Ethereum News: ETH in TROUBLE (#1 Reason People are Dumping)

Welcome to bitboy crypto my name is ben everyone on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if. You like money in crypto and if you’re not, alert a nerd and you like football make sure to subscribe to the channel and also, smash that, like button, guys we,’re – going to try to, make this, video i said we,’re going, to Do it from the super bowl? I was hoping everything would be great today, but a lot of people are really scared. Uh, give you guys a little view where i’m at we’re over here by the pirate ship, cheering for everybody, but the tampa bay buccaneers. So uh go chiefs. I guess, but guys this morning, ethereum jumped one of my buddies. He texted me said. I’m in along with ethereum. What do i need to do? I said if it goes below 15 50. You might want to consider dropping out because there’s no telling where the price is gon na go and the thing is is it looks like it’s bottomed and we’ve now reversed and we’re heading back up. The question is: why are people dumping ethereum today, bitcoin was holding pretty tough. It was almost back at 40k this morning when ethereum dropped down below sixteen hundred dollars. This is why, tomorrow, the cme contracts, the futures contracts or packages that are backed by paper, eats that’s not supposed to be a real thing, are going to be launching, and so because of that i, what we’re seeing today is we’re. Seeing people fearful that’s, what this is, they’re fearful of what’s going to happen, what are these ethereum contracts? Basically, they’re ways that institutional investors can hedge their bets against the physical ethereum that they own. So, basically, as we know, everything financial is rigged, these people win whether the prices go up or down. The difference is that and during this market we are not at the peak of the bitcoin cycle. We’re, not even close, and these institutional investors see that so any dumping that you’re gon na see today and tomorrow is nothing but fear mongering in order to get people to sell their ethereum at cheap prices. So the institutional people can come in and buy these cme futures, they’re, not actual ethereum. They’re just paper contracts. They’re settled in: u s dollars so there’s really. No need no reason to think that this is going to dump and because of that, anyone who let’s go with their ethereum right now is going to be extremely extremely sorry. There’s really no way uh to say it uh. So here we are live in peak live down here with my kids, hey kids, Music, that’s right guys, it’s been a great year uh and we’re here at the super bowl really exciting, stuff, um and – and i was hoping that everything Would be going bullish right now? I’m. In a long on bitcoin, we’ve been getting some signals on market cyber that the bitcoin is could be possibly ready to pump. I’m being a little cautious, though. The reason is that they took my gimbal by the way they took my gimbal when i walked into the game, so i know it’s loud. I know this is in the greatest video, but i’m trying to tell you exactly what i’m doing with bitcoin. What i’m doing is i’m in a long position right now. I actually got liquidated last night for four and a half bitcoin on a long. You guys know i loved along. So what did i do? I’ll talk about it on my live stream on tuesday, but i immediately turned around and went right back along and i made all of it back. You guys know every big hit that i’ve taken in this bull market. I turn around and make it back within 24 hours why the trend is your friend: we are in a bull market when the price drops, you get confirmation, it’s near a bottom. It’s, okay, to go back in that’s. What i’ve been doing, so you guys know. Last sunday, i took a what is it you guys know right, like saturdays are for pumping sundays or for dumping that’s generally been the rule. The last few weeks, but basically the long and short of it is, is that i was able to make this back both times. I’ve lost big the last two weeks on a sunday i’ve been able to immediately get it all back right now. I’m up about one bitcoin in my trade on this long position. I’m targeting about somewhere around thirty nine thousand five hundred dollars kind of as an exit point, so that’s what i’m doing want to. Let you guys know i just want to make a video from the zoo, because that’s fun it’s, fun and uh. You know hopefully uh the last few years i’ve been able to change my life through cryptocurrency and i hope that you’re able to do that too, and i i know the bull market is just getting started – excited to see what’s happening. Maybe next year uh, the big boy crypto will be a sponsor of the super bowl. How about that? That’s, all i got guys today have a blessed day, big boy out,

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