Ethereum SMASHING $5k By THIS DATE (Best ETH Analysis)

welcome to bitboy crypto the largest crypto channel on all the interwebs my name is ben everybody on the channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money in crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button also guys if you want to trade with my bit or now femax you guys can uh check out deals if you're having problems with the ip address with buy bit you can check out femax it's also a very good leveraged training site well some big announcements on my bed stuff this week man let me tell you guys what ethereum am i right come on news with me hashtag eastgate put in the comments listen ethereum last night 2884 on by bit early this morning actually and it looks like it's poised to maybe get above 3 000 before the end of the weekend we've seen the easing of the futures contracts expiration the downward selling pressure seems to be gone the question is where are we going from here i'm going to give you guys some timelines so you guys can be looking for certain prices by certain dates now these are not necessarily predictions i'm not telling you when exactly i think it's going to hit this i've been reading a lot of ethereum information this morning and there seems to be kind of a general timeline that i'm seeing and i want to share that with you guys and let me know what you think down below in the comments but before we get to the actual timeline and dates and when we can be looking for what prices for ethereum it's important to understand what's going on with ethereum right now not in terms of the network in terms of the larger perception we're starting to see a lot of the same narratives that we saw with bitcoin now with ethereum uh one of those narratives is its size against different companies we now know that ethereum is approaching the market cap of companies like paypal companies like disney okay think about that ethereum approaching the market cap of those companies and you know you've got kevin o'leary out here talking about um you got kevin o'leary talking about sorry this guy this guy just thought he could pass me i let him pass me i i let him take it i let him take it he's in a truck he doesn't know what this is he stared at me like he wanted some but he didn't want that smoke but anyways the point is is that kevin o'leary of shark tank fame he's out there saying look aetherium has value but it'll never be more than bitcoin but it's gonna stay number two and and we're just starting to see a lot of narratives develop around this the network effects of ethereum are growing getting bigger it's getting stronger i told you guys cardano binance coin polka dot they needed to kick ethereum while it was down and they certainly did that one of the other narratives that we're seeing shaping up around ethereum is that defy is back d5 is coming in hot but it's a little bit different than over the summer over the summer d5 was hot for degenerates like you and like me if you were here during that time you guys were looking to buy every single coin known to man and try to sell it at the right time and not to get rug pulled on uniswap in the whole nine yards but the thing that's occurring now is the mainstream the mainstream is finding out about d5 we're seeing device stories coming out in mainstream newspapers and publications and uh you know online media sources we weren't really seeing that over the summer we were pretty much just seeing it in the djinn crypto circles people are starting to understand the decentralized finance is the automobile traditional finance is the horse and buggy tell you guys this all the time now when you start moving up all these uh narratives together things really start coming into focus for ethereum which is this is a powerhouse the same way we looked at different currencies and different businesses the bitcoin would slowly move up against that shifting to ethereum the way that people are seeing the use case and actually being able to identify what bitcoin is today it's not an electronic peer-to-peer currency as it started it's digital gold we're starting to see this or ethereum people are understanding what divi is they're starting to understand there's a corvette show over here look at that people are starting to understand exactly what this is what we're looking at we're looking at the decentralized web 3.0 coming built on ethereum built on polka dot cosmos cardona but a lot of these other platforms as well but ethereum is becoming the household name that i predicted it would be exactly as i predicted earlier this year so we got all that out of the way we're starting to see ethereum strengthen and develop narratives built around it the same way they were built around bitcoin you don't necessarily see these narratives coming from the mainstream for other coins other than these two right now maybe dogecoin as well actually i would throw in there obviously it has gone pretty mainstream but what about prices what are we looking at because obviously when you invest in ethereum you're investing in something that is more than just a store of value you're investing in something that's trying to achieve things but the value proposition of ethereum is so big we're now starting to see where we should be at different price points or different timelines so right now we're at 28.80 when should we be at three thousand dollars well i'll be shocked if we're not at three thousand dollars by the end of this next coming week i think possibly by tomorrow i mean we're only 120 to 140 away right now um which is you know just about a four percent mover so i think that math is right i'm just going off my head um so we should see three thousand dollars very soon it's it's a virtual certainty at this point the options uh release of the options expiration release the futures uh for bitcoin mean that its price is probably going up we inched up almost had a positive month for bitcoin very very small red candle this is great news for bitcoin going forward uh and we're gonna see bitcoin go up we might see bitcoin dominance break back up slightly if it makes a big move maybe back up about 50 but ethereum's gonna move with it so when are we looking for ethereum to get to let's say five thousand dollars well uh a company a research firm out there has said uh i can't remember which one off top of my head they said they're looking they're giving ethereum a six percent chance i love when they put these chances on their percentages a six percent chance ethereum hits five thousand dollars by june 1st and hey i'm gonna say it i think it is uh i think it's possible i think during may we could certainly see a surge um i i'm definitely looking for ethereum to be above four thousand dollars but i would say probably somewhere in the first two weeks of june that's when we're looking for five thousand dollars somewhere in between uh you know may in the middle of june we're looking for a five thousand dollar east that keeps us on track for all of the targets that we're looking to achieve next ten thousand dollars when should we look for a ten thousand dollar uh ethereum now a ten thousand dollar ethereum is actually a lot of people's uh top price point they think that's where it'll top out and i do not you guys know that if you watch this channel um but uh we are funstrat which is a company a data analytics firm and crypto a market analysis research team they believe that ethereum is going to hit ten thousand dollars pretty much by the end of this cycle they're saying sometime around august what's really interesting about these august predictions is that would put this at one of or this would put this at the shortest bull run of all time um if if we topped out in august i don't think we're going to see that i think what we're going to see i'm just driving around the kroger parking lot i got to go get myself a a uh mcgriddle here in just a second i don't i don't want y'all to see me get my mcgriddle okay saturday morning it's breakfast time but the point is i don't think we're going to see august as the top of this bull run i think i think we're going to see september so what does that mean well that means that funds track can be correct all these uh dan moorhead can be correct bitcoin can hit 115 000 in august ethereum can hit 10 000 by august i don't think these companies in these research firms are taking into consideration this new wing new wing restaurant right in front of a new hot halloween restaurant i'm gonna try that out later i think we see the most parabolic movement between the middle of september and october 1st well yeah yeah no no no october 31st halloween a lot of this will be all coins okay ethereum will make its run up to halloween it's going to be a haunted halloween as that's going to be the top of the altcoin market so i'm looking for these are this is your timeline i'm looking for five thousand dollars by the middle of june i'm looking for ten thousand dollars by the end of august and i'm looking for twenty seven thousand dollars by halloween but i will tell you this as the price of ethereum gets above ten thousand dollars be looking to take profits don't ride it all the way back down i can assure you it's not a fun ride all right guys drop those comments down below if you want to take advantage of uh any of these numbers and go trade on by bit do it safely use responsible leverage please use stop losses you can do that by visiting biblical dot com slash by bit we got a lot of cool trading stuff i'm sorry slash deals uh you can go to the buy bit section at the top we're gonna be doing a lot more trading content coming up over the next few weeks we've got a femex tutorial today we've got some big stuff we're going to buy a bit we're going to let you guys know about next week all right guys that's all i got drop comments down below let me know where you think of theory miss heading to be blessed boy out

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