Ethereum Pool Mining – Setup Tutorial (Windows)

hello and welcome back to red stapler in
this video we are going to step into cryptocurrency world yes this video is
going to show you how to mine Ethereum with your very own PC you can simply
turn your gaming ring into a mining ring in just a couple minutes so first before
start mining we need to pick a mining pool this is recommended way instead of
solo mining if you do not have a serious mining hardware with mining pool you can
share your processing power and earn the Ethereum coin proportionately there are lots
of available pools out there but in this tutorial I'm going to use To join the mining pool you only need just your wallet address no need to sign
up this means you can mine anonymously which is a plus next you need a mining
software each one has their own advantages and fallbacks and for this
video I'm going to use ethminer or formerly called Geneoil simply download
it from github you can find a link at our video description box below now to
start mining you will need to create a batch file so let's go back to the
instruction on a mining pool you see an initial setting for your GPU well let's
go with a recommended setting for now this is the ethminer that I have
downloaded it from github now I'm going to create a batch file and place the
setting I copied from the website next pick up the server that is
closest to your location also take a backup server just in case I'm going to
use Asia as a main server and EU as a backup server then put your ethereum
wallet address here this is where you will get paid for mining fee and then
followed by a dot and your mining machine name which can be anything execute the batch file to start mining
it will take a couple minutes but once you start to see the hash rate showed up
on the console then you are good to go I have speeded up in this video but it
actually takes around couple minutes like I said now to check your mining status just put
your wallet address into the search box you will see your hash statistic and
your current and paid balance which will be released to your wallet once it
reaches the payout threshold please note that this page will be updated at ten
minutes interval so you need to wait a little bit and that's it what's left is
to wait for your rig to do the job and that is the basic yet essential of how
to mine ethereum in a mining pool stay tuned for more technical tips and tricks
by subscribing to Red stapler Channel hope you enjoy this video! Cheers!

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