Ethereum PUMPING NOW! (Can ETH Pass Bitcoin 2021?)

welcome to bitboy crypto home of the bid squad the largest and greatest crypto community in all the interwebs my name is ben everybody on this channel i show you how to make money in crypto if you like money and crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button bitcoin am i right ethereum am i right i don't know whether it's valentine's day or whether the easter bunny is back but we have seen now ethereum go to 2500 now you have a lot of people out there who are trying to explain why this happened why bitcoin went from 39 000 all the way to 42 400 last night uh we have a little bit of a retracement we are sitting right about exactly 42 000 right now i think it was about forty one thousand five hundred uh when i woke up so his climb back up almost to forty two thousand and we know forty two thousand is a very very very strong uh resistance level because it was a very very strong support level on the way up and so people are trying to figure out what is going on with all these prices why are things starting to develop in a way uh that people didn't expect well that would be people other than those in the bit squad because if you watch this channel and if you have watched this channel for a while now you know that ever since uh the month of june the very beginning of june we've been telling you guys that hey be prepared because june and july were going to be boring but by the middle of july we were going to see the price of bitcoin start to go up this is not based on a chart this is not based on uh anything other than the fact that i know what's happening that i'm giving i've been given the information of what is happening and so far you guys have to admit ever since july 20th we have been dead on and we believe by the end of this bull run this channel is going to go down in infamy maybe maybe not infamy maybe that makes it sound like uh like the titanic or something but we are going to go down sorry i'm i'm on a road that's got all these bumps and it's really crazy i'm not off-roading in the trx but it could be uh but we've been deadly accurate about what's been going on here and so what do we expect to happen from here well once we get above 42 000 we head to 44 000 the next support level or the next resistance level should be the dreaded 47 000 which was a number that uh i said i didn't think we would ever see bitcoin go below again that was based on all of my research and all of my uh you know study of the bitcoin cycle that was based on the fact i thought bitcoin was heading to 330 000 or 320 000 which it should have been but what happened when we had the manipulators pull put a pause on the bull run they put an absolute pause on the bull run they stole two months out of this bull run from us so they could re-accumulate at lower prices and you know it's good in the short term for us that we're getting the second piece of the bull run but it's a little sad we're not going to achieve the numbers in my opinion that i thought we were going to get to it and i was out there doing the best that i could with the information that i had at the time there are a lot of other youtubers out there obviously we're your favorite channel but there's other youtubers out there that are doing the best they can based on the information on the charts on the history of bitcoin on their data science on their analysis they're doing the very very very best that they can but but unfortunately for these other youtubers which a lot of them are my friends i'm not saying bad stuff about them they're just not getting the information that i'm getting right now and i've been told where this thing is going and i mentioned to another youtuber in a dm message that we're going to a hundred thousand dollars and he laughed at me he basically said yeah at lol that's not happening uh implying that this is a bull trap and that uh it's a bull trap and then we will be heading back down very soon guys that's not happening you can take what we're saying on this channel is truth and it it is unfortunate that i you know i said that we were not going to go below 47 000 and we did uh and a lot of people gave me a lot of grief on that on twitter but i was just doing the best that i could with the information that i had but now things have changed and we know where things are going to and by the way i've got some more news on this impending black swan event that's coming in the fall i think a lot of you guys can put two and two together at this point and see some things that are probably likely happening in the fall but uh tomorrow on the sunday drive to church i think i'm going to give you guys the information on that so make sure that you come back to the channel in the morning and i will have that uh have that video for you it's a it's a little bit different than i thought it was going to be so i'm going to give you that full analysis but where do we go in the short term for ethereum well let me tell you what a lot of people don't know last night you know the news outlets they've been racking their their brains trying to figure out how in the world how in the world bitcoin pumped again out of nowhere last night we told you expected volatile weekend we've got the volatility to the upside which has been great but guys that there is no reason uh it's kind of it's kind of sad right like i want there to be news i want there to be reasons why these pump but in reality it was a large bitcoin whale last night who actually moved the price in a two-minute time span you guys can go check those numbers out what a lot of you guys don't know some information that i've been given about uh this same bitcoin whale is that at the same time they were making this bitcoin move they were preparing a large ethereum move so the point is here is that the exact same time the bitcoin was moved two ethereum wallets full of 90 million dollars worth of ethereum each were moved into position to pump the eth price today and guess what happened the eth price pump today back up over 2500 now we've got the hard fork coming and you know i just realized this you guys know i'm going on vacation uh dz will be filling in for me on the morning live stream uh which did you guys check out the nft update show today with dz and justin williams they did a phenomenal job uh we got big stuff coming uh with nfts and that's a show that can keep you updated so make sure to support them support dz while i'm gone support the channel while i'm gone uh it's it this means i'm actually gonna be able to take some breaks here and there where i don't have to make videos every day uh i made videos every day but two in the last year so uh it's kind of something that i need kind of a little break that i think i need to spend some time with my family and not necessarily be doing it every day so on the fourth i'm leaving to go to disneyland with my family if you're gonna be out there at the same time you guys can look for me at the park i'd love to meet some of you guys i'll be in anaheim for a few days but the point is on wednesday i'll be leaving after the morning live stream so i'll actually be able to be live the day the london hard fork goes live but then the days after i won't be there to fill you guys in on what's going on dz will be there uh to do that but this is something that we've been waiting on we've been talking about this since i believe february since about february we've been talking about how the uh the price of ethereum is going to be drastically affected by this london hard fork and the burning of fees the same people that are making these moves the same people that are moving bitcoin the same people who are moving ethereum these people want ethereum decoupled from bitcoin now i can't say for sure that we're going to have a flipping this year i do believe it's definitely a distinct possibility i think it can happen i i believe my bet is that it will happen but the best thing for the crypto market if you wanna you wanna know how we break the crypto cycles to where you don't have to be so dependent on bitcoin uh for the rest of the market the reason why all coins dropped 97 percent in a bear market is because there's no confidence in those altcoins compared to bitcoin when bitcoin is losing confidence they're losing confidence if ethereum can can pass bitcoin even if for a day even for an hour it will show the rest of the markets that all coins are here to stay and they deserve to move independent from bitcoin so that is what is at stake here this is not just how much money can we make on eth okay will it get to a seven to ten thousand dollar price point this year none of that that stuff will come that stuff will come but the question is can aetherium completely change the game sometimes you got to pull out you know what i mean uh ethereum can absolutely change the game for the entire crypto market so i did also just as a side note maybe i'll save this for tomorrow i got some news on the xrp stuff so uh tomorrow morning i will be uh giving you guys that when we talk about the black swan event so you guys watching that video tomorrow morning it's all i got be blessed hopefully out

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