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my top coin picks for november chose these coins   because of what they're achieving the news they're 
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cryptocurrency market is heating up well because   the cryptocurrency market is heating up look at 
the signs bitcoin searches on google are going up   retail is waking up ethereum looking ready to 
rip ethereum looking ready to rip an ethereum   interoperators and competitors looking ready to 
rip and more than that it's simply because why   is the cryptocurrency market heating up it's 
simply because more and more conversations   like this are happening people talking about 
how much money they're making people talking   about how disruptive this technology is whether 
you like this guy or not this is an excellent   pitch to buy bitcoin listen to this for me i have 
over a billion dollars in bitcoin now i started   accumulating that position last year i think that 
this manifests itself into a gigantic asset class   uh this is equivalent to me to digital gold guys 
like michael saylor michael strategy think it's   better than that yeah it could be 10 times gold 
i'm not that optimistic about it i'm not i'm not a   bitcoin evangelist hadley i don't think that jesus 
and moses got together and made a baby and named   it bitcoin that's not me but i am an investor 
in this because i see the properties technical   properties associated with it ultimately this is 
a de-layering mechanism for the society it's a   ledger defined by math and when you think about 
the history of money a ledger defined by math   that has a scarcity to it where no politician or 
policy maker can corrupt it or add supply to it   i think is a fascinating thing and i think 
it'll it'll have a it'll have a big position   uh in the global economy over the next decade 
the next coin making our list today is ethereum   layer 2 scaling solution polygon for a number of 
different reasons number one polygon is breaking   out targeting new record highs that's right 
matic looks ready to set new all-time highs   and this matches what we see going on on 
chain polygon just crossed one billion   transactions that have all been processed on 
the polygon proof of stake chain an amazing   milestone an amazing achievement quite honestly 
ethereum layer 2 scaling solutions could not have   come at a better time there's demand for this 
especially with all the adoption that we see   twitter reportedly working on nft collectible tabs 
for user profiles this is happening on ethereum   they're going to need ethereum layer 2 scaling 
solutions so let's talk about ethereum layer 2   scaling solutions total value locked generally 
now total value locked is an imperfect metric   but it's still nice to see that layer twos on 
ethereum crosses the four billion mark this   is not just polygon this is many ethereum layer 
twos this is good and speaking about total value   locked in general let's take a look at some of the 
coins that have the most total value locked a list   of decentralized networks ranked by the total 
value they secure within financial applications   so most of these are total value locked one 
of them is total value they secure either way   this is what we want to see and these coins make 
our list today ethereum chain link finance smart   chain solana tara luna avalanche phantom and 
polygon these are leaders when it comes to total   value secured within financial applications now 
let's drill down on one of those defy token ample   fourth launches on avalanche one of the original 
rebasing tokens ample fourth is now live on the   fast growing avalanche network so we've been 
reporting this to you forever avalanche is   providing a lot of incentives for different d5 
protocols to come on the avalanche blockchain and   it's working avalanche's current cumulative number 
of addresses has exceeded half a million and the   cumulative number of transactions is also close 
to 17 million the number of daily active addresses   on the chain has also reached a new high close to 
70 000 a weekly increase of more than 100 percent   avalanche makes our list today chain link makes 
our list today and file coin makes our list today   i want to add file coin and i'm adding them just 
because they are interoperating with a lot of   the leaders in this space i think the future 
is multi-chain the future is interoperable   and did you realize that stuff like 
this goes on almost on a weekly basis   the chain link fall hackathon has officially 
started it's not too late to sign up this week   learn how to code a defy app build with avalanche 
build an nft using filecoin and more beginners   are welcome to join sign up now just want to 
point this out this is just another example of   the interoperability in the space and before we 
move on to our next coin let's just talk about   ethereum competitors in general let's talk about 
bitcoin and ethereum it is highly unlikely that   any other layer one besides bitcoin will match 
or exceed ethereum's level of security and   decentralization once you understand this you will 
realize that other layer ones solana avalanche are   competing with eth layer two's polygon arbitrum 
optimism ecosystems and not ethereum layer one   the ether blockchain interesting opinion i see 
his point i tend to agree with his sentiment   let me know what you think about all this in the 
comments below if you're still listening to this   video smash the like button and comment which 
coin you think we should add to our list now   let's get a little deeper on coin market cap next 
coin i want to add to the list is thor chain thor   chain is doing some impressive metrics thor chain 
volume and liquidity have broken its all-time high   pretty much my bold case for thor chain is 
that it becomes the kyc less borderless go-to   venue to trade bitcoin for ethereum or bitcoin 
for erc 20 tokens like stable coins and it's   dope to see shape shift leaning into this 
and if you take a look at some thor chain   on chain metrics when it comes to real bitcoin 
on thor chain and wrapped bitcoin on uniswap   right now uniswap still has more wrapped bitcoin 
than thor chain has real bitcoin my prediction   more real bitcoin in thor chain than wrapped 
bitcoin in uniswap by the end of january 2022.   i appreciate all of these perspectives next coin 
on our list if we truly are in the most mature   stages of a budding bitcoin and cryptocurrency 
bull market it might be advantageous probably   wouldn't hurt having a two percent allocation 
as an option lottery to dogecoin the meme coin   that's the reason it's here retail loves the meme 
coin dogecoin makes our list or maybe we should   go xrp or maybe we should go into ship what do you 
think shib or dogecoin i know they're not the same   i know dogecoin is much more of a meme coin but 
there are both meme coins and i made a video the   other day talking about i was wrong about shib 
and that video still stands right now but i do   want to put something in perspective for you a lot 
of people think that chib can hit a dollar let's   just talk about shib hitting point zero zero 
one cents this really puts it in perspective   let's try a more visual representation of what 
would have to happen for even a target of 0.001   to hit this is what would have to happen you know 
just repeat 24 of the most historic months ever   and this is for a fraction of one cent what if 
it's just for one cent for it to hit one cent we   would then have to repeat what we just saw 11 more 
times like this so i'm not the chip cannot really   rally just like dogecoin can also really rally 
but just be realistic about this don't get burnt   next coin on our list making a major partnership 
helium taps dish network for crypto powered   5g rollout dish network customers can now 
earn helium token rewards for deploying a 5g   node and expanding the distributed network helium 
is backed by some of the more quality vcs in the   space helium is one to watch they're well-funded 
helium makes our list next coin making our list   is opulus opulis is launching the next generation 
of nfts and peer-to-peer d5 loans to change how   artists get funding and connection to fans built 
on al grand which made a major partnership if you   lived in asia you would know about this household 
name line tech giant line is building nfts on   opulus line is the whatsapp of asia with over 300 
million users online recently completed a merger   with softbank in yahoo japan so opulis makes our 
list today final coin making our list today is   mina protocol just because it continues seemingly 
to gain favor more than 35 000 people have added   mean it to their favorites on coin gecko how are 
you feeling about meena protocol today now i own   many of the coins we talked about in today's video 
so maybe you'd say i'm biased but i did try to   present you with just clear data clear metrics 
and a clear thesis slash opinion but i know   that you probably have different thoughts than me 
so again let me know which coins you're bullish on   in november in the comments section below i'll be 
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