Welcome back everybody to altcoin daily the reason 
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in today's video huge news happening with ethereum   happening with about five other cryptocurrency 
protocols this is a video that you do not want   to miss i'm going to explain everything you need 
to know starting with this ethereum has just had   a major protocol upgrade go through we've been 
talking about this on the channel for months now   and it's finally happened it's eip 1559 and what 
this does tldr is basically changing ethereum's   monetary policy for the better and basically every 
single transaction that goes through on the base   layer of ethereum on the ethereum blockchain 
a little bit of aetherium is going to be burnt   and that causes less supply especially 
as demand increases so this just launched   hours ago eip1559 has already burned one million 
worth of ethereum and this was just in the first   three hours in fact ethereum is burning ten 
thousand dollars every minute after eip 1559   upgrade and now two million dollars this article 
came out a little bit after in fact 10.55   ethereum are being destroyed every 60 seconds 
because the ethereum blockchain is getting used   this is visible deflation in action and incredibly 
bullish i don't think anybody can argue with this   so think about it like this had eip 1559 been 
live on ethereum the last year it would have seen   almost 3 million ethereum burnt not 3 million 
dollars 3 million ethereum this is a 75 reduction   of supply emission impact since around 4.2 
million each a year are mined this is happening   already during a supply crunch with ethereum my 
friends ethereum is exploding and most people   don't understand the value proposition yet most 
people do not understand the value proposition   of many things in cryptocurrency yet my number 
one core investment thesis which underpins my   entire cryptocurrency and nft portfolio the 
market currently misunderstands and misprices   natively programmable store of value assets 
because it doesn't understand the future utility   but they will i've bet everything on it my friends 
there is huge opportunity in cryptocurrency   right now we're seeing metrics like this get 
higher and higher bigger and bigger every day   ethereum addresses using d5 so ethereum addresses 
using d5 specifically rose 65 last quarter that   means more people are interacting with the 
d5 protocols the boom corresponded with an   increased supply of stable coins so let's move on 
to some other crypto currencies but before we do   there are certain sites that you can check to 
see this eip 1559 in action so it's ultrasound   dot money and it's ethburnt dot info so if 
you go on this one this is the cumulative   fee burn of eth 2000 almost 3 000 each have been 
burned thus far you can see the latest blocks   you can go to the leaderboard and see protocols 
like openc nft platform uniswap tether actually   infinity unit swap b3 usd coin you can see 
which protocols are using ethereum and fees   are getting burnt or you can go to eat burnt 
info and see all this information my friends   this is only going to get bigger speaking of 
something that's only going to get bigger let's   talk about nfts let's talk about crypto punks 
the cheapest crypto punk that you can buy now   is more than 100 000 in ethereum crypto punks nfts 
have surged again lately in today's ethereum price   jump pushed the floor over the six figure mark it 
is undeniable that crypto punks and nfts continue   to boom so the average crypto punk's sale 
price has surged to an all-time high of 121   000.

And check this out just like people can 
sometimes forget bitcoin in wallets they can   do the same thing with nfts this person 
is sitting on 141 crypto punks and hasn't   been active for four years do you think that 
they know the fortune that they're sitting on   beautiful beautiful collection now let's talk 
top cryptocurrency projects altcoins with huge   potential that are making moves ave you know 
the blue chip when it comes to defy lending and   borrowing is exploring solana and avalanche and 
layer 2 expansion ave is looking to be multi-chain   for its lending markets and this looks to me 
like the future where everything's happening on   ethereum now and i suspect ethereum will continue 
with great success but they're also going to be   compatible with solana they're also going to be 
compatible with avalanche they're also going to be   compatible with layer 2 solutions like matic this 
is the future and ultimately this is really strong   for just the different legos that are all building 
on each other in d5 in ethereum in cryptocurrency   elrond big step forward today elrond network 
becomes the first carbon negative european   blockchain opening a new wave of sustainable 
innovation so every nft every d5 product   mirror transaction on elrond will have a positive 
environmental impact so elrond is one we continue   to watch let's talk about ami marvel unveils the 
first official nfts starting with spider-man so   marvel's first official nft crypto collectible 
will launch on the vv marketplace this month   spider-man digital sculptures will be released 
this weekend prices between 40 and 400 each   with other marvel nfts dropping later in august 
they're doing everyone they're doing wolverine   they're doing batman whoever these guys 
have access to with this marvel partnership   ami is a brand name in the nft crypto collectibles 
speaking of nfts guys it's only going to   get bigger eminem coinbase back ethereum nft 
platform maker's place in a 30 million raise nft   marketplace maker's place has raised 30 million 
in a series a funding round investors include   rapper eminem coinbase ventures nfl player larry 
fitzgerald and many more the writing is on the   walls my friend and we're here on the ground floor 
now it's important to understand something so   understand this next part although almost all of 
the attention in cryptos on ethereum and d5 and   eip1559 and nfts and for good reason you know 
i'm hugely bullish on ethereum and define nfts   it's important to keep in mind that bitcoin is 
going through a supply shock as well maybe even   greater and there's plenty of reason to be 
bullish on bitcoin let me take you through   a few metrics the bitcoin entities net growth so 
think of entities as users bitcoin user net growth   seven day moving average has reached an all-time 
high it has been the fastest growing in the entire   history of bitcoin over a weekly average i mean 
this is a huge bull sign on top of that there's   heavy accumulation going on re-accumulation showed 
by illiquid supply shock ratio giving off some   mid-2017 vibes although this current recovery has 
been much quicker so far so this is bitcoin held   by strong hands and that continues to increase 
my friends if bitcoin breaks 45 000 within this   next month i call it 100k as very likely this 
year i tend to agree with that and you know   we're just seeing everything happening from the 
outside world coming into crypto just in coinbase   to enable cryptocurrency buys with linked debit 
cards to apple pay and google pay and instant   cash ads up to a hundred thousand per transaction 
available 24 7.

the world is changing and we are   on the forefront of this subscribe to the channel 
right now follow up with either of these two   videos for continued education this is turning 
out to a great year don't miss it we get one   chance at this bull run it's like 1997 in 
the boom this is happening now.

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