.

Thus I would put Ethereum surpassing it’s
old all time high of around 1.4k and hitting a cool 2 thousand bucks. The world of Ethereum is getting something
others is not…competitors are trying to steal DeFi currently, but NFTs are growing,
decentralized insurance is growing, corporate interest is growing. Don’t be left behind or tricked…Cheers
viewers I’ll see you next time!.

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