Ethereum Price Prediction (How It EXPLODES to $80,000)

bitcoin is having an iconic run there's no doubt about it at the current moment it's pushing 24 000 which told you guys was a target i had to move my bitcoin back over to ethereum sometime in the 23 thousands catch you guys up if you missed my video from a couple weeks ago i moved all of my ethereum six hundred thousand dollars worth over to bitcoin and hoped i could pick up some more eat for free today we are going to look at exactly how much eth i made or lost and why i'm obsessed with gaining more ease let's get it bid swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens probably all the top decentralized exchanges this web gives you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at welcome to bitboy crypto my name is ben everyday on this channel i show you how to make more money in cryptocurrency if you like money and crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button also guys before we get started i want to let you guys know we've chosen and paid out all five of our bitboys secret santa recipients these are five people and families that we sent 1500 each to in order to get people hit hard by 2020 a bright christmas now we had over 100 submissions i'll be honest with you guys it was extremely difficult to watch a lot of these stories and we wish of course that we could help everybody out i mean that goes without saying but we had to only choose five now here is a video from one of the recipients of the 1500 gift hey good boy my name is justin this is javid and his family i saw the giveaway and i entered them into the secret center giveaway we received your email and we're very grateful that you are giving back and we want to say thank you thank you merry christmas very thankful we could help them out and we'll be showing all of the thank you videos at the end of this video so make sure to stay tuned for that now in this video in particular we are going to be examining ethereum and really breaking down my ethereum to bitcoin trade to see where i ended up and then i'm going to be explaining to you guys just why i'm so bullish on ethereum why i believe that ethereum has so much more potential than bitcoin does in this bull run so back to our ethereum to bitcoin trade we traded 1015 ethereum for 31 bitcoin now if you want to check out the proof you can check out last week's live stream here you can see that in spite of my big old head there this was the move that we made right to the right of the screen and i know this surprised a lot of people who never thought i would part with my precious ease i love aetherium way more than bitcoin i love that it actually does things other than sit around and collect digital dust i love that you can build on it i love it's basically creating a new layer to the internet but most importantly i'm excited to stack up as much as possible because i know the upside potential of ethereum and i'm gonna be rich snitches and so are you that's why my family and friends are super frunt loaded into each more than anything else told you guys that i would be looking to trade back into eat around twenty three thousand dollars for bitcoin and unbelievably we find ourselves here at about 23 000 so i thought it was a good time to check and see what our trade is looking like now as of right now my 1015 eath is now worth 1080 60 for a gain of 71 ethereum that's over two ethereum 2.0 nodes for clicking a couple of buttons on the interwebs it's basically an extra 50 grand now that's pretty good trade if i do say so myself and i did say it myself the question is do i trade back now when i originally made the trade i said somewhere in between three twenty three thousand dollars and twenty four thousand dollars was going to be a good time to trade back but i will say this i'm making some big decisions on this today i'm bringing in the brain trust which consists of me and dj maybe we'll let you guys in on the meeting well tj it's time to decide what are we gonna do you know i like bitcoin i like ethereum i like bitcoin i like ethereum bitcoin ethereum bitcoin ethereum okay that was intense tj's breath was so bad that i went ahead and made the executive decision i am the executive around here and officially traded back to almost 1100 east trade one so let's get down to brass tax on why i love ethereum so much for this bull run it's all about potential we've discussed this several times on the channel but i want to go over it one more time for those of you who are new to the channel and may not understand what i mean by this potential then i will give you some crazy numbers that ethereum hypothetically could reach based upon the information i'm gonna give you in this video the first thing you have to understand is why bitcoin value is so important many people judge their portfolio based upon us dollars and that is understandable since that's the base currency in the entire world but in the world of crypto we judge our value based upon bitcoin why well it's very simple the name of the game is to outperform bitcoin if you're in assets that are not outperforming bitcoin then like what's the point you know if you can't find assets doing better than old btc then you should just stick to old btc and this is the painful lesson many people have learned throughout time over and over again sometimes you're just better off being in bitcoin than anything else especially in a bear market of course stable coins would be better but bitcoin traditionally dropped somewhere in the 80 range in bare winters while all coins traditionally fall in the 95 range remember that as we get closer to september of next year don't get wrecked but there's a reason why when you look around the every single cryptocurrency's chart has an orange line on the chart that indicates the bitcoin value of a project the higher the line goes the more ground against btc a project is picking up when that orange line stagnates or drops the project is losing value against bitcoin now we're looking for cryptocurrencies that are going to have large upticks on that orange line we want their btc value to increase you can think of the bitcoin value as a percentage all you have to do is move that decimal over two spots now so here for ethereum you'll see its value is it point zero two eight or when we move the decimal over it's basically two point eight percent the price of one ethereum is two point eight percent of the cost of one bitcoin it's very important we have that baseline to establish a coin's value versus bitcoin's value because there are so many factors and variables that go into each individual cryptocurrencies tokenomics those tokenomics consist of the ratio between circulating and total supplies some for instance have max supplies like bitcoin at 21 million while some like ethereum don't even have a max supply the number of tokens a project has goes a long ways towards determining its value and its price that's why xrp has no shot ever to be as expensive as one bitcoin xrp has 100 billion max supply tokens while bitcoins only got 21 million but bitcoin's value on the chart doesn't take any of this into consideration it simply gives a percentage of each coin's individual value versus the individual value of one bitcoin so as seen above one ethereum is 2.8 of one bitcoin now why is this important there's a lot to say well in 2017 when bitcoin went on its massive run-up it cooled off and when this happened all coins such as ethereum started not only increasing drastically in u.s dollar value but made huge strides against bitcoin's value itself ethereum's all-time high versus bitcoin is about 15 this was early on in the bull run kind of where we are now once bitcoin went parabolic one ethereum rose back up again to about 10 percent of one bitcoin's price so here's where we start to see that insane potential that ethereum has right now it's sitting at 2.8 percent of bitcoin's value per coin for ethereum to get back to all-time highs anytime soon just as we've seen with bitcoin recently it's gonna have to start running up that bitcoin value mountain tremendously and swiftly just imagine if right now it theory were to get back to ten percent of a bitcoin's value that would put it at twenty three hundred dollars per coin right now it's sitting at 660.

That gap between where we are now and where we know ethereum can get to is the potential that i see we have a gap between what was and what is and in my opinion it will get back there now even if ethereum were to only get back to let's say 7.5 not even returning to the 10 to 15 range that means it would outperform bitcoin by almost three times over the next year if ethereum were somehow able to beat that last cycle's numbers and climb all the way to let's say twenty percent of bitcoin's value and bitcoin were to let's say go all the way to four hundred thousand dollars per coin as some people say then that would put one ethereum at eighty thousand dollars now in order to just get back to the ten percent level that will put ethereum at forty thousand dollars per coin and honestly as crazy as it sounds with a four hundred thousand dollar bitcoin i would not doubt it drop your comments down below and let me know where you think ethereum is going and why you think it does or does not have potential that's all i got be blessed boy out [Music] thank you big boy so much this will truly make my mom's christmas this year thank you so much bitboy secret santa for helping my friends family out and for your generous donation we really appreciate it and we're grateful for this blessing um keep up the good work send a thank you video in real quick to show our gratitude for you picking our family um you know the trials we're going through at the moment from our submission video it couldn't have come at a better time we really appreciate it it was truly a christmas miracle uh you definitely swooped in like a true superhero at the last second thank you bit boy merry christmas thank you bit boy for christmas this year god bless you god bless you and have a merry christmas time my [Music] kisses [Music] you

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