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all right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my name's austin in today's video i want to share with you the latest news involving altcoins the latest metaverse news and of course if you hold ethereum why the next 24 hours are very very important if you're interested in making money with cryptocurrency click subscribe we drop a video every single day demystifying this cryptocurrency market let's jump in first up we have to talk about ethereum huge green flag huge green flag if you're an eth hodler warner brothers to launch red pill nft avatars for their new movie the matrix resurrections so owners of these matrix-themed nft avatars will be forced to choose between a blue pill and a red pill variant upon purchasing them think about this this is the first time in history that we have major movie studios encouraging you encouraging their audience to download an ethereum wallet get a little bit of eath all thanks to nfts per the hollywood reporter social nft platform nifties will launch one hundred thousand avatars themed around the matrix with our special red pill feature meaning that once you get the nft you can either choose between a blue pill where your avatar's character will remain in the matrix or you can choose the red pill where your avatar transforms into a resistance fighter of course all transparent on the blockchain i think we'll probably see an overwhelming majority of people choose the red pill but we'll see we'll see in a direct quote from warner brothers as to why nfts why now with this movie if you think about all the ways fans of content can interact with their favorite characters and stories in 2021 retail stores theme parks social media collectibles online shops digital art and collectibles are certainly on that list now so they're saying why wouldn't we nfts ethereum are part of the culture now why wouldn't we offer this to the fan base if you are a fan of the matrix comment down below and if you hold ethereum i would pay close attention to what is happening in the next 24 hours on friday over 540 million dollars worth of ethereum options contracts expire now luckily those contracts do favor traders with eth targets at 5k and generally speaking when options contracts expire especially for these high amounts it's always wise to expect volatility in either direction and the good news is the bulls in this case seem to be winning the november 5th half a billion ethereum options expiry may appear to be an uncontested victory for the bulls right now but this wasn't the case even just a couple weeks ago and just to clue everybody in if you don't know what an options contract is essentially there are call options and put options basically meaning bullish or bearish buy options or sell options where you bet at a certain date where the future price of an asset will be and then you have the option to either call or put buy or sell that contract so when the contracts expire tomorrow what should we expect as eath holders at first sight the 300 billion put sell options dominate the weekly expiry by 20 percent compared to the 240 million dollar call by instruments still the 0.8 call to put ratio is deceptive because the recent rally will likely wipe out most of the bearish bets and what this means is that even though many many people seem to have been betting against the etherium price because the price has shown such strength such a rally in these recent weeks the bears look like they're about to get wiped out but then again that all depends on where we end up tomorrow for example if ethereum's price remains above 4 500 at 8 am utc tomorrow only 1.5 million dollars worth of those put sell options will be available at the expiry meaning there is no value in a right to sell ethereum at 4 500 if it's trading above that price meaning the bulls win and here are the four most likely scenarios you should watch out for depending on the expiry price the quantity of call buy put sell contracts becoming active varies so just under 4 500 meaning between 4 300 and 4 400 the call to put options pretty even the net result is balanced between bulls and bears and of course if the price can sustain higher way more calls weigh less puts weigh more calls weigh less puts and if the eth price closes anywhere above 4700 that's over 22 000 calls versus zero puts that's what we like that would be the best case scenario for eth in the short term and the reason i say expect volatility as an eath holder is because ethereum much like crypto trades 24 7 365 and it trades globally so the bearers need a six percent correction by tomorrow to reduce their loss it would be in their own best interest to suppress the price and of course it would be in the bulls best interest to keep the price up give me your thoughts on this down below in the video comment section i really would love to hear your take and by the way for those who haven't feel free to hit the bell notification for this channel so when we drop a video you see this information first next up i do want to take 60 seconds and share with you a channel announcement that i'm personally very proud of ok coin which is a fully regulated us-based exchange has just signed on with us altcoin daily for a long-term partnership there is a link for ok coin down below in the video description check it out but generally speaking what is ok coin a better way to bitcoin join the fastest growing global cryptocurrency exchange with the lowest fees around which is true which i like even lower fees compared to other top exchanges like coinbase another huge advantage is their staking they have no fee staking where you keep 100 of the rewards anything from altcoin stacks to polka dot get even more from assets you hold with our staking and defy offers and on top of that ok coin does offer a wide array of altcoins some of the top projects like you've heard of and even some newer projects even newer newer projects like miami coin star atlas smooth love potion etc so check it out link down below and if you end up creating an account with our link they do have a great referral program refer a friend split 100 you'll each receive 50 in bitcoin when both you and them by at least 100 worth of crypto on ok coin so check it out link down below next up i want to talk about the metaverse i want to talk about altcoins so check the timestamps down below and let's start with theta theta network welcomes fuse tv as their latest media partner with first nft drop starting with amara lenegra who i guess is a celebrity with a large following but either way fuse tv chose theta theta network is excited to welcome fuse tv as our latest media branded partner bringing their top talent to exclusive new nft campaigns on theta drop the first nft drop will feature amara lenegra star of love and hip hop miami and fuse tv show don't cancel me and of course how this affects you is she now joins the list of the other notable celebs choosing theta joining katy perry world poker tour one championship fuse continues to build out data drops roster of media and entertainment talent releasing nfts exclusively on the theta network so if you hold theta this is a big news day for you let's keep moving next up let's talk about the metaverse engine wants to decentralize its metaverse with their new 100 million dollar fund the affinity metaverse fund will focus on seed equity investments for projects building on affinity and as you know effinity is engines much more scalable yet much more centralized blockchain for metaverse slash crypto gaming in a direct quote from engine it is now time for us to turn this into an official public and conscious piece of our growth strategy and support a free open and decentralized metaverse adding that it will consider equity investments in seed funding rounds and token purchases to nurture this ecosystem if you want access to this fund you will have to build using effinity's core infrastructure so we will see how this metaverse develops and speaking of metaverse's next piece of news for low-cap project realm land sale around 2 begins november 3rd lasts for 10 days we are thrilled to be offering our community another early access opportunity to invest and land in the metropolis we will also be giving away 10 free belts this round see thread for details and belts just refers to the different plots of lands anything from belt belts to plazas this is happening now as you can see this is sort of the wide version of the different lands different plots that people have access to but what i found interesting is what they learned from land sale 1 in to land sale 2.

originally we listed an equal amount of land on the ethereum as well as on the binance smart chain this was to make the sale as fair as possible however the result was that the land on bsc sold out almost instantly while some belts on ethereum remained unsold this was due to incredibly high gas fees on eth which sometimes got higher than the actual price of land itself they are solving this this round by just offering more land on bse and less on eth in round two i thought this was interesting just because this is clearly a big win for bsc if you're interested in metaverse's realm definitely an up-and-coming project but that is the video if we didn't cover an altcoin or a piece of news that you want to see feel free to comment down below i want to continue to keep covering the whole market but like always see you tomorrow [Music].

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