Ethereum GIGANTIC Explosion Coming (ETH Will BEAT Bitcoin & Decouple the Market)

sonny and sharer goku and vegeta tango and cash ethereum and bitcoin friends rivals wingmen but since the beginning bitcoin has always been the leader when bitcoin moves one percent the market will move five to twenty percent will that ever change can ethereum separate from bitcoin's influence stay tuned to find out let's get it welcome to bitboy crypto the largest crypto community and all the interwebs my name is ben every day on this channel i show you how to make money in crypto if you like money and crypto then make sure to hit that subscribe button in this video we will look at ethereum and its ability to decouple from bitcoin's influence now if you've been in crypto any longer than a day you've seen that when bitcoin moves the whole market moves with it it's got the largest market cap and influences prices like a hollywood headliner influences the ability for a movie to make money overseas it's not uncommon for a five percent bitcoin price fluctuation to move all coins 15 or more for the longest time ethereum number two on the call sheet used to see these effects just like the rest of the altcoins but in recent months ethereum has been able to assert itself shake off more and more of bitcoin's influence on its price now i think this is a signal among many that ethereum is well on its way to decouple from bitcoin entirely if you want to get familiar with the flipping ethereum flipping bitcoin and market cap click this link above basically bitcoin is at the top because it started in 2009 it was the first to market it's got the first mover advantage ethereum also has its advantage but only in the smart contract space we'll address that a little later bitcoin has been getting nearly all the press the memes and the capital since it started but with the devi revolution underway ethereum is starting to see its moment in the spotlight in order for ethereum to get its own starring role apart from bitcoin has to flip it and market cap and i firmly believe this will happen in this cycle even if it's only for a day the implications would be huge once that happens the news cycle will change the institutions that are already starting to buy eth will turn up the buying pressure retail investors and non-crypto olfa will suddenly see ethereum for what it really is the basis of the alt economy old fi that's that's traditional finance bitcoin is digital gold that's why we like it bitcoin is the essence of alternative value it's a store of value will be for a long long time but that's also bitcoin's limitation it's cap supply of 21 million coins means that eventually bitcoin will hit a limited market cap we'll surely surpass the physical gold market cap at 10 trillion dollars i can see btc hitting that in the next three to five years easily but even if it were to settle into something like 25 or a 20 million dollar market cap with one bitcoin going for 700k or more it doesn't even hold a candle to the volume of market cap of the global traditional finance industry old phi that's 90 trillion dollars but here's what's really going to blow your mind ethereum and diva i haven't even touched one percent of that yet not even half even at the peak this year back in early may ethereum only touched 482 billion dollars in market cap for just a day it's important context to understand why ethereum will move away from bitcoin defy hasn't seen its day yet it's nowhere near the adoption the bitcoin scene ethereum and smart contracts are the basis of the new alt economy if you're watching this video you're an early adopter congrats you're on the cutting edge if you own ethereum don't just hold a crypto token you own an asset in the new alternative economy like owning a piece of the internet that's why i'm never going to sell my ethereum let's do some moon map to see where i think this is all going the global trading volume per day across all markets 19 trillion dollars ethereum was to see even one percent of the global trading volume it would crush all crypto market caps in a wave of ease to put that in perspective this year defy every last corner of it from uniswap the sushi swap has seen a daily max volume of 3.08 billion i hope you're starting to see what i'm getting at ethereum hasn't even started up yet old 5 don't get it they can't wrap their heads around it but other smart contract developers do charles hoskinson does that's why cardano polka dots alana elrond and more trying to get in on the game before it goes parabolic ethereum developers are adding in deflationary action to its ecosystem as it moves for proof of work to prove a stake the move to proof of stake will also make the usability of smart contracts even faster and cheaper this is making ethereum and all of deep eye more valuable and more accessible and that's just eth its competitors have plenty of room to make a name for themselves and the competition will make ethereum stronger traditional stock market is centralized and it's hard for the masses to get into it let alone make money in it there are still billions of people in the world without a bank account think about that we can get the billions of people without a bank and a crypto they become their own bank they can use deepuy because all you need to use defy is a smartphone an internet connection and as soon as they do get those two important things they can easily start leverage trading on femax by going to deals and getting started with a 200 deposit bonus are you seeing the potential now for ethereum it's bigger than just a listing on coin market cap or a gpu mining in someone's shed or a metamask with 80 million meme coins in it these are the days of exploration ethereum and smart contracts are going to change the world a whole new way of exchanging information will be possible because smart contracts are more than just trading tokens it can be used for everything from video streaming to real estate transactions social media platforms and we haven't even gotten to nfts ethereum is on the trajectory to surpass bitcoin easily it will flip it in this cycle it will permanently flip it in the next cycle soon bitcoin will begin to stabilize and ethereum will be the market mover that's number one at the box office light up the comment section below and tell us if you agree are you eat gang or hashtag i'm a if you haven't already go ahead and hit that like button smash the subscribe button not only does it help us out but it keeps us ahead of the youtube censorship algorithm that's all i got be blessed good boy out bitswap is the hottest new way to trade tokens crawling all the top decentralized exchanges bizwa will get you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at [Music] you

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