what is up investors jason here so there's a lot 
going on over in the crypto market at this moment   we have ethereum reaching new all-time 
highs salona are reaching new all-time highs   polkadot reaching new all-time highs and we 
still have cardano trading sideways and just   got flipped by solana who now has a higher market 
cap than cardano now we also have other things   going on in the entire crypto market we have 
bitcoin trending up towards his all-time highs   again so we have plenty of things to talk about 
so we're going to do a quick analysis of the   entire crypto market and talk about different 
things that are going on but ones we need to   really be paying attention to is what ethereum is 
doing what polkadot is doing and some other news   about cardano which cardano still isn't doing 
a whole lot as far as their price going up   but some details that we do need to talk about 
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mean a lot to me if you do now let's get to it so looking at the entire crypto market right 
now we currently have slana now past cardano   in market cap so solana is making some very big 
moves and anybody that is doing the smart contract   capabilities is making some pretty aggressive 
moves at this moment just looking over at like   what ethereum has done or you know what solana 
has done or polka dot you know many of these   smart contract capable cryptocurrencies are making 
some very large moves over these last seven days   now this all comes after we have bitcoin now 
approaching that resistance of sixty four thousand   dollars which is a price that bitcoin has a lot of 
trouble finding support above it it's been able to   climb up above the price of 64 000 in april but it 
wasn't able to hold and we saw bitcoin do a pretty   dramatic drop after that did happen then we saw it 
happen again we saw it happen in october where it   was able to surpass 64 000 and even get upwards 
close to 70,000 at at an all-time high of 66,999   but we then saw bitcoin have pullback so it's all 
about now getting above 64,000 fighting support   and then climbing up to that 70,000 resistance 
that bitcoin has and hopefully being able to   climb above it that's the big thing for bitcoin 
at this moment and hopefully that would help out   every single other altcoin out there now just take 
things over to the all coins the all coin that   is doing some of the biggest things right now is 
polka dot which recently just hit a new all-time   high polkadot has reached a price above fifty 
dollars and the big thing here to pay attention   to with po polkadot is that i don't think polka 
dot is anywhere close to stopping this run that   it's currently on which we're seeing that it is 
going up in value quite a bit at this moment and   this is all because that is approaching its uh its 
date of the release of the parachain auction which   comes out on november 11th and there's already 
some really good news out right now as far as   other cryptocurrencies that polkadot is working 
with for the paratrain auction and some of them   are making some pretty big moves at this moment as 
well but i think that the price of polka dot will   continue to go up from here i think we'd see polka 
dot possibly get to a price of at least 70 dollars   if not more by the end of this year i think that 
we could even see polka dot possibly go to a price   as high as a hundred dollars or maybe even more 
i think that that what's in store for polka dot   is the beginning i think that there is a lot 
more to be coming from here and i think that the   parachain auctions has a lot to offer the price 
of polkadot and other cryptocurrencies as well   now polkadot is not the only cryptocurrency 
reaching new all-time highs we're also seeing   the same thing happen with solana which island 
has just reached its new all-time high and has   just passed a resistance of 218 dollars which was 
an area that that solana has a lot of trouble with   and it was able to surpass that and hopefully 
we're able to find support above this that   would be great if we're able to find support above 
218 and possibly get solana up to a price around   225 230 of course more but we have to be 
realistic and expect that at some point   there is going to be a little bit of pullback 
happening after we just seen the price   go up quite significantly uh just now so what 
i'm thinking is that that solana is just going   to continue to test what ethereum is doing 
now looking over at ethereum which has now   reached a new all-time high currently ethereum is 
at the price of a little bit above four thousand   six hundred dollars the time i'm making this 
video and what is interesting to see about   this rise in the price of ethereum is how steady 
we're actually seeing it go up right now that's a   lot less volatility in its rise than what we're 
seeing from a lot of the other cryptocurrencies   that have just reached their all-time highs this 
moment and what i want to focus on with ethereum 2   is the spacing here as it was climbing it's 
showing that it wasn't very volatile we would see   the price go up and then a little bit of sideways 
trading and the price go up a little bit sideways   price go up a little bit sideways and continue 
now we're seeing that tighten up a little bit   more too as we're getting here as we got here 
in november and that's much different behavior   through this uh this last 30 plus days than 
what the other cryptocurrencies that have   reached their new all-time highs like say let's 
just jump over to bitcoin real quick but look at   what bitcoin has done through the entire month 
of october we seen bitcoin climb up real fast   and then what do we see happen with bitcoin we 
saw it reach its all-time high at october 20th   and then we saw it not being sustainable and 
then dropped down a bit and that's where we're   currently at we're currently now trying to get 
over that price of sixty four thousand dollars but   a good example would be like solana where solana 
just reached its all-time high but what we've   seen with solana was when bitcoin had reached its 
all-time high and then uh and then had a bit of   pullback solana had broken out of the time now in 
the case of solana here we were seeing solana do   a bit of sideways trading was consolidating 
quite a bit and it was bound to either drop   or go up and if you watched my previous videos 
on solana when i had drawn uh drawn this flag   here and talking about the patterns that were 
seen solano was just bound to really just have   this breakout happen but it's a much different 
scenario than what ethereum is doing same with   what polka dot did now polkadot was very tight 
in his climb up but not as tight as what we're   seeing that rise in ethereum right now now i think 
that the rise in in uh polka dot is going to be   a lot more intense as time is going 
on now the closer we get to that   that pair chain auction but looking over at the 
other contract people cryptocurrency cardano which   it didn't have any sort of breakout the price 
didn't go up and it's still waiting for it for   its time to come the entire month of october 
what we saw with cardone was it trade sideways   and then when it had consolidated so much to 
where it could have possibly broken out and gone   to uh gone back trekking on like everybody else 
and said we've seen the price drop a little bit   but what we're seeing with cardinal is we are 
seeing cardone now you know tighten up a bit   and start consolidating more so it's 
going to be a matter of time before we see   something happen with cardonal hopefully the 
price will go up but that leads us into the   next thing i want to talk about and that is 
how many wallets out there have ada in them   and that is that we've seen cardinal go from 1 
million wallets in may to now skyrocketing past   2 million as we just finished the month of october 
and i think this rally that we've seen in october   continue going on in through the month of november 
and through the month of december i think that   we're going to really hit 2022 with the bang 
in my opinion i think this is the really big   moment right now for cryptocurrencies so many new 
investors are now jumping into crypto and i think   that we're going to see even more people jump into 
crypto as more people of all ages are starting to   to understand it and want to get invest into it 
and i think it's just going to continue growing   so really paying attention right now to what 
the crypto market is doing and if you want to   continue following the crypto market please do 
consider subscribing because i talk about it   every single day now thank you guys for watching 
i'll see you in the next video coming very soon you

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