Ethereum OVER Bitcoin! Mark Cuban Explains Why Ethereum is the BEST INVESTMENT in Cryptocurrency

ethereum right now has an advantage over bitcoin 
as a store value and transactional because   as more people get into nfts all they're 
going to know is ethereum and they're all   going to have to buy ethereum in order to do 
it right well okay so you you think ether has   an advantage over bitcoin as a store of value 
right now for new people coming in yes because   here's my logic and i know everybody's going to 
to me right so if i decide i like digital art   how do i buy digital art with ether yeah 
and if there's thousands of people a day   two thousand people a day coming in relative to 
the size of the number of people doing this right   that's impactful because every now and then one 
of them is going to be a whale and they're going   to buy a thousand ether right and because they 
want to go out there and be able to buy that big   artwork and then on top of that you're going to 
start to see music and and um entertainment videos   in movies for that matter posted on 
open c or wearable or wherever right um   because that's a better way to sell it and what 
are they going to see and what are they going to   have to do if they want to do their own store 
they're gonna have to spend their five or six   hundred dollars in ethereum right you know half 
of half an east just to be able to play the game   there's nothing in this ecosystem that 
says you have to buy bitcoin first   in order to transact or do something within defy 
or within any of the digital goods marketplace wow   and you won't believe what else mark cuban has 
to say on this so this is mark cuban on the   defiant podcast with camilo russo let's get one 
thing straight at the very beginning mark cuban   owns bitcoin mark thinks that bitcoin 
will go up he's bullish on bitcoin but   mark's even more bullish on the second highest 
cryptocurrency bar market cap ethereum ethereum   will outperform bitcoin this cycle and provide 
an even greater return on investment this is all   according to mark cuban in this video welcome back 
everybody to altcoin daily if you're interested in   making money in cryptocurrency subscribe to the 
channel we keep you updated on a daily basis so   mark cuban believes that although bitcoin's store 
of value narrative is great he thinks that's a   great narrative for bitcoin digital art nfts yield 
farming and banking like services in general on   ethereum the defy ecosystem will attract 
even more people into the crypto space   this year and over the next few years and more 
people if that's the case will be going through   ethereum don't take my word for any of this listen 
to mark articulate this himself this is mark   continuing his thoughts on bitcoin versus ethereum 
let me know what you think in the comments below   most people coming in right now are fall into two 
categories store value i want to make some money   bitcoin right so if you're investor first 
bitcoin but everybody else collectors   why would they buy bitcoin ethereum even with all 
that hassle once you get your arms around it it's   less hassle than going to deal with the 
bank yeah as more people realize that   then you start seeing that rush and so that's 
when that's why i got involved that's why i   think ethereum is going up and up and up and 
up because that's the easiest way to use farm   bitcoin is not an easy way to yield farm for for 
most people right you've got to do your swaps and   da da da da um but ethereum is easy and you know 
and that's become the currency for all your swaps   and or most swaps right and it's become 
the currency for a lot of you know smart   contracts and so people are seeing that and as 
more people are coming in i think that's why   you know bitcoin it made its bed to be a store of 
value and you know the algorithmic scarcity um is   a great selling tool it's a great narrative and 
that's not going away and you know i can see the   argument being made for people to put it in their 
treasury and you know to use it as an alternative   and that's good but you know for those part of the 
problem is for those people who want to yield farm   trying to go through the process of going into 
wrapped um bitcoin right and making that swap   yeah you got to hope that they you know that the 
people behind rap bitcoin are doing their job to   make sure that it tracks exactly right and there's 
some risk associated with that yeah and it's just   complex and hard to do i'm not hurting there's 
no reason i mean there's no reason to go and wrap   your bitcoin if you can just directly do it with 
eve yes yeah story yeah be it end of story yeah   so cuban is in to yield farming he's into 
decentralized finance he likes digital art   he likes nfts and right now the 
name of the game where all of this   is currently being built and all of this 
is happening for the most part is ethereum   and mark thinks that's going to bring a lot of new 
people into ethereum and into the cryptocurrency   space in general and by the way mark has formed 
this opinion from actually experimenting with this   stuff and doing his own research he's tried out 
yield farming he's tried out the banking like   services in defy he's even experimented 
with digital art and nfts in his own nba   mavericks business in fact he's just waiting for 
the nft space to really blow up this is mark cuban   describing what he likes what he is so attracted 
to when it comes to his own experiments with nfts   and using it listen closely when i started playing 
with it and realized that there was a little thing   that said you know resale percentage so that when 
i put up something for sale and it got resold i   got a percentage and it could track it every time 
it's sold forever more and i would continue to get   paid for now for for a zillion years that was a 
game-changer yeah that changes how music how video   how the internet is going to work forever if 
you're a professional photographer you should   be putting your stuff you know i like mintable i 
like wearable there's open c but open c doesn't do   series yet you know and so i use mintable and 
wearable um but yeah like on mintable just putting   it in their store and it's no cost until you sell 
if i'm a professional photographer and you know i   put all my pictures up there first not on twitter 
and let people buy them there or send them from   twitter there and that way you can you know offer 
commercial license and anytime it's sold again   you keep on getting paid and same with music or 
a music video instead of it being on youtube you   know put it where you can you know tokenize it and 
keep on getting paid that's enormous that is such   a game changer that traditional industries that 
sell digital goods haven't even recognized that   okay so at this point the only people who aren't 
bullish on ethereum are the bitcoin maximalists   right it's the bitcoin only people well let me 
just show you how that narrative is shifting as   well example number one here is anthony pompliano 
on a recent episode of his podcast as we know   pomp's a great guy bitcoiner it seems to align 
himself with the bitcoin maximalists yet i don't   know if you've been noticing he's been having more 
and more d5 people and altcoin people on the pomp   podcast lately in fact here he is joined by a 
decentralized finance bull a smart contract bull   so here is pomp educating his audience on 
different ways to think about the space other   than bitcoin only which probably a large part of 
his audience is i show you this as an example as   how the narrative is changing yeah so let's talk a 
little bit just about kind of decentralization in   general i think that this is probably one of the 
underlying themes across you know a lot of what   you guys are doing and really just the industry 
in general and so there's kind of a couple schools   of thought one is hey bitcoin is the king bitcoin 
will remain the king and everything will be built   on top of bitcoin uh there's another school of 
thought that is um we're gonna take all of the   ethos of bitcoin around decentralization and kind 
of consensus and we're gonna go apply it in a   million different ways with all sorts of different 
technology um and go touch every other industry um   and then there's kind of a hybrid which is like 
well bitcoin's gonna be really important and   uh that's likely to be the winner in the digital 
currency space and then like there's a bunch of   other stuff but they don't necessarily compete 
with bitcoin my guess is that you're in the third   bucket but one i want to make sure that that's 
true and then just kind of explain like everything   else other than bitcoin as you're kind of thinking 
through decentralization into the protocols yeah   we're absolutely in that third bucket like bitcoin 
is the biggest and most important protocol today   it will be one of the biggest and most important 
things in this entire space it's the gateway   drug for a lot of people it's like how you get 
into the space is you you sort of get your head   around bitcoin um and then once you start getting 
your head around bitcoin you start realizing that   there there are a set of things that bitcoin is 
phenomenal for and great for and then actually   if you sort of just tweak the consideration set 
a little bit of the constraints a little bit   you might be able to do more here is chamath pali 
hapatia thought to be a bitcoin maximalist as well   disclosing how bullish he is on the nft space 
and why chamoth is buying nfts and buying   digital art in addition to bitcoin 
which coins if you will cryptocurrencies   digital assets are are you a holder of are you a 
believer in well i will be publishing this soon um   i am building a fairly sizable portfolio of um 
what are called uh nfts uh non-fungible tokens   um some digital art um some you know virtual 
trading cards and these may sound crazy to some um   but i do think that that's the next frontier 
of digital currency and digital assets   um and so i have been building a portfolio i would 
guess that after he discloses the specifics of   this we will see eth ethereum mentioned by name so 
this cycle how can you not be bullish on ethereum   and by the way mark cuban did disclose his 
personal crypto portfolio on camilla's podcast   so this is mark cuban's crypto portfolio bitcoin 
ethereum ave um not so much um sushi um and like i   said i've got a couple smaller tokens i don't want 
to mention that i just have small positions in   and litecoin um other than litecoin you'd see me 
in the whale listings for okay all of them between   bitcoin and and eth is it split like halfway or 
do you own more of one or the other um i own more   east in terms of just number of eats i own more 
in dollar in bitcoin but that's changing as i'm   you know i'll wait for a little pullback 
on ethereum since it's had a run-up   um but i just bought some ave yesterday um and 
so um right right before it's run up so i've   been buying ave for a while um but i'd say um if 
i'm gonna buy new stuff that's probably a better   way to answer it i'd buy ethereum on a pullback 
before i buy bitcoin and so when bitcoin pulled   back to 30 000 i didn't buy more um ethereum 
pulled back to um a thousand i did buy more and   if it did that again i would buy more because 
for the very reasons we discussed and this is   where i leave you make sure you subscribe to the 
channel for more daily updates have a great year you

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