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ethereum is ready to pop bitcoin's looking bullish   cardano's looking bullish solana is looking 
bullish but the main focus of today's video   is ethereum if you appreciate that smash the like 
button comment below we'll start with bitcoin then   ethereum then cardano then solana bitcoin is 
looking great in fact bitcoin continues to be   accumulated and mass bitcoin is going through 
a supply shock the number of short-term bitcoin   hodlers short-term is at an all-time low and a 
record 84 of bitcoin supply has not moved in over   three months bitcoin supply shock and 
people are starting to take notice   fidelity investments one of the largest 
financial institutions in north america   with billions and billions in assets under 
management just put out a report understanding   bitcoin what history can teach us and among 
plenty of other things in this report these are   two takeaways fidelity says that ninety percent of 
their clients want bitcoin exposure and two some   price predictions they're predicting bitcoin at 
a price of one million dollars by 2026 10 million   dollars by 2030 and 100 million by 2035.

This is 
probably something they're realizing what bitcoin   is they're realizing that bitcoin isn't going away 
they're realizing the implications of absolute   scarcity so bitcoin is looking bullish 
bitcoin is going through a supply shock   ethereum is looking bullish and ethereum is going 
through a supply shock insane amounts of ethereum   are being burned right now do you keep track of 
this the ethereum block space is getting used   and because ethereum changed its monetary policy 
an insane amount of eth is getting burnt over 100   000 eth due to nft platforms dexes d5 play to earn 
stable coins in fact clock this because this is   significant for the first time ethereum's daily 
issuance was actually lower than that of bitcoin   so understand this eth's net inflation was 1.1 
annualized and bitcoin's net inflation was 1.75   annualized pretty interesting metric it's pretty 
cool to see ethereum doing so well but is nobody   else seeing what we're seeing there are just so 
many things lining up for ethereum it's hard for   me not to expect a massive run coming up in the 
next few weeks eth is well on its way to becoming   a multi-trillion dollar asset i loved this 
thread put out by croissant eat just the facts   just the metrics just the data pay attention 
because this is why i'm bullish on ethereum   total value locked in d5 ever since the beginning 
of the year the total value locked in d5 which is   primarily ethereum has gone exponential 
on january 1st the beginning of the year   total value locked was modest 16 billion seemed 
like a lot at the time today this number is now a   staggering 85 billion this would place eath as the 
20th largest bank in the world by market cap and   if you've been subscribed to us for at least 
six months probably the past year i want you   to remember something this was when d5 summer 
happened summer of 2020 this is when all the   d5 protocols and kryptos took a huge dip this is 
when everybody was saying that d5 is dead not us   we were showing you metrics showing you that not 
price but other metrics were just going parabolic   especially in the blue chips in d5 and what did 
we see my investors thesis played out we saw an   explosion of the blue chip d5 protocols kryptos 
many went even higher than they did in d5 summer   but let's continue talking about ethereum ethereum 
in smart contracts so this is basically ethereum   that can't be sold because they're being utilized 
they have utility due to the outright explosion of   d5 the amount of ether placed in smart contracts 
has similarly gone to all-time highs in fact an   unbelievable 26 percent of all east is in smart 
contracts at the moment we can only expect   this trend to continue well what are the 
smart contracts we're talking about well it's   many different things it's play to earn games 
if we're just talking about defy smart contracts   things like uniswap decentralized exchange there's 
things like compound sushi swap ave maker curve   you're in finance synthetics d5 protocols built 
on ether getting used and eth is getting locked   up and used in these d5 protocols another insanely 
bullish metric for ethereum developers ethereum   is growing at a pace faster than even bitcoin 
again this is not a knock on bitcoin but this   is impressive that eth is doing so well so in 
terms of active developers it's not even close   ethereum is so much higher than everything else 
in the space since q3 of 2019 eth has averaged a   gain of over 300 plus devs a month the ecosystem 
is undeniably attracting some of the world's   best innovators let's talk about network use 
ethereum is now regularly settling more value   per day than bitcoin the largest cryptocurrency 
by market cap this will only continue to grow   with upgrades like eat 2.0 especially as 
block space has more demand with time and   adoption ether will become more scarce again 
for years this wasn't the case now it is rather   impressive that eath is settling more value per 
day than bitcoin it's pretty interesting metric   speaking about eath 2.0 let's talk about staked 
eath the amount of eath being staked in each 2.0   is now upwards of 23 billion that's approximately 
6.1 percent of all aetherium again this means that   the east can't be sold anytime soon if it's being 
staked this is expected to increase significantly   after eath finally merges to proof of stakes over 
the next one to two years the proof of stake will   come into fruition and leading up to that and 
going into that more and more ethereum is being   staked eip 1559 and proof of stake account for 
more than 7.2 million each being taken out of the   supply in months again ethereum is going through 
a supply shock as well speaking about eip 1559   burnt eath 1559 eip 1559 has been nothing short 
of astounding it introduced fluctuating burns   to eth acting like a dividend for all users 
while simultaneously making transaction fees   smoother and faster for the network i showed you 
this more than one hundred thousand each has been   burned since this went live that's taking a supply 
off the market let's talk about stable coins   stable coins are growing some extraordinary value 
for eth as an asset we have usdc at 27 billion   die at 5 billion tether at 1 billion plus many 
more they are very popular for their easy use in   d5 plus visa will soon accept transactions settled 
in usdc usdc alone grew from a 4 billion market   cap to 27 billion this year and again people are 
taking notice supply on exchanges balance of eath   held by centralized exchanges continues to drop 
as people get on exchanges and buy the eath it's   nearing levels not seen since three years ago 
this indicates that many hodlers are not aiming   to sell soon and it may be a catalyst of its own 
if it happens to continue which the trend is your   friend speaking a little bit more on each issuance 
so eip1559 this is what i want you to think about   eip 1559 and the merge two proof of stake will 
result in a massive cell pressure decrease for eth   higher apy for staking upon the merge along with 
a sudden surge of people locking their eat for   the yield will result in unprecedented levels of 
volatility so with all of this information is it   not clear that there are inherent forces that will 
be driving up the value of ether and i didn't even   mention potential trends like nfts gaming yield 
farming lending dexes layer 2 and much much more   smash the like button show your support let's move 
forward before we get to cardano before we get to   solana let me ask you a question where is the 
best place to buy sell and trade cryptocurrency   i mean there's so many different types of 
exchanges right it'd be nice if there's a one-stop   shop where you could go and get access to many 
different exchanges well i want to recommend to   you a quality exchange just like that it's called 
tokenplace your home base for crypto investing the   ultimate crypto trading tool so tokenplace it's an 
all-in-one crypto platform for the next generation   where you can access the entire market of digital 
assets in a single window you can understand the   value i'm sure so they're gearing up for their 
upcoming beta release which lets traders connect   up to 35 exchange accounts to a single terminal 
with data aggregation and portfolio visualization   so this truly is your one-stop shop for everything 
in crypto tokenplace is sponsoring today's video   so the native token it's called talk you can 
think of this similar to like a binance token   so hodlers of talk or holders of talk will be 
eligible for discounts on subscriptions and fees   and the token is also involved as a carrier of 
liquidity in the final version of tokenplace so   this will be released next year at which point 
the platform will be a true aggregator with the   ability to trade on all exchanges with a single 
account pretty cool so talk has been doing quite   well lately they just announced a new three-month 
staking pool of 100 000 on the trust swap   platform they've also just been listed on zipmax 
a respected exchange that is licensed in singapore   and regulated by the thai sec additionally 
tokenplace recently passed a security audit   from certi-k with a rather high score the 
tokenplace team is experienced and they have   strong partners so investors are catching up to 
the fact that this is a very low market cap for   a retail trading platform with big potential so 
the vision is a one-stop shop for digital assets   investments and trading including fiat on and off 
ramps wallets and much much more so the next moves   include integration of dexes futures trading 
and atomic swaps as tokenplace develops   it's going to expand with new tools for a full 
service experience responding of course to the   needs of their users potential avenues for future 
development include arbitrage and tax tools also   big announcement token place announces a strategic 
slash affiliate partnership with bitstamp   so bitstamp it's one of the largest cryptocurrency 
exchanges globally they've been around a long   time they're based in the uk they have 
around 500 million in daily trading volume   so bitstamp will grant token place a share of 
commission revenue earned from traders who sign up   for a bitstamp account via the tokenplace terminal 
so bitstamp and tokenplace will formalize this   affiliate program in the coming months but the 
token place deal is it's the first of its kind   for for bitstamp and this is kind of a win-win-win 
situation for everybody between tokenplace the   individual exchanges and the market as a whole 
this collaboration between bitstamp and tokenplace   will continue to develop i'm going to leave 
pertinent links in the description below so   you can find out more information check this 
out for yourself but this is a good exchange   there are up and comers they have tons 
of potential click the links in the   description below find out more information 
one-stop shop you can understand the value   token place is the place check them out finishing 
up today's video with a little cardano and solana   news ethe competitors eth interoperators the dap 
platform space is hot this cycle so first of all   starting with news straight out of iohk today we 
have just submitted an upgrade proposal to the   cardano test net to hard fork the chain into the 
alonzo era and enable smart contract capability   this will take effect within the next few hours 
this has in fact already taken effect what does   this mean this is a major milestone and marks the 
final critical stage prior to hard forking the   cardano main net on target for september 12th 
and this isn't the end guys this is just the   beginning in fact and finally solana we've been 
talking about them for quite some time they've   made our top altcoin lists in the past few months 
well solana has recorded a new all-time high for   the second time in a week less than a week after 
its native token reached new highs seoul has done   it again on the back of institutional interest in 
the cryptocurrency so actually we're seeing both   cardano and solana and plenty of dap platforms 
like this continue to make new all-time highs   nothing goes up forever the market goes and ebbs 
and flows but it's great to see some of the more   quality cryptocurrencies gaining value that 
being said my friends i will see you tomorrow

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