Ethereum Price to $100,000 Soon (ETH FOMO Setting In)

welcome to bitboy crypto my name is ben every day on this channel i show you how to make money cryptocurrency and i'll be danked if i don't constantly show you the best way to make money in cryptocurrency uh if you do like those things if you like money in crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button you already know y'all already know why i am here right now on this video it is what time is it honey it is 8 22. it is almost 8 30 on a sunday night and let me tell you i try to take sundays off you know what i mean for the most part i might make a little video in the morning my people you know do some things get it out but guys ethereum is pomping and i got some really exciting news i want to share with you guys about ethereum and to me this is why ethereum is the tom brady the goat of crypto bitcoin is more like the joe montana like it was great scored a lot of touchdowns one for super bowls but ethereum is where the money is at game time money time all day every day with ethereum yes we take some losses sometimes sometimes we take some losses with ethereum but you know what they're never real losses unless they're realized unless you're pulling your money out and trust me guys i'm gonna be telling you when the right time to pull your money out ethereum is gonna because there will be a time it will be later on this year we're not gonna keep going long into a bear market we know we're in a bull trend we know we're in a bull market don't let the last few weeks confuse you that's why i was so confident the last few days on our live streams when you would ask me do you still think ethereum's going to 2 000 or 2500 by valentine's day and every time would i respond yes barring a monumental bitcoin collapse which would basically lead us into a bear market which i don't think we're heading to anytime soon ethereum right now all time highs it went all the way to fourteen hundred and eighty-one dollars on by bit i'm sure somewhere on some exchange it went all the way to fifteen hundred dollars i'm sure we're gonna see a high somewhere that it hit 15.

We are on the way to 15 the road to 15 it starts now i hope you guys have been enjoying this sunday of course you know i'm making this video at halftime i love y'all but i love me some football i watch the buccaneers who i hate the buccaneers but you got to give it to tom brady that guy knows what he's doing got the bills in the cheese looks like the chiefs are probably going to be running away with this one even though bill's got out to an early lead and the thing is things can get out to a lead teams can get out to leads listen i'm a falcons fan i was at the super bowl that we lost the last one i know what it's like to get out to a lead and lose and it feels like right now bitcoin is the atlanta falcons of crypto right now bitcoin is way out in front but we are seeing ethereum catch up explosive last night in the video i covered about tyler winklevoss and some of his comments about ethereum i told you guys 12 20 was an incredible entry incredible entry 10 percent below the all-time high and i'm not sure at this point that ethereum is going to let go of this 1400 level now this is what i wanted to tell you guys some very exciting things okay about aetherium and and we are like i said earlier today we're going to be doing much more ethereum content i mean ethereum is just going out of the roof all these bitcoin youtubers okay bitcoins going always exactly like they predicted exactly like they predicted we are gonna be doing another collab with altcoin daily this week and we doing a collab with mr kristoff a collab with elio we're gonna be doing a collab with uh the moon again okay we're gonna be doing a lot of collabs this week with a lot of bitcoin youtubers okay i am not a bitcoin youtuber leo also is not okay we are we understand the all coin market you may hear my children yelling in the background and that's okay i got kids i love them they're out there acting crazy we want to ate some wings and watch a game today it was real fun but the point is the what i'm seeing right now okay from ethereum and i i've been so bullish on this for so long now but what i'm feeling right now is of course everyone knows i'm in crypto everyone in my life knows what i do number one because they've seen a lot of things over the last several years number two i've got a really really loud mouth that's one thing you guys love about me is my mouth is really loud i tell everybody about bitcoin i tell everybody about cryptocurrency and the thing is is that finally people are asking me more about ethereum they're asking me more i had several conversations with people today and guess what we were not talking bitcoin we were talking about ethereum and the explosive potential of it at 13 to 14 to 1500 one aetherium is obtainable for people with bitcoin at almost 33 000 today it is not obtainable for most people most people live paycheck to paycheck even if they were to dollar cost average so you know 100 a week into bitcoin it would take them probably forever to get it because the price is just going to keep getting higher and higher and higher okay but everybody can get one ethereum and if one ethereum here's what we're not talking about in crypto right now the next bull run we are talking about the next boron why because we're hyper focused on this one we are hyper focused on how to maximize our gains during this run okay but this is not all there is so a friend asked me today she said you know what could we get you know some ethereum now and then we could buy a house with it eventually and you know what i told him i said absolutely but not this time what happens you invest in ethereum it goes up to twenty thousand dollars twenty seven thousand dollars ten thousand dollars whatever it goes to you move over to stable coins this is a longer term play than we talk about on this channel a lot but this can truly be life-changing you take those gains you move them to stable coins at the peak of the market okay and then you let that thing crash you let aetherium go all the way back down to one thousand two thousand dollars wherever it's gonna settle at okay uh you know all coins usually retrace ninety percent i think bitcoin instead of retracing eighty-five percent will most likely retrace my kids yelling at a video game will most likely retrace from uh instead of its usual 85 maybe down 60 maybe that's what we'll see 50 to 60 percent that would put a theorem in all coins maybe dropping down in the 70 okay imagine getting in writing this thing to the top getting out at the right time when i tell you to or when your judgment tells you to do it the price dropping dramatically and you being able to 6 to 7x your amount of ethereum for the next bull run and i'm telling you guys ethereum is the solution to so many problems we have in the world right now there is no doubt about that and i believe that 100 tyler winklevoss said it this is the decentralized version of amazon this is something that's going to be life-changing if you look back in the 90s in the in the 2000 you say man if i only could invest in some of those early early early companies okay early 2000s could have gotten google okay could have gotten youtube i guess that is google could have got in amazon what an opportunity that would have been that's what you're looking at right now you are looking at that the only difference is the barrier to entry is lower okay because this is not complicated uh stock brokerage okay this is you your debit card and coinbase or cash app or any of these platforms super easy to use and the masses are getting interested over the long term there is no doubt that ethereum definitely has the chance to go all the way to 100 000 per coin i believe that if this is going to be a company or a a platform that's going to revolutionize the internet revolutionize the world definitely has that kind of potential will it happen during this bull run no but will it go to 20 or 30 000 it can and then you sell you get the profits and then you get one more ride up and then you got everything you ever wanted and i want that for you such a beautiful thing people changing their lives i get so many text messages you know it means a lot from strangers uh you know texting me sending me or they don't text me they don't have a phone number but dming me but it means even more when people i know in real life are telling me we're changing people's lives we're changing their lives for the better because of the life-changing opportunity that is cryptocurrency and i believe is ethereum so you guys let me know down below who do you want to win the super bowl drop down below you guys know i love sports uh game is kicking off right now i gotta get back over there uh but guys i love you guys i love you bit squad and uh if you got a story about how this channel or cryptocurrency doesn't have to be this channel change your life bit squad make sure to drop that down below love you guys that's all i got be blessed see you in the live stream in the morning it's gonna be fun bit boy out

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