Ethereum Stratum Proxy for Dwarfpool

hey there guys it's Lee here welcome back to another video so in today's video I'm going to be showing you how to set up the etherium mining stratum proxy for Dwarf Paul or other poles so you might be wondering what is the purpose of the stratum proxy and what does it do and how can it benefit you the primary benefit is that you're going to get an increase on your mining performance estimates are somewhere around between 10 and 20 percent so it's quite a significant increase so you don't really have to do anything to your hardware you don't it doesn't involve any overclocking or anything like that it's just a little change in your software and what and the way your miner connects through the proxy and then connects to the pool so straight by default most miners they connect to the poles using a protocol called get work that's how most miners connect but at least in the beginning stratum is just a more efficient way of doing that now a lot the current sort of a theory of miners and support stratum and if you're not already using that then I would recommend to do so what I did actually notice is that with dwarf pull and there's an extra bit of a configuration and software needed to do it so I was sitting out today and it's a little bit fiddly and to get the configuration quite right but um you know and it took a few minutes and eventually worked out exactly what was causing the issues so I wanted to share that with you guys them today so hopefully you can kind of see the process how I do it and then it hopefully will make it easier for you guys and so let's jump in so on the screen you'll see that I've a remotely logged into risky file one it's Windows 10 machine and yeah I'm just logged in using our team here which is a really good but I'll leave that for another day so yeah Windows 10 remote login and so in the bottom right hand corner we have our normal sort of a eath miner the one I'm going to use is this one which is 0.9.5 one general 1:07 so that's the etherion mine and I'm using and I have been using quite well it's good for AMD and also in video cards so that's really good so that's the mono run in the bottom right hand corner and then you know more to the center you'll notice and that there is this efj proxy exe so this is the straight and proxy so what's actually happening is with your normal miner on the bottom right hand side you'll have your minor and that will connect directly to the pool and the information will travel back and forwards from palta minor faults and minor what we're going to actually set out with the actual stratum is your minor is going to connect to the proxy the stratum proxy and then the stratum proxy is going to connect to the poor so that sounds more complicated but what actually happens is it's more efficient so what it's going to do is kind of like bulk up the work for you and then send it to your minor without the miner going back and forwards backwards and forwards and you'll losing efficiency there so I'm going to show you that whole sort of run process now so let's start saying if we go there'll be a link in the description for the actual eve proxy I'll put that link in description there's just sorry just a little bit of a delay there West I am working remotely on this machine so download the efj proxy and then extract it to a folder of your choice here I'm just working from the actual downloads folder I'm inside you'll see there is a config file the Eve proxy a licensed and read me so what you want to do is just right click on the Eve proxy and then go to edit so in that just to be clear that was the Eve – proxy Kampf and then just go to edit it should open up with notepad if it doesn't right click go to open with and select to open it with your notepad and at the top you'll see these various sort of information what you're going to do is scroll down a little bit and then at the end of that where you've got you serve operation so it's just a little bit laggy where I'm connecting so then what you have is a select aetherium a for expense so you want if for a theorem then it's got a host and port for your workers it really should say – it kind of causes a little bit of confusion then in this part here you want to type and that's the IP address for your local machine where it's got port you can leave it as it is so it's 880 the next part that we're going to need is your actual your actual wallet address so I'm just going to get mine if I go to my each reminder folder if I open up one I'm where mining batch files are better to copy it from there so I'm just going to copy my wallet address which where I would have been wanting to then I go back to that notepad that we was editing and then I'm just going to change these X's to my wallet address let's paste that in there and then a little further down it also has our enable worker ID and by default this is set to false but you want to just change that false just change it to true and that allows you to track your actual workers so you can if you give your workers a nickname you better track them in the dwarf pulled statistics and that's basically pretty much the only things you need to do to change that Eve proxy config file there's some other options but you can just leave them as they are the other thing sorry the other thing I didn't actually mention is with the stratum proxy one of the other really cool features is it also has a file over Paul was built into it so what happens is if you're mining on your normal Paul said like the European Dwarf Paul if that Paul goes down and this will automatically switch to another pool in this case at the Russian pool or the US pool so that's really good so if it yeah if the Paul goes down you've got a backup so that's pretty good okay so there are changes that we need to make for this so we go to file and then we go to safe and that just saves that configuration file so we can close that now we can close that up a batch file as well for a time being okay so that should be our each proxy setup so we should be able to just double click that now and it should run okay that looks good so you should see once it started up it should say listening for miners on one two seven zero zero one eight eighty and then it says some other information they're connected to the various pools so that's great so that's basically ready to go if you double click it and it just closes it immediately what you want to do is just right click in the actual folder and go to actually press the shift and right click and then go to open command window and then just type a dash peroxy dot exe and press enter and it will run but what will happen is the window will stay open and it will give it like an error message so you can see what there is and then fix that particular problem so that's just a little tip there and but our proxy miner is working fine so we can just minimize that or move it somewhere out of the way a little bit ok so the straight and proxy is working and the next thing we want to do is we actually want to set up miner to actually connect to the actual proxy so what we're going to do is we're going to open up our normal Eve miner and then we have our default kind of mining configuration so I'll show you mine here and the top part is just sets the maximum memory for the actual graphics card itself you might have that in your config or not and the next part is Eve miner and then my normal sort of a configuration and then with a pause underneath so what I'm actually going to do is show you how to connect to the actual proxy so if we go and we copy this file and then we just want to paste it if we then much on just edit in there are we want to edit okay so there is a few little change that we need to make so the first part is this part here which is the actual address so you want to move out remove that address and we want to type and then then you've got colon and then you 1 8 18 the next part is you can remove your affair address remove that and then just leave one slash and then your nickname so we've got so that is basically the actual connection address so what it's actually going to do is going to connect your local proxy basically kind of doing like a loopback it's going to reconnect your own computer and that's the information the ultimate we need to add is let me just check from the other file because can't remember off the top of my head is I yes this yeah they said – – farm – we checked 200 we need to add that as well so there's we have a notepad yeah this one and let's just paste that in there so you'll need to add that as well so you've got equine ER – – farm – recheck and then a number 200 and the 200 set in is 200 milliseconds so you can change that accordingly what you'll see is when I start the actual miner up you'll see it refreshes and in basic you can always refresh every 200 milliseconds so you might want to change that to like 500 and it will just slow down that sort process and by default they recommend 200 so I guess we'll just stay with that so we'll say that so that's my batch file now so the top part you might or might not have but the important part is this eath minor – – farm recheck 200 – G which is for AMD cards change that to – you if you've got an Nvidia online cuda star and then we've got – F and then stet sure the Romanian stone is going to save that now and then it was the copy so if I double-click this now and a start application so it's found a graphics cards starting to mine and then now you can see that actually mining well it's just like Theodore Hoover so just move those over there yes in the bottom right hand corner we've got the etherion miner let's connect into the proxy miner and then the proxy miner is connecting to the pool so you can see that moment it says for risk if r1 is zero but in about I think it's refresh is about every 30 seconds on my you a minute and that will go up you'll also be able to see it on the actual etherium door for the actual pool itself where T hash freight and all that sort of information and so that's it guys if NS sort of covered all the details that you would need to know if you have any questions or comments as always just let me know in the comments box and I'll try to clarify any details that you need I'll put the links to the de minor and the Eve proxy all in the description and that should be everything that you need to get help yeah if theory of mining using the air stratum proxy on door pool or perhaps and up and pull so yeah thanks for watching guys take care

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