ETHEREUM STAKING – Validator Client Inactivity Penalty on the Topaz Testnet (How much did I lose?)

hi guys I'm glad you're tuning in with today's video if you're interested in what the inactivity penalties are for your validator client when it's offline how much if you're actually going to be losing during a day a week or month and this video is for you because I'm going to share with you how much if you have been losing with my validator client that's been offline for about a week my name is Kurian I create decentralized finance and cryptocurrency videos to make sure that you are ready for the next bull run so let's get right into this hopefully with me sharing these inactivity penalties that I am getting you can make a better a judgment if you actually want to become a validator if the risks are right for you because yeah if you're inactive you will be losing money now this is the validator of course I'll link this down below so you can check out this validator maybe in a week from now or a month for now and you can see how fast I'm losing funds I'll get into the percentages in a bit so this is the validator that created and has missed four blocks I created about seven days ago and it's mr.

Fink around thousand five hundred attestations so many associations that's been missing so it's definitely been hit by an activity fee and the inactivity fee when we go to overview it's in the last day and one day I've been losing a 0.013 3e and in seven days of lost 0.086 the percentage amount that you'll be earning per year for your validate decline would be the amount that you'd be losing per year per month and today so let's look a little better the percentages and maybe that gives you a better impression on the risks associated with becoming evaluative so the one day loss is 0.04 percent that's around 0.01 F which is valued at two dollars and fifty eight cents and that is when we take a price of two hundred and ten dollars per fum now for one week that would be zero point two eight percent which is zero point zero eight six-one if and that is $18.80 per week so for the first day losses my validated client hasn't been offline for 30 days if I take the one day lost percentage multiply it by 30 I can get an estimation and that is 1.2 percent that my validated client will be loose and 1.2 percent of 30 to Eve is your prime 3 6 9 if that my validated client will be losing every single month and that is $77 so definitely not great so let's look at the penalties formula so that you can make an accurate estimation on how much you validate a client would be losing should it be hit by inactivity penalties so on the website I could if I don't consensus our link it down below so you can look at the formula in peace we're gonna take a look at the inactivity penalty system 30 finalized for for aprox which is 4 times the base we want and the base reward is calculated by taking the effective balance of e validator times the base reward factor this is a constant and divided by the base rewards per app hock to the root of the sum of the active balance and the base reward factor the constant is 64 and the base rewards per a park is 4 so you can use this formula to make an accurate estimation on how much you validate a client would be losing should it be hit by an inactivity penalty which I definitely hope that does not happen I hope you enjoyed this video and you got a better understanding of the inactivity penalties that your validated client could be hit with should it be offline for a longer period of time and also hope this helps you maybe make a better judgment if the profit outweighs the risk when becoming a validator on the etherium a blockchain so yeah if that said I wish you a fantastic day and I'll catch you in the next video have a good one bye bye

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